EQU StreamZ Horse Bands | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic horse bands

EQU Streamz magnetic band instructions for new customers. We have a few tips and tricks for your recent purchase of EQU StreamZ advanced magnetic horse bands. Please take a couple of minutes to...

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Recommend StreamZ to a friend, give them a 10% discount and earn a commission for yourself

StreamZ Global have setup an affiliate program which rewards our customers for recommending the product to their friends and followers. Read more >

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Joint conditions in horses | Symptoms, causes and treatments

Article looking at commonly found joint conditions in horses, symptoms of joint disorders and treatments widely used within the equine community including anti-inflammatory medications and holistic approaches such as advanced...

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Guest post

10 of the Most Common Spine Issues which Lead to Back Pain

Severe back pain is a serious condition that can incapacitate you for days, weeks, months, and even years. This article looks at 10 of the most common spin problems and various...

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EQU Streamz advanced magnetic horse bands Information Directory on why horses lay down with Symptoms, Causes & Treatments.

Why Do Horses Lay Down?

Horses like to lay down when they go into deep sleep, when they are resting after exercise or when the are sick or injured. We look at the reasons why they may be lying down...

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