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EQU StreamZ tips and tricks on how best to use and care for streamz magnetic therapy device

EQU StreamZ Horse Bands

Advanced Magnetic Bands For Horses. Natural 24x7 Joint Care & Wellbeing.

YOU Streamz advanced magnetic therapy for joint care and wellbeing for pain relief and reduced recovery times. Take the holistic approach to healthcare with YOU StreamZ. Women in silicone wristband.

YOU StreamZ Wristbands

Advanced Magnetic Technology for you. Non-invasive joint care and wellbeing.

DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collars

DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collars

Advanced Magnetic Collars for dogs. Natural 24x7 Joint Care & Wellbeing.

Advanced magnetic Therapy by StreamZ Global Image of YOU Streamz wristband and YOU Streamz ankle band on athlete exercising and recovering with magnetic therapy products

YOU StreamZ Ankle Bands

Advanced Magnetic Technology for you. Non-invasive joint care and wellbeing.

StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Technology

Repair. Prevent. Perfect.

StreamZ Global introduce a new technique in magnetism that revolutionises the way magnets effect the living system - advanced bio-resonance magnetic streaming technology.

This entirely unique and non-invasive process creates no thermal reaction allowing the technology to be worn for long periods of time and both pre and post exercise.

StreamZ Global, every step of the way.

Our Product Range

EQU StreamZ Magnetic Horse Bands sold in pairs with horse icon and equ streamz logo

EQU StreamZ Horse Bands

Advanced Magnetic bands for horses.
Sold in pairs and 'one-size-fits-all', RRP £79.99

YOU Streamz advanced magnetic wristband and ankle band. Bracelet containing magnetic energy for pain relief and holistic approach to healthcare, girls whispering wearing magnetic therapy wristbands

YOU StreamZ Magnetic Bands

Advanced Magnetism for you.
Available as ankle or wristbands, From £25.00

DOG StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Dog Collars new magnetic process to support dog joint and wellbeing endorsed by canine experts

DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collars

Advanced Magnetic Collars for dogs.
Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes, From £30.00

DOG Streamz magnetic collars are worn and endorsed by Search Dog Rescue to support their dogs ongoing wellbeing and help with injuries or issues the dogs may have. Handlers also endorse YOU Streamz magnetic ankle bands to support their wellbeing

Search & Rescue (Sussex)

Search & Rescue (Sussex) are proudly supported with DOG StreamZ collars

Gemma Stevens endorses EQU Streamz magnetic bands for eventing horses recovery and rehabilitation

Gemma Stevens

3-Day Eventing & Coach (Team GB)

Team GB Agility Squad proudly were sponsored by DOG Streamz therapy dog collars in 2019

Team GB Agility Sponsors 2018

DOG StreamZ continue to support some of the top competing agility dogs in the world

Harriet Upton equ streamz endorsement magnetic horse bands

Harriet Upton

3-day Eventing & Coach (Rides for HRH King Charles III)

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Make a difference

StreamZ mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ UK manufactured technology; a unique approach to 'bio-resonance rebalancing'.

What drives us is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.

StreamZ Global studies and trials on magnetic therapy with information on study on dogs and horses with objective to achieve clinical proven status. Clinical controlled studies using double-bling techniques and by leading universities have been completed

Studies & Trials

Read about studies and trials carried out using StreamZ advanced magnetic technology. This includes clinical controlled double-blind studies from leading animal universities and industry renowned professionals.

Our Technology

Learn how StreamZ Advanced Magnetism differs to traditional magnetic therapy by introducing an entirely new approach in how magnetic fields are deployed. 360º Magnetic Bio-Resonance in action, creating no heat for 24x7 use.

Streamz global information directory blog page helping to spread information on streamz technology and how it supports horses dogs and humans and information on health conditions

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