YOU STREAMZ WRISTBANDS | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic wristband


Please remember that the wristband is developed as complementary option and should not replace prescribed medications. In many cases, users will be wearing the wristband to effect a long term or degenerative issue and requires an element of patience, with some users reporting several weeks before realising the impact.  

Please take a couple of minutes to read through this in preparation of your product arriving.

  • Measuring instructions
  • Fitting instructions
  • Use Instructions
  • Ongoing Care instructions
  • Sensitivity issues

Measuring Instructions

It is important to measure your wrist prior to purchasing a band as many of us have no idea what size our wrists are. Return costs are not free-of-charge so it's worth getting it correct first-time-round. 

Many people with smaller wrists have hands which are wider than their wrist size. The wristband needs to stretch over the widest part of the hand when first being fitted.

Simply wrap a tape measure around your wrist and measure the length between the two meeting ends. Once you have the measurement add an additional 1-1.5cm to have your ideal wristband size. 

If you do not have a tape measure, simply use a section of material and then place against a ruler.

Measure your wrist size prior to ordering a you streamz silicone wristband

Fitting Instructions

The wristband is to be worn on either wrist. 

Some users with more long-term issues have reported significant benefit when wearing a wristband on both wrists, however, in the majority of cases one wrist band will provide the rebalancing effect. If you are looking for the maximum benefit of our technology then you may be interested in looking at our original advanced magnetic ankle band to work alongside and in conjunction with our wristband.

The silicone wristband is designed to fit firmly against the wrist once stretched over the hand.

A series of ‘flex-holes’ are positioned throughout the wristband to help create additional flexibility. 

To achieve optimum effectiveness the material must be in contact with both sides of the wrist when the wristband is around the wrist and the arm is held vertical. 

The wristband will appear tight until it has past the knuckle line. It can be a challenge when its brand new! If you genuinely feel you have ordered the wrong size, get in touch and we can help.

TIP: If you have small wrists and are struggling to stretch the wristband over your knuckle line, try to cover the wristband in hand soap or washing-up-liquid to act as a lubricant. Some users may need assistance. 


Use Instructions

The YOU Streamz wristband should be worn 24x7 for optimum effect and has been designed to be left on through all activities.

Developed as a ‘booster’ for our original ankle band, users who struggled with the ankle design in summer months or under work boots can wear the wristbands when it is not possible to wear the ankle band.

TIP: Users must refrain from wearing the wristband ‘inside-out’ as this will prevent the technology from working effectively. As we grow we will be releasing new colours and are happy to look at wristbands designs with ‘less branding’. We ask, for the time being, that you help us ‘spread the word’ and wear the band with logos on the outside, it’ll then do it’s job!

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Ongoing Care Instructions

The YOU StreamZ wristband requires little ongoing care and maintenance. 

The wristband is fully waterproof and can be washed with soapy water, particularly after use in salt water. 

Various pieces of silicone run through the wristband providing the energy flow the technology requires. These pieces of material can sometimes appear “out of position” or “broken” within the wristband if stretched. This is nothing to be alarmed about and does not impact the effectiveness of the product. As long as the wristband is intact and in one piece then it will be doing its job!

Sensitive Skin Issues

Our wristbands are manufactured using non-toxic ‘food-grade’ silicone which is used in a plethora medical devices, however, on rare occasions users may be sensitive to the material being in direct contact with their wrist. 

Early signs that the wearer may be feeling sensitive to the silicone is an itchy sensation and showing a pink/red mark on the skin. Users are advised to inspect this regularly as it may pass, but if problems do continue then users are advised to remove the wristband. 

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