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Belinda Trussell is an international elite Dressage professional who endorses equ streamz magnetic therapy bands for horses

Advise from an olympic-level dressage rider | Belinda Trussell (Team Canada)

Blog Article

Advise from an olympic-level dressage rider | Belinda Trussell (Team Canada)

Advise from an olympic-level dressage rider | Belinda Trussell (Team Canada)

Belinda Trussell is an international elite Dressage rider who competes for Canada, at Olympic level. The reputation Belinda has achieved within the dressage world is one of 'legendary status' as one of the best dressage riders and coaches in the sport.

We are delighted to have Belinda as part of our sponsorship team in Canada and across the world. 

“I use StreamZ unique magnetic technology on my performances horses, retired horses and myself! They are extremely effective at reducing inflammation. My horses come out more supple for their training and they are so simple and easy to use - a ‘must have’ in our barn! and highly recommended” - Belinda.

Belinda owns and operates her equine training business out of Oakcrest Farms in Stouffville, Ontario where she trains and coaches up-and-coming riders to the international level as well as various clients’ horses.

She has a network of great clients, owners, and horses as well as a supportive family with her husband Mark and children Matthew and Sophie.

With her horses either retired or competing at the highest-level in dressage, maintaining and supporting her horses is of significant importance. 

Belinda made her way 'up-the-ladder' until she competed at the Olympics

Belinda has lived in some of the most diverse countries in the world. She moved to Canada in 1987, where she competed at the Young Rider Levels for her native Australia until a few years later when she received her Canadian citizenship.

After completing her university studies for Commerce, she moved to Germany to train with world renowned coach and icon of Canadian Dressage, Christilot Boylen.

Returning to Canada, she was ready to compete internationally again this time for Canada. She has competed in one European Championship, one Pan American Games, two Olympic Games (2002 and 2016), four World Equestrian Games (2002, 2010, 2014 and 2018) and a Dressage World Cup, consistently placing in the top twenty-five in the world. She spends the winters in Wellington, Florida to compete and qualify for upcoming international events and train her wonderful horses to compete at the highest level. 

In 2016, at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, as one of the two Canadian team members, she successfully rode her horse Anton to two new Canadian records in Olympic dressage competition. In the same year, Belinda was named Canadian Dressage Athlete of the year from Equestrian Canada.

Our team at EQU StreamZ managed to ask Belinda a few questions.....

What is your background with horses and how did you get started in Dressage? 

"I started riding when I was living in the Philippines when I was 10 years old. At that time, I did a bit of everything, jump, eventing, and polo. My family then moved to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 13. My sister and I shared a horse and she wanted to ride Dressage…so I tagged along with her!"

What is the one thing that you can't live without while travelling to shows? 

"Treats! For both equine and human! I also am blessed to be supported by a range of sponsors who continually look after me and my horses with their array of products and technologies, some of which are helpful when we travel including the EQU StreamZ bands which are comfortably wrapped around our horses legs when on route."   

Belinda Trussell EQU Streamz sponsored rider canada image of tatoo for blog

What is the best advice you have been given regarding life, dressage, and horses? 

"To be in the moment, loose your ego, and do what you love. For me, it is important to remember why we got into horses, for the love of horses and the love of the sport. Not to let ego cloud you along the way."

What do you do to stay motivated through the season?

"I think it is important to plan your season ahead, understand when you and your horses need breaks. With a plan, I gear up for each competition and stay sharp and motivated. I also like to take a moment after each competition and think about what went well and what could be improved. It keeps me motivated for the next competition!"

What has been your most memorable ride over the years? And what made it memorable?

"Probably my ride with Tattoo at the World Equestrian Games in 2018. It was not my most successful international performance. Anton holds that honour. At WEG, Tattoo gave me everything he had that day, he overcame so many fears and did his best for me. He taught me so much about believing you can overcome so much." 

Who is your mentor and what have they taught you? 

"I don’t have one person. I admire different qualities from each person. Isabel Werth is incredible; she has produced so many horses to the top level over the years. She is amazing. I also admire Roger Federer, what a class act. Not only was he top at his sport, but he also handled himself with grace and sportsmanship. There was also the Canadian speed walker at the Rio Olympics, who gave up his bronze medal to help a fellow competitor. What character that took! There are also so many para-Olympians that I look up to, such incredible people who show me strength, courage, and determination."

If given the chance to ride any horse in the world, what one would you choose and why? 

"Desperados, he looked so lovely to ride, soft, elastic, and elegant."

EQU StreamZ has been very happy and proud to work with you especially in such a trying time in the world right now. What do you like about StreamZ? 

"I love StreamZ technology and their range of products because they work!!! It's a short answer but it's the truth! They help me with my aches and pains and my horses too. I like the fact they can be put on the horses and left and as no heat is created they can be used for long periods of time or directly after we’ve competed or finished training. They are so easy to use and maintain and they create the results we were looking for!"



Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.