EQU StreamZ fetlock band replacement sleeve
Only available with proof-of-purchase on orders. This is to avoid counterfeits. New sleeve design containing sleeves with a border running down the length of the tongue to help prolong their use.
No warranty is offered on the purchase of sleeves only. Price includes delivery.

NOTE: This is for 1 x EQU StreamZ sleeve only and does not contain StreamZ material.

StreamZ no longer use authentic Velcro® material but an alternative hook and loop fastening material which is far stronger.
Upon receipt remove the StreamZ silicone strips from your existing bands and slide into open end of these new sleeves. Ensure the ridges on the StreamZ strip face away from the skin (smooth side against the skin).
It is advised to keep them clean to prolong their use and wash with cold soapy water. See terms of product for full instruction and care details.

A discount code can be issued by the StreamZ support team, qualification terms required and pre-registration via your email address is required to accept the coupon code on our checkout – email us at [email protected]