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StreamZ Global About Us page. Image of StreamZ Staff standing in fulfilment warehouse.

About StreamZ Global

StreamZ Global's mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ revolutionary bio-resonance technology; a unique form of Advanced Magnetism.

What drives our team is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.

The origins of StreamZ

Invented By Ourselves

The origins of StreamZ lay in its inventor, Eric Dodd, seeking a way to reduce his wife’s chronic migraine headaches.

Eric was without doubt a remarkable man, with a long history of inventing an astounding range of technologies and a world renowned specialist in ‘the principles of molecular frequencies’ – how individual molecules react to magnetic fields. If you can picture 'Doc Brown' from the 'Back to the Future' trilogy you wouldn’t be far wrong, a stereotypical ‘inventor’ and ‘a genius’ to those who knew him! 

His energies at that time were primarily focused on research and development into water treatment systems for the National Health Service, as chief engineer. He realised that the general principles of mineral streaming technology he was exploring for the water system could equally be applied to provide pain relief in humans, and hence help his wife. And thus began the process of development that has since resulted in the StreamZ range of products.

Sadly, after a long battle with illness, Eric passed away leaving behind a lasting legacy. Close family friend and long term business partner, Peter, was keen for the technology to be utilised by the world. He introduced the technology to his son, Matt, who happened to have a damaged knee at the time. Matt wore the material for several days and reported back with fascinating news - his knee no longer hurt and was visibly less swollen.

The family immediately grasped the importance of Erics discovery and got to work researching the market. In 2018 the first product within the range was introduced - YOU StreamZ - mineral streaming technology for you!

Within a few weeks it became apparent that animals were also benefiting from wearing the technology to help them with issues such as joint conditions, inflammation and natural pain relief. A product was created for the equine and bovine industries; shortly followed by the StreamZ dog collar.

Fast forward a few years and StreamZ are widely recognised as the leading and most advanced magnetic therapy company in the world.

Endorsements from European, World and Olympic champions, vets, therapists, and tens of thousands of users across the world have helped disrupt the conventional healthcare market and introduce a complementary approach which has shown to produce second-to-none results.

Streamz Global, advanced magnetic technology - every step of the way.

Streamz global magnetic therapy for humans, horses, dogs and cows. Image of all in action.

Meet Our Management Team

Matt Campbell

Managing Director (UK, USA & Canada)

Richard Ellison

Managing Director (APAC)

Carly Cruikshank

Canadian Territory Manager

Ema Pavlakova

Global Support Team Manager

Gemma Faires

Global Finance Manager

Tom Clarke

Online Marketing Manager

The Future Of StreamZ

The company remains dedicated to advancing its product offerings through continuous innovation, leveraging the original StreamZ technology. By incorporating cutting-edge compounds and manufacturing techniques, StreamZ Global has pioneered the development of the world's first 'stretchy magnet,' utilising flexible silicone compounds.

Our commitment to research and development persists, with exciting new endeavours underway in the horticulture, animal care, and sports industries.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are enthusiastic about our forthcoming clinical studies exploring the impact of StreamZ on dairy cows, an initiative we've dubbed ‘MOO StreamZ’, aimed at bolstering support for the dairy industry.

Additionally, we are actively exploring the benefits of StreamZ for plants through our ECO StreamZ research - which is very exciting!

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to push the boundaries of magnetic technology and its applications.