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Polo | Common Breeds used as Polo Ponies and injuries they may suffer from

The four main horse breeds used in the sport are Thoroughbreds, Argentinian Polo ponies, the “original polo breed” the Manipuri and Quarter horse crosses.

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Mounted Games | An Equestrian Sport introducing riders to new skills in horsemanship

Mounted Games is an equestrian sport originally inspired by Prince Phillip aimed at providing a platform for non privileged children to ride well-bred ponies in a competitively organised event. 

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Sofie Butchart | Grand-Prix Dressage rider shares 12 tips to help other riders prepare for a competition

EQU StreamZ sponsor - Sofie Butchart. Sofie is an International Grand-Prix dressage rider and coach. As part of our sponsorship team we were keen to ask Sofie some questions relating to...

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Best Equine Alternative Therapies

There are a number of alternative therapies that can really benefit your horse and can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine to get the best outcome for your animal.

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