What is StreamZ technology & what makes it unique?

To indicate StreamZ technology and our revolutionary approach to magnetism, it must be first explained how ‘traditional magnetic therapy’ is used. Magnets have long been recognised as having health benefits on people and animals, without significant clinical support.

A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as bracelets, rings or braces and supports. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using magnets with a magnetic field positioned over pulse points in the body. These products mainly consist of static magnets which operate using different frequencies and polarities, creating an energy field from the face of the magnet. This is often referred to as ‘pulse therapy’ or similar. The “stronger” the magnet the further this magnetic field ‘travels’ from the face of the magnet. (often referred to as their gauss level)

The process of magnetism when used in many traditional static magnetic devices increases heat to the subject area. This increase in heat is said to lead to improved blood flow and provide benefits such as inflammation reduction and releasing tension in muscles; used over thousands of years with evidence back to the Ancient Egyptians using magnets. You can see the thermal effects of traditional magnetic pulse therapy by studying the impact a traditional magnetic process using thermal imaging technology. 

Many health issues however do not require an increase in temperature to benefit the user. This might perhaps explain the mixed reputation these more traditional magnetic products have within the market. The majority of traditional magnetic products cannot be used for long periods of time, often only suitable for 4 to 8 hours maximum. This limits their continuous use and prevents their use in warm weather conditions.

StreamZ magnetic resonance technology, although containing a series of magnetic fields, creates no increase in heat. Instead, a series of low-frequency magnetic energy fields create a spinning effect. This non invasive process creates no thermal increase to the subject. (see study)

StreamZ magnetic technology can be used for long periods of time and also used when increasing heat to that area should be avoided, such as directly after exercise. This creates significant advantage to users over using more traditional methods. 

The StreamZ product range offers users a long-term and non invasive option which is heavily supported across anecdotal feedback, reviews, studies and professional endorsements. Developed to work at a cellular level, StreamZ energy fields impact the entire system providing what our inventor referred to as “a rebalancing effect”.

Further information on magnetic therapies and their recognised health benefits are limited, mainly due to advertising regulations and a lack of clinical evidence. As such magnetic therapy, including StreamZ technology, should be used as form of complimentary therapy and not as a replacement to prescribed medications or treatments. StreamZ technology is not a drug or medication, it produces no pharmacological, immunological or metabolic impact on the subject.

StreamZ 360º magnetic resonance.

StreamZ technology has been developed into a series of products, all of which contain a 360° continuous layer of ‘StreamZ smart-material’. This material is made up of a unique mix of silicone compounds and ferrites which are then subjected to a unique energy process developed by our inventor. This creates ‘a finished product’ containing multi-directional low-frequency polarity fields which run horizontally through the material. This action of creating a spinning magnetic fields, as opposed to a pulsating one, is what makes StreamZ magnetism the most advanced magnetic therapy on the market. 

Magnetic devices are traditionally manufactured from rubbers, rare earth metals or ceramics. StreamZ technology uses a secret mix of silicones and ferrites which creates the worlds first “stretchy magnet”. 

What is Bioresonance therapy?

Recent discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that all substances – and therefore all cells, parts of the body, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, and toxins emit electromagnetic waves. Depending upon their nature, all substances have specific natural wavelengths (or frequencies) with highly individual characteristics – their ‘natural resonant state’. 

A growing number of people around the world are starting to discover the benefits of bioresonance therapy. Within society it is thought that patients have become frustrated with conventional western treatments as they look to source forms of treatment not yet widely accepted by western medicine. With a small variety of resonance machines manufactured worldwide there are now holistic practitioners who treat people for bioresonance for conditions such as arthritis, depression, allergies, digestive and skin problems along with many other physical conditions. One UK based manufacturer in this field reports to have sold thousands of units directly to practitioners, with a price in excess of £20,000 per unit. These machines provide practitioners with the ability to run diagnostics on their patients and thus provide an alternative holistic approach. 

Modern research into biophotons has shown that cells communicate with one another by means of “flashes of light” (photon radiation) and do so at certain resonating frequencies. Biophysics researchers believe that the biophysical level of the body controls the biochemical level and hence the structure of matter and the structure of organs.

The ‘natural frequency pattern’ or ‘resonant state’ of Planet Earth is a low frequency range of 7.83Hz. The bodies physical cells constantly communicate with each other and do so using these low frequency ranges. As long as the cells resonate under their natural conditions then the bodies capacity for self regulation remains intact. A naturally balanced system is a naturally healthy system.

Various man-made high-frequency technologies (such as Wifi, power cables, TVs, and mobile phones) and natural substances (such as radon in rocks, the sun, and water) alter the natural resonant state within the living system. For example, mobile phones operate at 2,400,000Hz. Although we cannot hear or see these frequencies they are there continuously interacting with us on a cellular level. 

When unwelcome substances enter the naturally balanced state these impede communication between the cells causing the cells to malfunction and oscillate in a disharmonious state. 

As we move through the 21st century, environmental exposure to man-made high frequency electromagnetic fields are steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources.

Bioresonance therapy is based on these biophysical principals. The revolutionary spiralling effect created by StreamZ smart-material rebalances the cells frequencies back to their natural state. This process is known as ‘biomagnetic rebalancing’ and works by oscillating the charged particles to high speeds, naturally arranging them into an organised spiralling motion and providing the ‘rebalancing’ effect of their resonant state – bioresonance in action!

StreamZ magnetic resonance process offers a tool to rebalance the resonant state of individual cells and thereby ensure that the natural efficiency of each cell is achieved.” – Eric Dodd, inventor of StreamZ Global technology.

Is StreamZ a patented invention?

Streamz Global Limited was issued the intellectual property to the original patent obtained by the inventor Eric Dodd. The StreamZ product range itself is not patented but copyright, design registered, and trademarks are in place. This was a commercial decision to prevent easy replication of the very specific frequencies used within the StreamZ manufacturing process – the frequencies will remain a secret. 

Is StreamZ Clinically proven?

No, StreamZ are yet to achieve full ‘clinically proven’ status. Independently run clinical studies on our equine and canine products were carried out by a UK university. These studies were carried out by BSc level students within the equine and canine departments on gait analysis, joint flexibility and stride lengths/patterns. These studies were controlled studies, double-blind and monitored by the head of departments throughout the study period. Due to this the studies were not peer-reviewed or published within a medical journal. As such claims of improved mobility and increase stride lengths are limited to ‘clinically supported’. 

There are many products, including the majority of supplements, which are not clinically tested, yet still provide significant impact and results. Our belief is that in this era, with social media presence being as it is, that companies and products like ours would simply not survive if they claimed false results. We are incredibly proud of the support and results StreamZ have achieved, and in our eyes (and most people who have tried our product), results are key! Anecdotal evidence, which we have by thousands, is as important to most as a clinical stamp of approval. “If it works, it works”. Further clinical studies are now being carried out with a purpose of them being published and peer-reviewed. The studies, reviews and endorsements behind the claims are used to support efficacy claims.

Is StreamZ classified as a medical device?

Since changes to medical device regulations when the United Kingdom left the European Union on January 1st 2021, YOU StreamZ ankle bands are no longer a CE class 1 medical device. As such packaging and other requirements have been rolled out following this new guidance. StreamZ are a complementary sports band. Further updated information (January 2021) on guidance to these regulations within the UK, read here.