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Shine The Light | Meet Indy, A Working Dog Who Loves Her DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collar

Shine The Light | Meet Indy, A Working Dog Who Loves Her DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collar

Blog Article

Shine The Light | Meet Indy, A Working Dog Who Loves Her DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collar

Shine The Light | Meet Indy, A Working Dog Who Loves Her DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collar

"Indy is actually Zephyr Wind Rushing HTCH. She is a 'working dog' and over the years has worked with ducks, sheep, geese, turkeys, goats and cattle.  

She has competed in several herding venues including the USBCHA trials. She also loves playing with balls, particularly with my great nephew who will play with her for hours.

Indy is now 10 years old and developed an infiltrating fibrolypoma on her leg which led to her going through a course of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment.

She was always ready to jump in the car to go anywhere on an adventure but I really started to notice several things which were clearly effecting her overall comfort levels and wellbeing. 

She no longer wanted to jump into the back of the van and would wait for me to pick her up and put her in myself.  She had stopped running to get out around the sheep and was walking (not running) even though if I left her behind to rest she protested mightily.  

I then began to notice she had started limping after a short period of work, to the extent that I decided she needed painkillers.  She was no longer playing around or doing “zoomies” in the evening and was generally not herself. 

Indy really started to slow down so we purchased a dog streamz magnetic dog collar for her to see what impact that had on her pain levels and comfort

I then heard about DOG StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Collars from a Facebook friend who had a very old Kelpie she was thinking she would have to be put down. She put a StreamZ collar on him and next thing you know he is back to following her around the farm and herding her chickens. It was amazing to see!  I then told a friend in Canada about it and like me she was skeptical but tried it just to see. She saw results too. Then a local friend had a super old hobbling-around Border Collie and I told her about the collar and the results we had seen and she tried it too. Before the collar the dog looked like the old shuffling man and within 2 days she was trotting around the yard again! 

Back to Indy, Since wearing her StreamZ collar she once again is jumping into the van, running while herding to the extent that people have commented on how much better she is and she has been instigating “zoomie play" with my 5 month old pup again. I no longer have to give her any pain medication and she wears her collar without knowing it is there! 

Indy is now off painkiller medication and wears her dog streamz magnetic collar 24/7

It is so great to have my girl back to being able to enjoy life again - Thank you DOG StreamZ!"

- Laurie Schultz and Indy. 


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.