Sesamoid Injuries In Horses | Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Sesamoids in horses. Applying the approach of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is widely regarded as the best way to manage any potential sesamoid issues, particularly in an active horse....

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Supporting Pretty Blue and her windgalls using Advanced Magnetism

EQU Streamz horse bands. Providing a complementary option to competing sports horses is of significance as professionals and amateurs who take part in 3-day eventing look to manage their horse...

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Sofie Butchart | Grand-Prix Dressage rider shares 12 tips to help other riders prepare for a competition

EQU StreamZ sponsor - Sofie Butchart. Sofie is an International Grand-Prix dressage rider and coach. As part of our sponsorship team we were keen to ask Sofie some questions relating to...

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EQU Streamz advanced magnetic horse bands Information Directory on why horses lay down with Symptoms, Causes & Treatments.

Why Do Horses Lay Down?

Horses like to lay down when they go into deep sleep, when they are resting after exercise or when the are sick or injured. We look at the reasons why they may be lying down...

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