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DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collars

Advanced Magnetic Collars for dogs | Canine joint care & wellbeing.

DOG Streamz magnetic dog collars for joint care and wellbeing. Highest rated as best magnetic dog collar on the market, 35cm collar.
Magnetic dog collar DOG StreamZ Product Image of 3 colours of magnetic dog collars in all 3 colours
DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collar Product Image of magnetic dog collars in purple
DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collar Product Image of magnetic dog collars in orange
Coral in DOG Streamz collar in black for joint care and wellbeing
Riggin in DOG Streamz collar in orange for joint care and wellbeing
Dora in DOG Streamz collar in purple for joint care and wellbeing
DOG Streamz magnetic dog collars for joint care and wellbeing. Highest rated as best magnetic dog collar on the market, 55cm collar.

DOG StreamZ Magnetic Dog Collars

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Select Size:Black Silicone Band - up to 55cm circumference (standard)

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Natural joint care and wellbeing for dogs. Provide your dog long term support with DOG StreamZ magnetic collars. 

DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collars introduce a new advancement to the ever growing magnetic therapy market for pets –
Advanced Magnetism for dogs.

DOG StreamZ collars contain unique magnetic fields which do not pulse against the dogs neck, they create a non invasive spin! This revolutionary approach prevents a thermal reaction allowing the collar to be worn by your dog immediately after exercise and all day, every day. The collar can be used in exercise, after exercise and in rehabilitation and recovery stages.

The silicone design fits snuggly against the dogs neck and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, ideally when they’re relaxing and sleeping! Please note that the collar does not contain a ‘breakaway clasp’ and can be easily removed if required.

Each pack contains one fully adjustable collar (up to 55cm, neck circumference). Wrap the band around the neck and attach by looping through the buckle, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the dogs skin. Cut any excess material off for the perfect fit. A continuous layer of StreamZ material then ‘gets to work’!

NOTE: The silicone process in which we cover the magnetic material in a thin layer of black silicone is manufactured by hand; this process can sometimes create small air pockets/bubbles which do not effect the efficacy of the product. 

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ you’ll be joining an illustrious bunch including World and Olympic Champions, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.

Read more information on the collar below. 

DOG StreamZ, with you every step of the way.

Product Information
  • Non-toxic silicone dog collar; containing StreamZ magnetic material within.
  • Available in two sizes (up to 35cm and up to 55cm)
  • Can be worn 24x7 (8hr min per day)
  • Lightweight design with metal buckle.
  • Cut-to-size if required
  • Worn around the neck (collar)
  • No need to build-up usage
  • Provides full-body coverage
  • Fully waterproof
Medical Warnings

Heart condition?: Magnetic therapy should not be worn on any dog previously diagnosed with a medical heart condition without seeking medical advice beforehand.

Sensitive skin?: Some dogs can suffer with an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) when using silicone around their neck. If you notice any discomfort within the first 1 to 24 hours then remove the collar.

StreamZ are a complementary device and should never replace prescribed medications or treatments. As with prescribed medications, StreamZ does not offer any guarantees for the intended purpose of use.


StreamZ for Dogs

StreamZ unique magnetic dog collars introduce a new technique in how magnetism is used to support dogs – '360º resonance technology'. DOG StreamZ magnetised silicone collars are not magnetic pulse technology, instead our unique technology creates a low frequency spin!

StreamZ 'spinning magnetic process' creates no increase in temperature around the dogs neck, an issue with many traditional magnetic dog collars. This non invasive approach allows the StreamZ dog collar to be worn for long periods of time (24/7 if required) and immediately after exercise, improving the impact of the technology and avoiding constant removal.

Traditional magnets have been used in magnetic dog collars, rugs and beds for many years.

StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism introduces a unique silicone material which itself becomes magnetised within our manufacturing process. Magnetism, but with a difference.

dog streamz magnetic dog collars for natural pain relief and accelerated recovery unique magnetism

What makes DOG StreamZ so special?

✔︎ Non-invasive magnetism
✔︎ Creates no heat around neck
✔︎ Suitable for 24x7 use
✔︎ Lightweight design
✔︎ Fully adjustable (cut-to-size)
✔︎ Suitable for all breeds
✔︎ Natural joint care
✔︎ Ongoing wellbeing

Using the collar 24x7

StreamZ non-invasive magnetic approach offers dog owners the opportunity to use our non-invasive magnetic dog collars alongside prescribed medications, not as a substitute, and for long periods of time. This complimentary approach can be worn by dogs of any age, from a young and playful pup to an ageing elderly dog.

DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collars can be used alongside harnesses, other dog collars with lead attachments, ceramic coats and rugs, GPS tracking devices and pet cones.

StreamZ lightweight silicone designs are suitable for wearing when snuggling on the sofa or running through the park, complimenting your dogs day perfectly and with them every step of the way!

Endorsed by Professionals

DOG StreamZ silicone magnetic collars are proudly endorsed by leading professionals within the canine industry including four of the worlds leading stars within Dog Agility; a fast paced, highly skilled sport involving extremely agile dogs. Ashleigh Butler (Team GB, world agility champion and winner of Britains Got Talent), Stacey Irwin (Team GB, double-world agility champion), Lee Gibson (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer) and Anthony Clarke (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer).

Along with StreamZ Ambassadors the dog collars have an extensive list of endorsements from a variety of industry experts including veterinary professionals, therapists, trainers, competitors and canine charities. In a highly sceptical market we felt it vital to enhance our credibility.

Supported Our Partners

Sadly there remains vast numbers of ill treated and unloved dogs both in the UK and abroad. StreamZ immediately recognised the impact our collars could have for canine rescue charities. Partnerships were formed with the likes of Canine PartnersMany Tears Animal Rescue, Valgrays Border Collie Animal Rescue, Wonky Pets Rescue and several more. 

StreamZ sponsored the IFCS Team GB Agility squad 2017 and The Kennel Club Team GB squad 2018, as well as England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland World Agility national squads. Since our introduction into dog agility we have seen several new World Champions and Crufts winners take the stage in StreamZ magnetic dog collars, as well as helping their older dogs in their retirement years. 

DOG Streamz Advanced magnetic Dog Collars for pain relief joint care and wellbeing in dogs and puppies suitable for all breeds including GSD german shepherd dogs

My 11 year old GSD has improved remarkably since wearing this collar. A couple of days ago we did a 2 hour walk and at the end she jumped into the car, and has been fine since too. It’s a new lease of life for her.

Angela Woodhouse & Connie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ashleigh Butler DOG StreamZ Sullivan loves his DOG StreamZ collar. He wears it to help him through the day and I like the fact it is non invasive and a natural process. He wears his pre competition, through his recovery and for ongoing wellbeing

My dogs have loved their DOG StreamZ collars. They wear them to help through the day and I like the fact they are non-invasive and provide a natural approach. They wear them pre competition, through recovery and for ongoing wellbeing.

Ashleigh Butler ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Agility Professional & TV Star
DOG Streamz Advanced magnetic Dog Collars for pain relief joint care and wellbeing in dogs

My dog’s started wearing their StreamZ collars and we haven’t looked back since! I am always interested in anything natural which can support my dogs ongoing health and since StreamZ they seem a lot happier in themselves.

Jeannie Gee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Professional TV Dog Trainer
Anthony Clarke DOG StreamZ Endorsement My retired and competing dogs are all wearing their Streamz collars on a daily basis, a product which I am delighted to endorse and used alongside their recovery programs and to support their wellbeing

My competing and retired agility dogs all wear DOG StreamZ collars as part of their recovery program and to support their ongoing wellbeing. A product which I am delighted to endorse.

Anthony Clarke ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Agility Professional, Judge & Trainer
DOG Streamz Advanced magnetic Dog Collars for pain relief joint care and wellbeing in dogs and puppies suitable for all breeds including border collies up to 55cm

Benji had a course of injections from our vet earlier this year fto help with his arthritis but the collar has worked wonders on him, much more so than the injections did! Highly recommended for dogs showing signs of stiffness!

Ricky Field & Benji ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DOG Streamz Advanced magnetic Dog Collars for pain relief joint care and wellbeing in dogs and puppies suitable for all breeds including jed the terrier

This DOG StreamZ collar is the best thing ever! It helps keep my muscles and joints in tip top condition so I can do what I do best, my agility. Here are some pictures of me having fun. Go and tell your friends, they are so worth it. - Jed

Rebecca Steenson & Jed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I originally tried one of these collars for a dog with IBD, vets wanted to euthanise her she was so bad, the improvement was literally overnight. It saved her life! Just bought one for a little old Shih Tzu and he’s running around like a puppy again.

Paula Walker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our elderly bearded collie was struggling with stiff hind legs after sleeping. We have bands for my horse which have really improved his mobility so we got ones for both our dogs and have noticed a real improvement - they are so much happier!

Heidi Button-Stephens⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our 11 year old collie had developed a limp so after an x-ray diagnosed arthritic changes we decided to buy her a magnetic collar. After just two weeks she is not limping at all and is loving life again. Very impressed with this product as have had similar results with the equine bands!

Janet Dodson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews
Jane Martin


Laurel Jordan
So far so good

My dog suffers with sore shoulders and since using the streamz collar has had a noticeable increase in her activity levels

Emma Clutton

Reasonably priced, speedy delivery time and minimal packaging so relatively good for the environment.
I can't say I have noticed a difference for my labrodor yet after 5 weeks although I bought the bands for my horse last summer and definitely rate those! I also purchased the human wrist band for my partner along with the dog coller and again he can't say he's noticed anything yet so we will just persist with them.

Ceri Edwards

maybe works

Maggie Epps
Mixed results

Great success with elderly cob mare within two weeks. However a month hasn’t shown benefit for our elderly Labrador.

Hi Maggie - how sad to see a 3-star review. We cannot guarantee that our dog collars help every condition and with elderly dogs many of them suffer from long-term degenerative issues (such as arthritis) which have taken years and years to develop and can take several weeks to really show up as helping. If you remove the collar for a few days we bet you notice the impact it was having.