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StreamZ unique magnetic dog collars introduce a new technique in how magnetism is used to support dogs – ‘360º resonance technology. DOG StreamZ magnetised silicone collars are not magnetic pulse technology, instead our unique technology creates a low frequency spin!

StreamZ ‘spinning magnetic process’ creates no increase in temperature around the dogs neck, an issue with many traditional magnetic dog collars. This non invasive approach allows the StreamZ dog collar to be worn for long periods of time (24/7 if required) and immediately after exercise, improving the impact of the technology and avoiding constant removal.

Traditional magnets have been used in magnetic dog collars, rugs and beds for many years. StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism introduces a unique silicone material which itself becomes magnetised within our manufacturing process. Magnetism, but with a difference. 

Magnetic dog collars

DOG StreamZ revolutionary 360º magnetic dog collars were developed based on a scientific understanding of how each-and-every cell within a dog naturally interacts with magnetic fields. StreamZ non invasive approach in applying magnetism provides a natural and complimentary device to the canine community, ideal for a supporting a variety of benefits.

Each pack contains one silicone magnetic dog collar ; comfortably wrapped around the neck of the dog and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Available in multiple sizes and colours and fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit for all breeds. 

Each DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collar contains a continuous strip of highly engineered silicone material, creating a series of unique low-frequency energy fields around the dogs neck. The StreamZ collars are endorsed by a variety of leading canine professionals, World Champion agility dogs, rescue charities and talent show winners! 


DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collars introduce an innovative new device to the US canine market.

Non-invasive 360º magnetism

Suitable for 24/7 use

Lightweight design


Endorsed by professionals

Arthritis & mobility

Reduce recovery times

Natural pain relief 


StreamZ non invasive approach offers dog owners the opportunity to use the unique magnetic technology alongside prescribed medications, not as a substitute. This complimentary approach can be applied long-term and on dogs of any age, from a young and playful pup to an ageing elderly dog.

DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collars can be used alongside harnesses, other dog collars with lead attachments, ceramic coats and rugs, GPS tracking devices and pet cones.

StreamZ lightweight silicone designs are suitable for wearing when snuggling on the sofa or running through the park, complimenting your dogs day perfectly and with them every step of the way! 


DOG StreamZ silicone magnetic collars are proudly endorsed by leading professionals within the canine industry including four of the worlds leading stars within Dog Agility; a fast paced, highly skilled sport involving extremely agile dogs. Ashleigh Butler (Team GB, world agility champion and winner of Britains Got Talent), Stacey Irwin (Team GB, double-world agility champion), Lee Gibson (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer) and Anthony Clarke (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer).

Along with StreamZ Ambassadors the dog collars have an extensive list of endorsements from a variety of veterinary professionals, therapists, trainers, competitors and canine charities. In a highly sceptical market we felt it vital to enhance our credibility.


Sadly there remains vast numbers of ill treated and unloved dogs both in the UK and abroad. StreamZ immediately recognised the impact our collars could have for canine rescue charities. Partnerships were formed with the likes of Canine PartnersMany Tears Animal Rescue, Valgrays Border Collie Animal Rescue, Wonky Pets Rescue and several more. 

StreamZ sponsored the IFCS Team GB Agility squad 2017 and The Kennel Club Team GB squad 2018, as well as England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland World Agility national squads. Since our introduction into dog agility we have seen several new World Champions and Crufts winners take the stage in StreamZ magnetic dog collars, as well as helping their older dogs in their retirement years.

Ashleigh Butler and Sullivan DOH Streamz magnetic therapy business partners who use the dog streamz magnetic collars for recovery and conditioningBGT Winner & Agility ChampionAshleigh Butler
Search Dogs Lowlands Rescue partner with DOG Streamz magnetic collarsLowlands Search & Rescue (Sussex)Official partners of
Agility Team GB Kennel Club Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain Relief2018 Senior and Junior SquadsSponsors of Agility Team GB
Natasha Susnik Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain ReliefInternational CanicrossNatasha Susnik
Anthony Clarke Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain ReliefInternational Agility and JudgeAnthony Clarke
Vickie Pullin Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain Relief for dogsTeam GB Sled RacerVickie Pullin
Stacey Irwin Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain ReliefWorld Agility ChampionStacey Irwin
IFCS Team GB Squad Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain Relief2017 Senior IFCS SquadSponsors of Agility Team GB
Lee Gibson Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain ReliefInternational Agility and JudgeLee Gibson
Lucy Matthews Dog StreamZ Sponsor Pain ReliefInternational Canicross ChampionLucy Matthews

DOG StreamZ Magnetic Dog Collar (USA)


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NOW IN TWO SIZES: Fully Adjustable Silicone Band – Standard size is up to 55cm, or our new smaller size is up to 35cm. The smaller size is a ‘scaled down’ version of our standard size, using the same magnetic fields this smaller collar is developed for any breed who fits within a 35cm collar. Excess material can be cut off for smaller dogs.

Standard Size:
Ideal for medium to large breeds (3 colours available)
Width = 1.65cm | Weight = 105 grams (at 55cm length)
(weight guide when cut down: 30cm = 70g, 40cm = 90g)

Smaller Size:
Ideal for small breeds (black only on launch)
Width = 1.2cm | Weight = 65 grams

Colour changes: Please note that colours may vary across productions runs.

Our collars use FDA Approved silicone with a stainless gunmetal buckle.

Some dogs may be sensitive to silicone. See warning information prior to purchase.

DOG StreamZ silicone bands ® introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Magnetism with a difference, for dogs!

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the silicone band to be worn by your dog immediately after exercise and all day, every day. The collars can be used in exercise, after exercise or in rehabilitation. 

The silicone design fits snuggly against the dogs neck and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, ideally when they’re sleeping! The silicone band does not contain a ‘breakaway clasp’.

Each pack contains one fully adjustable band (up to 55cm, neck circumference). Wrap the band around the neck and attach by looping through the buckle, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the dogs skin. Cut any excess material off for the perfect fit. A continuous layer of StreamZ material then ‘gets to work’!

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ you’ll be joining an illustrious bunch including World and Olympic Champions, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.

DOG StreamZ, with you every step of the way.



The DOG StreamZ magnetic dog collar is worn around the neck and for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Our advise is that the collars are left on and used alongside any harness/lead collar when walking the dog. Leads cannot fit to a Streamz collar.

Due to their non invasive nature the technology creates no heat and can be used 24/7, including after exercise when the dogs muscles are in recovery. This creates a significant advantage over using traditional magnetic therapy.

For the ideal fit excess material can be cut-down-to-size, ensuring 5cm additional to the dogs neck size is left on. The band is fastened using a developed buckle which grips the silicone material in place. The clasp within the silicone collar does not use a breakaway feature.

The following lengths of the collar are available:
SMALL – Up to 35cm (miniature version of our standard size) – Ideal for smaller breeds with small necks.
MEDIUM – Up to 55cm. (our standard size) – Ideal for the majority of breeds.

The StreamZ magnetic dog collar is manufactured in the UK under ISO standards and contains non-toxic FDA approved silicone which is suitable to be worn against the skin. (food grade)

Colours may vary slightly across production runs and imperfections in the colour may occur.

StreamZ can be used alongside collars, ceramic rugs and harnesses although we do advise that any traditional magnetic dog collars are removed prior to using StreamZ. After all, if the traditional magnetic collar had worked; you wouldn’t be reading this!


The StreamZ magnetic dog collar collar requires very little maintenance once in use. To keep clean simply wipe with a warm soapy sponge.

The silicone colour within the collar may fade overtime and should not be left in direct sunlight. The colour of the silicone does not effect the performance of the StreamZ technology.


StreamZ magnetic dog collars are a complementary form of treatment and should not to be used as a replacement to any professionally diagnosed medications or treatments.

StreamZ technology should not to be used by any dog fitted with a pacemaker, consult your vet if you have any concerns regarding a diagnosed heart condition. StreamZ technology is not clinically proven and as such our team are unable to give specific medical advice relating to individual animals.

The StreamZ magnetic collars do not have a ‘break-away’ feature although the buckle will break if placed under significant pressure. The silicone material is flexible and can be fitted to allow the dogs head and ears to reach through the collar if preferred, as long as Streamz is creating a 360º ‘loop’ around the neck. As with any dog collar, remove in active exercise if you are concerned about the collar getting caught.


Please note that once the packaging has been opened or the collar has been in use/cut-to-size StreamZ are unable to replace collars. We advise that you measure the neck circumference of your dog prior to ordering if you are unsure. Standard returns process applies.

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Black Silicone Band (up to 55cm), Purple Silicone Band (up to 55cm), Orange Silicone Band (up to 55cm), Black Silicone Band (up to 35cm)

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