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StreamZ Global products contain a mixture of natural rubber and silicone compounds known as ‘StreamZ Technology’. StreamZ products are unique and differ greatly from more traditionally used products such as ‘magnetic pulsing devices’ and ‘hologram ion balancers.’

Traditional magnetic products create a ‘pulsating’ effect. The stronger the magnet (often referred to as their gauss level) the further this pulse travels from the face of the magnet. This constant pulsating action has been shown to create an increase in heat, increasing blood flow and releasing tension in the local muscle. This process can be seen clearly using thermal imaging technology. Many health issues however are not caused by muscle damage and do not require an increase in heat, which might perhaps explain the mixed reputation these more traditional magnetic products have within the market.

Magnets have long been recognised as having health benefits on people and animals, without significant clinical support. A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as rings or bracelets. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using standard magnets with a single polarity field (north pole and south pole). A pulsating effect is created, increasing the electrical conductivity of the blood and increasing the amount of ions (atoms that carry a charge of electricity).

StreamZ bands, although containing a magnetic field, do not create this pulsating effect (or additional heat), but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy – magnetic resonance technology. Instead of pulsing, StreamZ spins!

StreamZ bands contain a patented 360° layer of StreamZ smart-material containing five separate multi-directional low-frequency polarity fields. Unlike traditional magnets, StreamZ products do not work by the magnetic fields penetrating directly into the body. Instead they create a unique spiralling motion by streaming the fields of polarity horizontally through the smart-material. This continuous spiralling motion is referred to as a ‘Cyclotron Effect’ and leads to a significant increase in the impact of the magnetic fields on the body. StreamZ does not increase the heat within the localised area and as such can be left on continuously. 

DEFINITION OF A CYCLOTRON: In a Cyclotron, a modest electric field can accelerate a moving ion into enormous energy levels by a gradual resonant build up. This is caused by energy from a weak field pulsating in harmony with the resonant frequency of ion motion in a ‘steady state’ magnetic field.

“For both humans and animals, that ‘steady state’ is the Earth’s low frequency magnetic field (7.83Hz). The ions in motion are the chemical ions found in fluids and minerals within the cells of the body (copper, iron, magnesium, etc.). Various high-frequency man-made substances (such as power cables, TVs, mobile phones) and natural substances (such as radon in rocks, the sun, and water) alter the natural resonant state within the living body ̶ this affects the distribution of ions and minerals within the living system. In effect the body does not operate at its most effective state.

As we move through the 21st century, environmental exposure to man-made high frequency electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources.

At a cellular level, human cells resonate either in healthy vibrational states or they exist in varying forms of disharmonious (unnatural) states of oscillation. For example, cells in ‘pain’ will resonate in a disharmonious or less-than-ideal manner. These same cells, if exposed to their low frequency natural state, will once again vibrate in healthier modes and at their optimum state.

The spiralling effect created by StreamZ smart-material interacts with the individual frequencies of the minerals and ions in the living system. This process is known as bio-magnetic rebalancing and works by speeding the charged particles up to a very high energy level and naturally arranging them into an organised spiralling motion.

Similar to mechanical resonance (as seen in the rocking of someone on a swing), magnetic resonance technology offers a tool to rebalance the resonance value on a cellular level and thereby ensure that the most optimum state of each ion and mineral is achieved.” – Eric Dodd, our inventor.

Streamz Global uses the original patent obtained by the inventor Eric Dodd. The StreamZ product range itself is not patented but copyright and trademarks are in place. This was a commercial decision to prevent the easy replication of the technology. The frequencies and material used within StreamZ took 15+ years to develop – change one aspect slightly and it will not operate in the same way. Do not be fooled by other companies claiming similar. 

Some people request to see our “clinical evidence”. StreamZ are yet to achieve full clinical status. Independently run clinical studies on our equine product were carried out a UK university and available here. These studies were carried out by BSc level students within the equine department on gait analysis, joint flexibility and stride lengths/patterns. As studies were based on 20 horses and not peer-reviewed StreamZ are unable to be recognised by science as “clinically proven”. There are many products, including the majority of supplements, which are not clinically tested, yet still provide significant impact and results. Our belief is that in this era, with social media presence being as it is, that companies and products like ours would simply not survive if they claimed false results. We are incredibly proud of the support and results StreamZ have achieved, and in our eyes (and most people who have tried our product), results are key! Anecdotal evidence, which we have by thousands, is as important to most as a clinical stamp of approval. “If it works, it works”. Further clinical studies are now being carried out with a purpose of them being published and peer-reviewed. 

Click here for a more in-depth scientific explanation, written by our inventor Eric Dodd (It’s a bit of a head spin)