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A Doctors View | How Long Should A Chiropractic Adjustment Take?

Blog Article

A Doctors View | How Long Should A Chiropractic Adjustment Take?

A Doctors View | How Long Should A Chiropractic Adjustment Take?

Chiropractic treatment is where a fully qualified practitioner (a Chiropractor) uses their hands to manipulate and adjust bones, muscles and joints with a view to help relieve tension and pain. 

In Western medicine chiropractic work is considered a 'complementary and alternative medicine' and in most cases is arranged as a private financial agreement between a patient and a professional practitioner.

Chiropractor practitioners are essentially health care professionals that specialise in spinal health.

As with technologies such as Advanced Magnetic Therapy, the pharmaceutical and medical authorities do not support medical claims made by chiropractic practitioners. Does this mean there is no place for chiropractors or that the medical industry needs to catch up? A parachute has never been clinically proven to save lives, but most skydivers would agree they need one!  

How Long Does A Chiropractic Adjustment Last?

The first time you get a chiropractic adjustment, you probably have many questions. What are your expectations for your first chiropractic visit? You should consider this an experience that will relax you and heal you.

During chiropractic manipulation, you may feel unfamiliar movements and motions. Nevertheless, you will explain each step of the process to you to ensure your comfort and empowerment as a patient.

How long should a chiropractic adjustment take? We can't predict how long a treatment plan or session will last for anyone. The duration of your adjustment session will depend on factors such as your pain level and medical history.

In this section, we'll explain how long an adjustment typically takes.

The first time you get a chiropractic adjustment, you probably have many questions. What are your expectations for your first chiropractic visit? You should consider this an experience that will relax you and heal you.

What Happens During A Chiropractor Adjustment?

During a chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor applies controlled force to specific points. An effective spinal manipulation improves function throughout the body.

A chiropractic adjustment can be beneficial for treating pain and injuries. The following are examples of standard adjustments:

  • Lower-back pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Neck pain
  • General aches and pain
  • Reduced mobility

In addition to acute injuries and pain sources, routine adjustments can also benefit your well-being. Chiropractic adjustments usually involve your body being placed in specific positions to address specific sources of pain.

A chiropractor may apply controlled pressure to your joints when performing an adjustment, causing small pops or cracks to occur.

How Long Should A Chiropractic Adjustment Take?

The majority of sessions will likely last around 10 minutes, so it might seem as if there are quite a few. You may need a half-hour for your first adjustment, but each session will take less time as your health improves.

Your adjustment should only take about five minutes when you reach maintenance sessions. Patients often visit during their lunch breaks or even before they start to work; it can be as quick as that.

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How Long Is A Chiropractic Session?

Most chiropractic adjustments and appointments are short; chiropractors provide quick realignments. In general, appointments last 15 to 45 minutes.

You can expect your first chiropractic appointment to take about 45 minutes due to a thorough assessment of your needs.

Chiropractic doctors will spend enough time learning about you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Common Chiropractic Adjustment Frequencies

The frequency of chiropractic adjustments will depend on your injury type and your personal goals. However, patients are generally expected to need more adjustments at the outset, and the frequency will decrease as their goals become maintenance.

A maximum benefit is usually achieved after four to twelve sessions for most injury or pain. A spinal misalignment can lead to additional injuries and recurrence of pain, thus requiring ongoing maintenance to prevent these injuries.

Following is an example of a typical neck or back injury treatment routine:

  • During weeks 1 and 2: you will receive 3 to 4 chiropractic adjustments each week.
  • Week 3 to throughout 10: you will receive 2 to 3 chiropractic adjustments each week.
  • The maintenance is conducted every two weeks.

Remember that this is just an example adjustment schedule, and yours may be different. Your chiropractor will go through the approach they'll be taking with you on your initial visit. 

Can One Session Make A Difference?

Many of us lead busy lives, and keeping up with ongoing treatments can be a challenge. You will likely experience immediate results after just one chiropractic appointment.

Although, this is not the case for every patient and every kind of pain or injury.

Even though you may achieve pain relief in a single session, your results may not be as good without continuing treatment.

It is also probable that a single treatment will produce more quick results than ongoing treatments. In some cases, discomfort may return within a few days, weeks, or even months.

Following up with your body can sometimes be difficult if you don't have follow-up sessions.

If You Can't Schedule Follow-Up Appointments, What Should You Do?

If you cannot return for additional sessions, discuss this with your chiropractor. Your chiropractor can provide advice on how you can prevent aches and pains from recurring at home.

Investing in ergonomic furniture, doing stretches, or keeping a pillow between your knees while you sleep could help you avoid back pain.

You will benefit from each of these additional treatments, but none will guarantee pain relief. To achieve the best results, you should seek more than one treatment session and listen to your chiropractor's advice.

As soon as possible after having a chiropractic session, schedule a follow-up appointment if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Permanent?

The adjustments may only last a few days for those suffering from severe pain. A performance adjustment may last a month or more-or even a year for those who want to improve. As your condition improves, so will your chiropractor's treatment plan.

Many sports people will see their chiropractor on a regular basis to support their ongoing recovery whether to support a specific injury or to stay in tip-top shape. This approach is often part of their ongoing care and wellbeing program. 

Why Are Chiropractic Sessions So Short?

Understanding chiropractic is essential. Their purpose is to protect you. Stretching these fibers inhibits the particular muscle that these fibers belong too. Chiropractic visits are usually completed in a short period compared to other therapies.

How Often Should You See A Chiropractor?

In general, chiropractors perform adjustments or chiropractic care two to three times per week, for four to twelve weeks, depending on the underlying condition causing the pain.

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How Do You Know A Chiropractor Is Doing Their Job?

Firstly, check their qualifications are in order and that they are fully qualified to treat patients. Once you have chosen a Chiropractor and then commit to their advice on how regularly the treatments are required.

Injury healing takes place over time if you regularly attend appointments.

It is vital to check if the chiropractor makes a request for excessive visits that you take that as a warning sign. Be wary of chiropractors who ask you to commit to three, six, or twelve months after just one or two visits.

Bottom Line

How long your adjustment plan will take will depends on the scope of your inquiry and how your body responds to treatment. You can speed through each session once you get in the groove.

Although having a chiropractic adjustment completed thoroughly and adequately takes time. Chiropractic adjustments aim to heal you internally instead of merely covering up your pain with a bandage.


Written by Dr Andrew Cohen, a sports chiropractor consultant at Proactive Chiropractic specialising in kinesiology & sports chiropractic in San Francisco, USA. 



Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.