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EQU StreamZ horse bands ® introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Magnetic therapy for your horse, with a difference!

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the bands to be worn by the horse immediately after exercise and for long periods of time, including through turnout. Ideal after exercise, when recovering from an injury and for general wellbeing.

The neoprene design fits snuggly against around the horses leg and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, the longer the better!

Each horse pack contains a pair of adjustable bands (up to 35cm circumference). Wrap each band around the fetlock/hock and attach using the hook-and-loop material, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the horses skin. A continuous layer of StreamZ material then ‘gets to work’!

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ you’ll horse will be joining an illustrious bunch including World and Olympic Champions, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.

EQU StreamZ are with you, every step of the way. 

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Each horse must wear two EQU StreamZ bands just above or below the fetlock area. They are designed to be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Waterproof and designed to be used in most weather conditions however “24/7 use” refers to the technology and does not indicate the bands can be left on in all weather conditions or whilst out hacking. The bands are developed to be used in recovery, not whilst in active use. When the ground is soft and the horse is turned out the bands should be placed above the fetlock joint and out of the soft ground. Care and attention and a level of common-sense is required for the bands to last; as with any other tack product. See care details below, or feel free to get in touch.

StreamZ offer a complementary form of treatment and should not to be used as a replacement to any professionally diagnosed medications or treatments. StreamZ technology is not clinically proven as the clinical studies carried out were not peer reviewed.

StreamZ bands can be used in conjunction with medications, supplements, diets, and traditional magnetic products however it is advisable that traditional magnetic products are not placed over the top of StreamZ as this can create damage to the StreamZ 360º magnetic energy field, either when on the horse or when in the tack room.


Please note that as with mainstream medications, StreamZ do not offer a guarantee on the intended results. It is advised the EQU StreamZ should not be used on any horse diagnosed with a medical heart condition. Seek professional medical advice prior to use.

Some white haired horses may find the neoprene too sensitive to place against the skin; if this is a known issue then a few layers of vet wrap/bandage can be placed around the leg before the bands are fitted. 

Less than a handful of customers have reported an adverse reaction to using the bands when treating a horse diagnosed with severe Cushings Disease (PPID). How each horse is treated depends on which clinical signs that particular animal has and how severe those symptoms are. In many cases the advice by professionals is to manage the clinical signs, such as laminitis, secondary infections and excessive hair growth. This is achieved by modifying the animals diet and supplements to help support the natural healing process. The ‘adverse reaction’ reported is thought to relate to this process. As the natural healing process begins to improve the animal can occasionally indicate a negative reaction before showing signs of improvement. In the few negative reports we have received it was reported that the horses showed signs of filling and a reduction in mobility. This contradicts many other reports from similar users, however, as a company with a focus on animal welfare we deem it important to share this feedback.

Please consult your veterinary professional if you require medical advice and review our returns process, or contact one of our team.


StreamZ advertise the EQU bands as “24/7 use”. This refers to the technology being able to be worn all day every day, and particularly when the horse is ‘in recovery’. This does not stipulate that bands can be worn 24/7 in all weather conditions, particularly in very muddy conditions. Common sense is required as to when the horse can and cannot wear the bands. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Cleaning the bands: The material has a life span as with any aesthetic product such as shoes or clothing; it requires care and attention to last 12 months or more, particularly the fastening. To keep the bands as long as possible it is advised that they are washed every couple of weeks. Simply remove the StreamZ silicone strips from the open end of the bands (the end next to fastening tongue) and wash in a machine under 40ºc or on hand washing setting and place the strips somewhere safe. Hand/pat dry and slide the StreamZ strips back into the bands, with the ridges/lines on the StreamZ strip facing away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin). When removing the StreamZ strips for washing purposes ensure they are placed somewhere safely; StreamZ are unable to replace strips which have “gone missing” as the physics of the design prevent strips falling out of bands when placed correctly on the horse unless the material is damaged.  

The fastening within the EQU StreamZ requires a level of maintenance and care. Warranty is available on defects with the fastening. We have had issues in the past with the material used and updated the material to the strongest on the market to rectify this issue. If you have any questions please contact our support team via email; [email protected] Proof of purchase will be required for warranty defects, damaged or lost bands are not covered under warranty.

Where and when to wear the bands: The EQU bands are developed to be used as an aid for recovery and not to be used in active work (there is slight movement under the fetlock joint). The EQU bands should be completely removed or worn above the fetlock in soft ground conditions, further still if the ground is soft enough to allow the bands to be submerged then the bands should be removed and only used when turned in. In wet/muddy conditions it is advised to remove them completely to avoid the bands being submerged. Lost bands are not covered under warranty and single bands are not available for purchase.

ABOVE Fetlock use when turned out in soft ground conditions or whilst in light work.
BELOW Fetlock – use below fetlock when turned in or on box rest. (Slightly better reaction when placed below, but movement is found below the fetlock)

Advice: If the horse is ‘turned in’ we advise that the bands are placed below the fetlock (around the pastern); the artery is slightly closer to the outside of the skin under the fetlock joint. If the horse is ‘turned out’ then we would advise that the bands are placed above the fetlock joint (around the cannon bone). We recommend that the bands are placed on the near fore and off hind legs, no matter what the injury, although it generally makes little difference.

Tip: We have a horse who we like to turn out with his bands on, even if it’s wet. We also noticed that when alone he would often get his teeth under the bands and rip them off. We solved this issue by tricking him! We now put his bands on him, whilst making him look the other way, and then wrap a few layers of vet wrap over the top. He’s none the wiser, and the bands stay on! If your horse is ‘a chewer’ then the risk in that horse wearing them is entirely up to you but please note we cannot replace damaged bands under warranty. 

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

119 reviews for EQU StreamZ CAD

  1. Alison D McEwen

    I purchased the fetlock bands for my yearling who was having major inflammation in his hocks. The swelling and heat was not going down, and after having Xrays, diagnosis was ‘Juvenile Arthritis’. After just 2 weeks of wearing the StreamZ fetlock bands the swelling started to decrease and eventually disappeared!! He lost one band out in the field, I was unable to find it which meant he stopped wearing them. The swelling hasn’t returned… I looking forward to purchasing a new set for my 12 year old gelding with arthritis in his hocks. 🙂

  2. Jill Usipiuk

    After 2 severe bouts of cellulitis in the fall of 2017 my mare Sara suffered irreversible damage to the circulatory system in her leg causing periodic fluid retention. When the cold weather hit last winter, keeping the fluid out of her leg was a nightmare – standing wraps was the only way to keep her leg ‘fluid free’. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to another 100+ days of standing wraps this winter. I invested in a pair of EQU Streamz in November as they sounded like a potential solution to Sara’s issues. I am happy to report that we have had several ‘cold snaps’ in Saskatchewan since and Sara’s leg has stayed fluid free! She is also on 100% turnout, and these bands have held up incredibly well whilst being worn outside 24/7 – they still look new after 60 days of outdoor use in varying elements. Worth every penny!

  3. KelseyHarbidge

    I LOVE this product! I bought a set of bands for a 2yo that kept blowing abscesses. Within 7 days of bands on she blew the last abscess she’s had none since August! I bought a second pair for one of our geldings who can get tight in his hocks and with them on he hasn’t shown any signs of being tight. We also like them on our senior horses for body maintenance and conditioning!

  4. Nevada Benns

    I love using EQU streamz for my barrel horses and DOG Streamz on my dog. As a veterinary technician I felt I should research this product first and have personally witnessed phenomenal results. My 24 yr old barrel horse still places in the 1D but will slip down to the 2D or 3D without them. I also trialled them on a horse with a fractured pastern bone a hoof injury that resulted in a good 1/4 to 1/3 of hoof breaking off at the cornet band. No swelling or infection whilst wearing the bands. Most recently another horse got kicked and his entire leg swelled-up foot ball size from the gaskin/hock down to the pastern. I put Streamz on him immediately, cleaned the wound and saw the swelling decrease in 24 hours; 48 hours later he received one dose of antibiotics. No anti-inflammatories were prescribed due to swelling decreasing with the bands on, and he experienced no lameness!

    I then purchased a streamz band for my dog as well. He got hit by a grain truck over a year ago and has never fully recovered but is on a controlled diet and supplements. Within 3 weeks he was able to get up and 4-6 weeks later he was back to his ‘puppy self’ again. It was incredible!! I have since reduced his supplement levels and he is able to run and play and come with me on trial rides when I condition my horses in the hills.

    What I love the most about StreamZ is their ‘ease of use’ and how they compliment therapy regimes perfectly both pre and post competition.

  5. Karissa

    I bought the dog collar for our senior blue heeler. He used to keep up with me whilst I was our riding horses but was then unable to do so. We had some x-rays done and found he had degenerative arthritis. The collar went on!

    Since wearing his StreamZ smart collar he has more energy, is happier, and is now happy to join us on our hacks and keep up with us! We’ve noticed a big difference in him! I have also used it on my horse with a bone chip in his knee with great results.

  6. Robyn Armstrong

    We use EQU StreamZ on all of our horses and have had great results across all of them.

  7. Shaun Rathy

    My #1 mare wears these 24/7 and her legs stay tight and cold year round whether she’s jumping, breezing on the track or running barrels!

  8. Monica kippers

    As a horse owner I’ve tried many different products over the years, but this is one product I can say I will 100% stand behind!! I have seen it work wonders for my horses, my one mare in particular.

    This fall Ritz, after a summer off due to a string of injuries, got cellulitis right before the last big event of the year…. the whole week before she wore the bands which helped keep the swelling in her leg down dramatically.

    I was also very concerned about it swelling back up having to stall on cement but with wearing the bands all week at the event not only did she not swell or stock up once she even clocked her fastest time on that pattern!!! I am very thankful for this product and the benefits it provides, Ritz will forever be sporting her bands. 🙂

  9. Deb Moorhead

    I started using the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands on my 17 year old barrel racing mare, Easy. After a few days of using them, she felt free and more supple. I couldn’t believe the difference! I was going to get her hocks injected again, but after using the streamz bands I didn’t feel I needed too.

  10. Heidi Balogh

    I purchased this product for my mare who has arthritic changes in her front fetlocks. Within a very short time she was very free in her stance and swinging in the front with even movement.
    My dog being 12 was also starting to get stiff and slowing down. Shortly after I put his DOG StreamZ smart collar on he was tearing around the back yard like a young dog! My husband also benefits from this product for his sciatica and leg pain. Just an amazing product. Thank you StreamZ!

  11. Desiree

    I love my Streamz! I wear mine every night and it keeps me from being stiff or sore when I wake up. I also have used them on my horse before and noticed a change in how he felt. More energy and happier. Also less muscle soreness while competing and better recovery time.

  12. Kristal Gagnon

    I bought a pair for my mare having heard great things about these bands. I ended up using one of the bands on myself after breaking my back, before getting the YOU StreamZ for myself. What a great product. Absolutely love them and highly recommend to everyone!

  13. Ksenia Quartermain

    I started using these bands on an Appaloosa gelding who had been sore due to a previous injury. He only takes short strides and doesn’t like to run and play how he used to. In a short time in wearing the Streamz bands he started feeling a lot more loose! If only could have these bands for every single one of my horses!

  14. Melissa geduhn

    I first bought EQU Streamz magnetic therapy bands for my mare who suffers from early onset arthritis. I was sceptical at first because of the numerous products and supplements that I have tried over the years but boy can I tell you!! I noticed within ONE HOUR of putting them on her the difference in the way she moved around. More freedom in her shoulders and overall in general. With having such amazing results with EQU streamz horse bands we decided to give the human version a go – their YOU Streamz ankle band. Yet again the results with this blew me out of the water! Every time I feel the aches and pains I just put my streamz band on and BAM within a few hours or even overnight I feel a lot better. This product has been so beneficial to my whole family we now even have StreamZ for my grandparents and have them hooked on how amazing they are. We can’t live without them. Thank you guys for such an amazing product!

  15. Theresa Sealy

    EQU StreamZ bands have helped our old school horses with stocking up and various arthritic stiffness. I would definitely recommend for those that are having issues with arthritis and mobility.

  16. Jenna

    I wasn’t sure trying this product because it seems so minimal but am in shock after using them!! The range of movement my horse has after wearing StreamZ bands for two weeks is incredible!! He had a bad cut and I wasn’t sure how it was going to heal and I swear the StreamZ technology has improved the circulation and healing immensely and helped reduce the healing time.

  17. Alanna Furseth

    I purchased the equine EQU Streamz Bands and am super impressed with the results! My mare gets wind puffs in the winter, and since I started using them the inflammation has drastically went down. I will be investing in another set to have them on all four legs all the time. Very impressed, worth every penny!

  18. Irene Stevenson

    I started using the StreamZ on my weanling colt who is going through a growth spurt and having a few issues. I bought him a set to wear and within 24 hours he was running and bucking again instead of short stepping around his pen. Very happy with this product!!

  19. Tressa Freeman

    We use all of the Streamz products…. our barrel horses (age 6, 19, 20) recover faster from exercise and competiton. We even put them on an old Rope horse who is very arthritic and stoved up – we haven’t seen him move out like that in years.

    My husband is retired professional bull rider and swears by them for his own hip and shoulder pain relief and our daughter has seen a difference in her balance when riding after multiple concussions!

    Even our old faithful 15 year old dog uses them, Janey. She doesn’t have the hip shakes anymore and finds it easier to get up since wearing her collar!

  20. Joanne Moreside

    My horse is moving much more freed up and moving more fluid!!

  21. Andrea Songhurst

    I tried this product for my miniature for we were running out of options after years of every treatment out there. The miniature could barely walk at the time we put them on. After three days of wearing the StreamZ magnets for 24 hours a day he was trotting through the pasture!! To this day the magnetic bands stay on and my son is able to ride him again and he is walking and running around the field with the other horses. He is a happy little horse again ❤️ I recommend this product to everyone!!

  22. Makenna Moore

    When I was initially considering purchasing a pair of equ streamz, I was skeptical – but I am so happy now I decided to!

    EQU streamz technology has made a tremendous and irreplaceable difference in my horses’ happiness and performance. It is the first product I have found that I can put on my gelding’s hind legs that he won’t kick at. Furthermore, it is difficult to find a therapeutic product that you you put on your horse no matter the weather even if it’s wet, cold or hot, but Equ streamz is it! Thank you so much for keeping my horse feeling his best both at home and down the rodeo road.

  23. Billie McColl

    Love these bands! Bought them for my horses but I have been using them on myself too for an injured knee with great results. Less swelling and less pain!

  24. Dawn-Marie Thevenaz

    Carly (the Canadian based Streamz team member) was very helpful answering all my questions. I bought them for an injured mare and the bands definitely made a difference! I noticed an improvement within a few days, she seemed to be moving freely, the bands stayed on with the insane amount of mud we had this fall, and I never once had to worry about her or other destructive horses destroying them!

  25. Jolene Gross

    If i could own a pair for every horse..i would! They keep our horses front strong and fresh..help promote healing and keep the inflammation down!! My horses feel Amazing when wearing these bands!

  26. Bonnie

    We put the band on my mom while she was in the hospital after they tried everything else to help with swelling. She had the thought that nothing will work. Within a day of wearing a YOU Stream ankle band we could get her socks to fit back on her legs! She then started asking for them to be put right back on after the doctor left as the inflammation had reduced so much.

  27. Leah Way

    I bought my older competitive mare with chronic inflammation of her left hind fetlock a set of these new magnetic bands. She was showing issues in the joint and soft tissue. As she’s older, she doesnt play much and her ankle would swell almost every day… Streamz treated this far better than medication, consistent cold hosing, and wrapping did! I’ll take them off for the day and by the end of the day her ankle will puff up and be warm, and the next day it’s down to nothing!

  28. Janae Wilson

    I really like this product! I have noticed that I haven’t had to get my horses worked on nearly as much while using these bands! They stay free’r in their movement and are feeling overall much better while using the bands!

  29. Kristina Kobi

    Christie Rey is my barrel horse and we found out she was going in for a second knee surgery this June. I ordered them and everyone at StreamZ was so helpful. You guys got it rushed and out here in two days to make it for her surgery. I put the bands on as soon as she was out and she came out of her surgery so strong! To this day she wears them daily and they have certainly helped with the swelling in her knee!

  30. Rhonda

    My horses love their EQU StreamZ bands and can’t go without them!! You can see the difference in their stride when wearing them.

  31. Adelle Stewart

    My gelding suddenly presented with hind end abnormalities. It presented neurological issues but the vets could find nothing wrong with him. He was “high stepping” with his back feet and could barely back up. Nerve blocks and blood work showed nothing.
    I had purchased EQU Streamz fetlock bands for my mare with navicular, and they showed up four days after my gelding started showing his lameness symptoms. I decided to throw the bands on him first… why not I thought! After four days of lameness, within 24 hours of him wearing the StreamZ bands it was GONE! Completely gone! Check out the before and after vids!
    Highly recommend these bands, thanks EQU streamz!

  32. Lana Bohnet

    I purchased a set of the EQU Streamz horse bands for my gelding who had surgery on his left hind fetlock. Since his surgery he had been swollen in the area of his surgery. I put the bands on him, and the next day the swelling was gone!! It seemed that if I were to keep the bands on him he would not be swollen, but if they were kept off for a while the swelling would reoccur. Absolutely love the these bands, and have used them on a few of my other horses as well.

  33. Crystal neudorf

    I’m not exactly sure what Streamz do but my 2 horses present me their legs to get their bands on!! They like them!! One guy has arthritis in his hock and the other has tendon issues. Both are much happier since I started using the EQU Streamz fetlock bands. On another note…. I let my girlfriend try it for her sore knee and it worked so well she bought a couple of the YOU Streamz ankle bands for her and her husband!!!(human)

  34. Heidi Balogh

    Can’t say enough good things about this product. My husband, dog and mare all use with phenomenal success across all of us!!

  35. Heidi Balogh

    Amazing! I started with my dog, then for my mare and then for my husband!! Success stories with all of them. Especially my mare who has arthritic changes in her front right fetlock. She is sound and happy and I haven’t had to start any other form of treatments through injections.
    So happy and I tell everyone about this fantastic product!!

  36. Terris

    My main rope horse comes up sore or completely lame every year (without us being able to work out why) until we tried the bands and he’s been 100% sound since. I then recommended them to my friend for her horse who was really stiff. She noticed a difference overnight and bought herself two further pairs. I’ll recommend StreamZ every time and I love that they can be worn 24/7.

  37. Sue Gereau

    I have noticed several results that would include ‘speeding up quicker’, ‘healing results on a serious hoof injury’ to ‘no more lameness’ on my aged mare. I have also noticed that there is no more fluid build up (filling) in her hocks. I swap the bands from one horse to the other at the moment but I really need to invest in a second set of bands for both the horses. Thank you so much StreamZ!

  38. Susan Wall

    We love how the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands reduce the wind puffs (wind galls) on our horses back legs after a barrel race. An exceptional product!!

  39. Makenna Moore, CIRA competitor and CCFR qualifier

    I was skeptical at first, but I’m so happy I decided to purchase EQU StreamZ! For my horse who usually dislikes boots or wraps on his legs, EQU streamz have been a game changer in keeping him feeling performance-ready as well as keeping him happy when we are on the road or away from home. The design of EQU StreamZ is also incomparable: quality made and straight forward. It’s difficult to find a therapeutic product you can use in all weather conditions, but whether it’s hot, cold or wet, EQU StreamZ is it!!

  40. Anna

    I started using EQU StreamZ fetlock bands on my senior gelding this fall and can’t say enough good things about them! He’s struggled with soundness issues and navicular – these bands paired with his regular farrier visits have him pain free and acting like his 8 year old self again!
    Also love that you can put them on 24/7 and do not need to worry about them. 🙂

  41. Ksenia Quartermain

    StreamZ have helped my daughters pony Cali tremendously! Cali has foundered and experiences pain and inflammation from it; since wearing her EQU StreamZ bands she is more comfortable and mobile. She had very clear and obvious results within 3 weeks of use and wears them 24/7.

  42. Jody

    Love these! I have 3 pairs for my horse’s and the dog collar. My dog was having issues with unexplained limping. Since he has been wearing the collar he moves very well with no soreness or limping. We have also noticed a huge improvement in my horses as well. Love how you just have to put them on and basically forget about them, really easy to manage and no daily pain medication now required!

  43. Renée

    I’ve been using these bands on my mare who is completely sound but has a slight fluid bump on her right front leg, the bands have significantly reduced the size of the swelling and I’m impressed with this product.

  44. Angie

    I’ve used EQU streamz as part of my horse’s rehabilitation in fighting navicular and a torn tendon. I’ve used homemade supplements and LED light therapy too. Together the results have been more than promising – in fact, more like a miracle!! In two months between the X-ray and MRI results his navicular bone is now normal! Just waiting for soft tissue to heal and we will not know exactly until spring when another scan is done. He is happy on paddock rest wearing his EQU streamz 24/7, comes in at night and hasn’t been lame since July!!

  45. Jesse Fountain

    I initially bought these for my giant dressage mare, who just had minor leg bumps and blemishes and while they worked well for her, keeping her legs tight and the rest of her body free and relaxed, the biggest win was with my young horse! Since about 2014 she’s had a huge lump leftover from a splint and despite being healed it was quite prominent. I decided to try the bands on and 24 hours later I couldn’t find the splint anymore!! My husband is a certified farrier and would not believe me when I told him so I made him look for himself and he couldn’t find it either! Next we plan to try the bands for ourselves after seeing how well they worked with the horses!

  46. Henry Boswell (International Dressage rider)

    Someone asked me yesterday what we couldn’t do without on the yard on a daily basis ..a hard choice as we have a few bits and bobs that we like , but one thing did spring to mind was our EQU StreamZ bands that we use on a our horses daily, We’ve all noticed a big difference in the horses way of going and general wellbeing (and ourselves) since using them!!

  47. Franky Reid-Warrilow (International Team GB Eventer)

    My fab physiotherapist Natasha came to work with the horses and she said that in the 2 years she’s treated Whisper she’s never felt this good! I have been using EQU StreamZ bands on her 24/7 and her windgalls have completely disappeared. This along with her feeling the best ever means that I totally endorse this product and I am going out to buy some for ALL OF THE HORSES!

  48. Nathalie Kayal (International Dressage rider)

    I started using EQU StreamZ in August 2014 on my dressage horses and the results have been quite remarkable !!!

    One of the horses we had competing at the National Dressage Championships suffers from filled legs, which can consequently lead to a flare up of lymphangitis if his circulation is compromised. Therefore we were naturally concerned with how he would cope in the small temporary stabling at the nationals with no turn out. We travelled him to the show in the bands and continued to use them while he was stabled. To our amazement the swelling in his legs was minimal and he stayed comfortable for the duration of his stay.

    Thank you EQU StreamZ for your support in keeping our dressage horses performing at their best!!!!

  49. Karlie Louise Walker

    These special “magic” bands have healed my horses and are now healing my lil Alfie.

    He’s been wearing his band for a week now and there’s a definite improvement in his mobility, health and wellbeing. I can’t recommend them enough.

  50. Andrew Gould (Team GB International Dressage)

    EQU StreamZ (for horses) and YOU StreamZ (for rider) are both fantastic products and we use them on ourselves and our horses with great results! Thank you StreamZ!

  51. Jude Smith

    I received the EQU StreamZ bands and put them on my mare that night; the difference the next morning was amazing!!!
    She split her meniscus in her right stifle back in October and now has arthritis due to the injury. She was doing really well and was back in light work (up to an hour at a time) and was recently introduced back into trot work. Then last Thursday she pulled up lame and has been very stiff and lame since.

    This morning she came out of her stable really well my yard manager watched her walk and she wasn’t even short on her back legs.
    I went to check on her this afternoon and she was bucking and bronching whilst trotting round the field.

    I am so happy with your product!!!! Thank you!!!

  52. Sarah Wisborne-Heath

    Fantastic!! I never thought they could have an impact on my 18yr old Connie showing signs of arthritis but my mum raved on about the human bands so I decided to give the Streamz horse bands a try.

    It is unbelievable the noticeable difference in my ponies movement and the stiffness that he had prior to wearing the bands has all but vanished. I’m not a believer in these type of remedies normally but I have been left surprised and very happy with the results.

  53. Christina (International Swiss Team)

    I have been fortunate enough to test two products of StreamZ global.
    The horse bands make a significant difference when Cruise wears them. Cruise is a teenage horse now and has had to cope for several years with all sorts of terrain and jumped up to Advanced level in eventing. Since using the EQU bands, he warms up quicker and feels more supple.
    For myself, as I suffer from a damaged elbow joint I started wearing the You Streamz ankle band and since using the You StreamZ I sleep better and I don’t wake up in the morning with any aching joints!!
    A product me and my Cruise highly recommend! 🙂

  54. Jude Smith

    These are absolutely amazing!!!!! My mare has arthritis in her stifles due to an injury & I had them on her overnight in her stable & she walked out of it perfectly next morning like nothing was there! Definitely recommended!!

  55. Kat Blacker

    Matty is making what our vet has called a “stunning recovery from his DDFT injury!”

    He has had a very hard 18 months. First he underwent a kissing spines operation before damaging his deep digital flexor tendons being a lunatic in the field! A friend of mine recommended I tried EQU Streamz bands to help him recover.

    After having injections Matty has worn his EQU Streamz bands every day and night since. Despite his age (17) he is making a strong recovery and is now restarting work, something we were not sure would ever happen.

    We strongly believe that StreamZ has played a vital role in this recovery and I would whole heartily recommend the bands to any other owners of horses looking to give theirs the best chance of recovery

  56. Lisa Anne Rich

    I bought a pair of EQU StreamZ and Dino has worn them to help with diagnosed side bone.
    He has been 1-2/10 lame on his right fore since summer last year. He is 21 years old and likes to live on the forehand.
    A big thing I’ve noticed since using the band’s is he seems to warm up much more quickly and is much happier to trot and his transitions are much less stilted and much smoother. I was a bit worried that as he is white he may get a reaction, but so far so good! He will always wear them now.

  57. Ann Lunt

    PlusOne is a carriage driving pony who is 19 yrs old. He damaged a hind leg ligament and had to have a minimum of 3 months off; he was still lame after 6 months. I was introduced to the EQU Streamz bands which he wears almost 24 hours a day. It is now two months on and he is sound!
    He will not be without the EQU bands again – a great success – an animal has no power of reasoning so it is the bands that have worked for him!
    I myself suffer from arthritis and wear the YOU StreamZ ankle band – they work for me as well!

  58. Claire Drey-Brown

    I cannot say enough positive things about these bands. At first I was honestly a little sceptical but I have been proven so incredibly wrong! I managed to fall down the stairs and badly hurt my shoulder being unable to lift it up; after only a couple of hours I felt the improvement from wearing one of the YOU StreamZ and within 48 hours all pain had gone and I was able to be pulled around Aston BE Novice by my very keen horse!

    In addition to this, these bands have seriously helped me to sleep better, feel more refreshed, and, amazingly, have made my daily struggle with M.E. (chronic fatigue/CFS) easier, giving me more energy and feeling less achy!

    Not only have I felt the benefits, but my horse definitely has too. After making the long trip to Aston, he was stabled overnight on site (normally out at night) and then competed the next day. My horse has rather ‘up and down’ legs if he is not out in the field during the night but I was shocked to see his front legs had absolutely no swelling in the morning of the event after wearing the bands overnight.

    Not only this, I immediately felt a difference in his way of going as he felt much looser in front and in the shoulder. If my word alone is not enough to prove how he benefitted; he also got a 24.8 dressage (and a double clear) following the night wearing them!

    After being seriously impressed in just two days using these bands on myself and my horse, I put them back on him after xc, travelled him home in them, came down the next day and needless to say there was absolutely no swelling at all in any of his legs!

    I would absolutely recommend these to anyone and everyone, whether you have a horse with legs that need management or simply want to help your horse to recover after strenuous work, an injury in yourself or just want to give your body a helping hand. An incredible invention.

  59. Sharon Murray

    My ISH mare has been wearing her StreamZ wraps for around six months now as part of an all round general health and wellbeing approach to horse care. I believe in my horses living as naturally as possible and wanted to try a natural treatment to maintain general good health. My aim was to maintain Willow’s general health for as long as possible and didn’t expect to see any real change in her – After wearing the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands I couldn’t have been more delighted to feel a big improvement in her suppleness and ‘bounce’. She feels ‘soft and light’ and I am thrilled to think that she must be feeling really good in herself. Willow lives out 24/7 (albeit rugged up to the eyeballs and with a fully bedded shelter) and the bands are sturdy enough to withstand all a British weather has to offer…

    Don’t wait until your horse has a problem, treat them to some StreamZ right-away!

  60. Julie Goble

    A fantastic product!!
    Tom is 7 years old and has Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Disease.
    His diagnosis was made a year ago and the outlook on him was rather grim.
    He has had various treatment in the past without much success – nerve block, shockwaves, and injections.
    We started using EQU StreamZ fetlock bands in May 2015 to help him with his comfort and he is now back in light ridden work and enjoying been ridden!
    Highly recommend trying this product as it has improved Toms discomfort and stiffness so much that he gallops round the field enjoying life now!

  61. Vicky Hayward-Scarborough

    Wow! I cannot believe the immediate difference the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands have made to my 20yr old Warmblood! No filled legs in the morning, no grumpy attitude and a spring in his step! Brilliant product!!

  62. Clare Thomas

    Fully recommend, my horse was having steroid injections in her feet every three months, the last injections were in March which is when I started her wearing the EQU StreamZ bands and so far we are at five months and no injections yet required!!!

  63. Sophie Bailey

    After seeing the amazing results in our dog with the canine product, i decided to give the EQU bands a go (on our horse). I have used them on my miniature pony who has mild shivers and whilst the bands did not completely irradiate the problem I definitely 100% noticed a vast improvement with the flexibility in her hind legs and she generally seemed more comfortable. I then tried them on my 22 year old thoroughbred who always usually has to wear stable chaps to prevent her legs from filling when she is in her stable. Since using the bands on her she no longer has to wear the chaps as there is no filling at all, this is so much better for her during summer months as her legs always got quite warm with the chaps on. She also seems less stiff in general when she first comes out of her stable.

    I am now about to purchase another set so that I can have a set on each of them 24/7 as both have improved when wearing them despite being two totally different problems. I definitely recommend this product to all horse owners.

  64. Bev Everard

    I bought two pairs of these at Hickstead and the team on the stand made a bold claim and guaranteed they would work and that I would have my lovely horse off bute by the end of the month.

    Well I would like to tell you that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT IN YOUR PREDICTION! Wallace has now been bute free for 3 weeks and continues to get better. I had his vet look at him the other week and he declared “Wallace was 95% sound” …Something I never thought I would hear again!! THANK YOU STREAMZ.

  65. Pippa Boyle (Jim Boyle Racing)

    I have found these fantastic so far, both on myself and our horses. My own horse can be very stiff through his neck due to an old injury but this changed within a week of having the EQU StreamZ bands on. He is turned out 24/7 and they don’t come off.
    My advice if you are wary or skeptical of things like this is to try one on yourself – that is what convinced me we needed more horses in them! We are a medium sized racing yard, with a range of riders who say the horses quite simply feel looser in the mornings when they go out to exercise, the band made me feel exactly the same way – I can leap out of bed for work in the mornings without trying to get various body parts mobile first!

  66. Victoria Musat

    Hi StreamZ, I have seen a massive improvement in my 20 year old horse since using the EQU bands. He was on Bute as he was diagnosed with arthritis so suffers from general stiffness. After only a week he was much looser and has a better defined hock action. Thank you. I’m very happy to have more time to ride my horse who is now happier, thanks to StreamZ x

  67. Louise Hutchinson (Facebook review)

    I bought a pair of these for my mare who has arthritis in her hocks. Within a few days wearing the StreamZ bands she was moving much more freely with less stiffness in the mornings after a night in the stable. She is also happier, has more energy and doesn’t snatch when you pick her hinds up! So a brilliant product as far as I am concerned!! 5 stars.

  68. Sharon Murray – Facebook Review – 26 yr horse

    My retired 26 year old has been wearing the EQU bands for about 2 months and is like a spring chicken! I was riding in my meadow the other day and she free-schooled beautifully alongside my other horse – I was very tempted to tack her up!! 🙂
    The bands have taken years off her, for which I am just SO grateful.

  69. Jill Windsor

    I started using the EQU StreamZ a while ago on my 23 year old Charleston who was retired due to a hock injury and is regularly lame. He was struggling to lift his back legs for the farrier. As instructed we decided to put them on his bad leg and then his diagonal front leg. Well….. simply amazing!!

    Since using the EQU bands he has not needed any Bute (!), he lifts his leg for the farrier higher than he has in a long time and can keep it elevated. He is out running around in the field like a spring chicken and the only thing that has changed in his daily routine is that he is wearing his EQU bands 24/7. I literally wouldn’t be without them as they have given my boy a completely new lease of life!! If I could give a higher rating then I wouldn’t hesitate.

  70. Chloe Durrant

    I’ve tried many different products over the years with various levels of success. I was a bit hesitant to try the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands as I have magnetic boots which, while they made a little difference, soon ceased to be of any notable use. I read that these were slightly different to standard magnets and could be used 24/7, in the paddock and the stable so, in a moment of hopeful desperation, ordered a pair.

    Barney is now 30 and a retired ex Olympic showjumper. He tore a tendon in his early 20s and has been mildly but permanently lame on his near fore ever since. The leg is slightly bent and while he’s not in any serious pain, he would need bute every few days along with many, many joint supplements! To cut a long story short, he was starting to struggle in the colder, wetter weather and so we wanted to look for alternatives to just giving him more bute. I ordered a pair of EQU StreamZ and they duly arrived the next day. I put them on him, as instructed, and waited to see what would happen.

    Within 3 days he had become so comfortable that I couldn’t actually catch him for the farrier because he was too busy ‘hooning’ around with his friend. The leg was much less puffy, cooler to the touch and he was clearly more comfortable. After 2 weeks, I took him off some of the joint inflammation products he was on and now he only has bute when the farrier comes, so one every 2 months, not one every 2 days!

    I was so delighted that I also ordered a pair for my old hunter who is now 33. He was just a little stiff in all his joints (as you’d expect) and it was noticeable when he came out of his stable, especially after living out in the summer and then coming in. After 2 days of wear he was already much happier to leave his box and within a week was quite happy to join in the mad moments with Barney. Honestly, these two oldies are now much more trouble than the young ones put together!

    I also washed them the other day which is dead easy, you just pop out the magnets and then either put them in the machine or (since mine were so muddy) give them a quick scrub in the sink. I put the magnets back in and they’re back on the horses but I did notice the difference in them while they were off!

    If you’ve tried everything else (or preferably before you do!), order a pair of these. They’ve saved me money on extra supplements and chiropractor visits and, much more importantly, I now have two very happy and pain free veterans. If I have any issues with the others, EQU StreamZ will be my first port of call. Thank you!

  71. Kerry Bird

    My horse has had navicular for nearly a year now and at first he was very lame with it. Another horse on my yard also had the same problem and his owner told me about the results they had found with the EQU StreamZ bands. I looked them up online and ordered a pair and was happy to see they only took one day to arrive.

    I put the bands on him that day and within 24 hours noticed a difference! He was still lame but visibly not as bad. Then over the weeks he got better and better. He still has navicular but all he has had is farrier work and the bands on 24/7 and we can see the change. I would say to anyone who is told their horse has navicular to try theses EQU StreamZ bands and see for yourself how much better they can make to the horses life. We are both very happy with them!

  72. Jade Easton

    I purchased the EQU StreamZ bands for my Veteran (23 years young) horse Bertie. He has had a recent break to his Tibia and has suffered with wind galls when stabled over night. I wanted to try these bands to avoid always bandaging my horse every day (very time consuming, as I work full time and fit Bertie around my job as a Deputy Head in a College)

    I put the EQU Streamz bands on and was amazed to see an instant overnight improvement in Berties hind legs – NO SWELLING AT ALL! He has also improved his gait…. resulting in my first 9 for his walk in Dressage (Novice level).

    I just wish I had purchased this product sooner. I highly recommend the EQU StreamZ bands to any person that has a veteran horse. The best product I purchased in 2015 for my horse!!

  73. Lianna Bourne

    My 10 year old mare was suffering from hock pain which was causing her to be lame on almost every leg.

    She has been wearing the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands constantly for the past 5 months and I am delighted to say she is sound and happy! The only problem is I need to save up for a second pair as they are not really fit to be seen at a competition due to continual field use 🙂

    Thanks again StreamZ!

  74. Lizzie Porter

    We bought a pair of EQU StreamZ bands last year and have used them ever since on my old eventing mare. We have noticed a significant improvement in her mobility and would highly recommend these to anyone!

  75. Hannah Michelle-Wake

    A friend of mine recommended I try a pair of the EQU StreamZ bands when my 15 year old mare was diagnosed with arthritis.
    She was originally given 8 months box rest and having windgalls anyway her legs were so swollen i was having to bandage them every day. This started to irritate her and she became moody, this is a pony I have had from a 3 year old who has the sweetest temperament ever.

    Well after a month of bandaging I finally caved in and tried the bands. I have honestly never looked back. After 48 hours I noticed the swelling had gone down and on her next vet visit after her having the bands on a month the vet was astounded in such a dramatic change. A year down the line and I have only had the bands off once (I took them home to wash and forgot to take them back to the yard) no word of a lie her legs were puffy the next day after not wearing them over night. Again 24 hours after having them back on legs were back to normal. I now use them on my 4 year old who is working forwards in his dressage career and I hand on heart will use them on any horse I own!!

    I hope this honest review helps makes anyone’s mind but I can 100% recommend the company and their service.

  76. Emma Wood

    I have just bought my second pair of EQU StreamZ bands so I always have a spare pair!

    My mare is 21 years old and has severe arthritis in both knees and arthritic changes in both hocks. She wears her bands 24/7 they don’t rub at all and she doesn’t sweat under them. Since she started wearing them all the time I really noticed a difference in her mobility and she seems a lot brighter and lively. After a couple of days of wearing them she started tearing round the field like a 3 year old! I would definitely recommend them!!!

  77. Michelle Wood

    These have definitely helped my boy, Dougal, with arthritis affecting one of his knees in particular. I can honestly say they are magic bands or something!

    He was stiff behind (age related) and un-level in front because of the arthritis. He isn’t any longer!!

    He’s 21 and just does light schooling, hacking mainly and has been wearing them overnight whilst stabled. I’ve left them off in the day because of the ground conditions whilst out. Tonight in the school he was like a 5 year old again and how he used to be at times if I took him to a sponsored ride/X country and he found it all a bit too exciting! It was funny, but lovely to see and feel him enjoying the feeling of what I am sure must have been greatly reduced or no pain in his legs. Definitely a happier horse. Thanks StreamZ…we love, love, love these – Michelle & Dougal X

  78. Suzy Ayshford – Tendon and ligament injury.

    These are amazing! I use them on my pony who has a permanent injury on the fetlock joint and recently decided to run around the field and somehow managed to damage her ligament and tendon. The healing process with these EQU bands on has been truly amazing and she is now able to go for walks after only 3 1/2 months (Should be 6 months!) 🙂
    Kept ours on 24/7 unless she is being turned out. (far too muddy)
    Money well spent in my opinion!!

  79. Helen Gibbs

    Haven’t had the bands a week yet but have noticed an improvement in my old girls mobility already. Would definitely recommend that people give them a go.

  80. Mrs C and her beloved Horse

    My 15.2 5yo did herself a rather serious tendon injury in August 2015. The vet’s prognosis was that she wouldn’t be my 2016 horse by the time the tissue heralded the injury was so serious. A rep to our shop gave me a pair of EQU StreamZ to put on her and she wore them all through her box rest and when she was eventually allowed out for walks in hand, and out to grass.

    Just 3 months later, the vet was out to review the situation and he was dumbfounded as to the rate of her recovery. His words were “you could start hacking at Christmas!” (Still 2015 this is!) I will be keeping the bands on her when stables and turned out to make sure the tissue keeps strengthening as she comes back into work. Have recommended to many customers from our shop!

  81. Emma Richardson

    If they make me feel as good as they did with my my horse diagnosed with PSSM I think I need to buy a YOU streamZ!

    We noticed a significant improvement in his movement and mobility and he was without doubt happier in himself… all from a band around his fetlock!

  82. Cheryl Thomas

    What a fantastic company and product. I have had amazing results with my 16h1 ID x TB 15yrs old and after numerous scan finally found out the source of his lameness (arthritic growths on both pasterns) I had 2 years of on and off lameness but since I have put him in these bands there has been no stopping us. In October 2015 we even had a holiday together at pontispool camp and he jumped everything I am so proud of him. Widget and I have had the most fantastic summer and look forward to many more fun times together. I want to thank EQU StreamZ for all the help and advice you have given me. 🙂

  83. Olivia March

    Swelling of the front leg.

    My mares leg used to swell up loads when stabled so was bandaged most of the time. Since use the EQU StreamZ Bands her leg has gone down and you can now see the structure of her leg.

    I’m so happy with the improvement and she is feeling 100% better in herself in the stable and whilst being ridden. She has them on 24/7 and a massive improvement in her leg. Money well spent and can highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you xxx

  84. Kaylin Greig

    Brilliant product! We have seen amazing results on our horse with arthritis X

  85. Sarah Pitts

    I have a 27 year old mare who suffers from arthritis and sleep deprivation. As she is worried to lay down in case she can’t get back up, she try’s to sleep standing up till her legs gives way and she collapses. Also one of her front legs is quite bad I can’t pick it up to pick it out. When the farrier comes she is virtually falling on the floor and plays up with all her feet. Also a few years ago she got an injury to her right hock and been swollen ever since. Me and my friends were talking about these, spoke to EQU StreamZ as well who were very helpful. So I went for it and ordered them. So pleased I did as they are amazing. She has had them now for 2 weeks. She has only collapsed once (normally every night), the swelling in her hock has slowly started to go. But most importantly I can now pick her foot up, and the farrier came the other day and he noticed a massive improvement. She didn’t moan once, picked her foot up fine. So so pleased with my EQU StreamZ fetlock bands. Thank you EQU StreamZ for a fab product xx

  86. Hannah Wake

    A friend of mine recommended I try a pair of the EQU StreamZ when my 15 year old mare was diagnosed with arthritis…..she was originally given 8 months box rest and having wingals anyway her legs were so swollen I was having to bandage every day. This started to iritate her and she became moody, this is a pony I have had from a 3 year old who has the sweetest temperament ever. Well after a month of bandaging I finaly caved in and tried the bands. I honestly never looked back. After 48 hours I noticed the swelling had gone down and on her next vet visit after her having the bands on a month the vet was astounded in such a dramatic change. A year down the line and I have only had the bands off once (I took them home to wash and forgot to take them back to the yard) no word of a lie her legs were puffy the next day after not wearing them over night. Again 24 hours after having them back on legs were back to normal. I now use them on my 4 year old who is working forwards in his dressage career and I hand on heart will use them on any horse I own!! I hope this honest review helps makes anyone’s mind but I can 100% recommend the company and their service. Hannah xxx

  87. Helen Catlow

    I use these bands on my arthritic pony, she’s 15 and has bad arthritis in both front knees, the vet told me I’d be lucky to get her to 15 but she’s still going and fully sound and I believe a lot is down to these bands she wears them 24 hours in stable and in field, I’ve just ordered my second pair 🙂

  88. Lauren Bushnell

    I recently purchased the EQU Streamz fetlock bands to use on my pony. On the day they arrived, my mum badly ‘tweaked’ her back and after a sleepless night of relentless pain (despite taking the maximum dose of strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories) I suggested she tried wearing the fetlock bands!! Within an hour her symptoms were lessened and later on in the day was even able to start walking around. We were both astounded with the results – a miraculous recovery. Then the horses tried them!

    EQU Streamz do everything they say “on the tin” – natural pain relief and recovery, improved mobility and reduced inflammation. I would strongly recommend them (and look forward to using them on the pony for who they were intended!!).

  89. Kate Davison

    Bought two sets of these. My mare with spavin does seem more comfortable and am hoping they help gelding with tendon injury too. Only been on one day so far but happy with the results so far. I will now see if the dog one could help my elderly labs too….

  90. Kirsty Woodhouse

    I purchased a set of these for my 20 year old gelding, since wearing these bands his mobility and energy levels have dramatically increased.
    Fully recommend these bands!!

  91. Sam Thomas

    I wanted to say what an amazing product these EQU StreamZ fetlock bands are!! They have made all the difference to my 26 (!!) year old pony, who last weekend competed in a one-day event. Since wearing the bands he shows no signs of stiffness, is much freer in his movements and (unfortunately) has way more energy than normal ? …he’s like a baby again!! Just to say thanks for giving him a new lease of life… x

  92. Emma Noble

    I bought these for my horse just over a month ago and the difference is amazing! He’s always been a little ‘hot-headed’ and they’ve actually helped calm him down!

    His back legs are toe out from the hock thus resulting in some stiffness which has been totally resolved. We’re starting to learn half-pass and flying changes now! Can’t rate them enough, I recommend to anyone who will listen! Give them a go! You might just be surprised!!!

  93. Sharon Boulter

    I though I’d try this after seeing it on Facebook and brought a pair for my horse and one for me. My horse is at the stage where the wound is trying to heal, but the leg is so swollen I’m sure he is feeling miserable with it. I brought them 2 days ago and put on yesterday its early days, but I put them on the front he the leg hasn’t swelled to the size it does, now I have put on the back as thats where the injury is and hoping that it will speed up the recovery.

    As for me, slept with mine on and have to say slept very well and woke up not stiff and the mild headache I’d been suffering has gone. Amazed how it has affected me so. So 100% happy with this product.

  94. Shayna

    After just 24 hours my horse felt good enough to do bomb around his field and throw a shoe which is something he hasn’t had the enthusiasm to do for a couple of years now.

  95. Helen Ansell

    My horse had a fall out on the road and had to be on box rest due to the injuries to his legs (mainly his knees). I know my horse, who is a big boy, doesn’t do standing in his stable for long periods of time very well with out getting very stiff and puffy legs. I bought these after reading the reviews and they have worked wonders, not only does he no longer get puffy legs, but his knees heeled super quickly in a short space of time.
    Im so glad I bought these and will now have them on him all the time.

  96. Hannah Law

    This product works! I purchased a pair for my mare whose legs fill when she is stabled (she is currently on box rest). A few days after putting the bands on, I left the bandages off for the night, and in the morning I couldn’t believe how little her legs had filled. I have repeated this test a few times with the bands and without, and I am confident that they are making a massive difference in her circulation. Thank you EQU StreamZ for a great product, and thank you to Evet for recommending them to me.

  97. Helen Meehan

    Have just received my horse bands. Love them!!

  98. Hayley Coel

    I recently bought the DOG StreamZ collar for my dog who has hip dysplasia and arthritic symptoms.
    He had stopped running about on his walks and despite hydrotherapy and medication, was starting to loose muscle due to not moving as well. (or as much as he did)
    After wearing the collar for a week or so, we saw a marked increase in how much more active he had become and his movement is much freer. He is also refusing to get out of the pool again at the end of his hydrotherapy sessions so definitely returned to his cheeky self. 😉

  99. Nichola

    This has worked wonders on my boy!

  100. Tracey Tucker

    I was recommended to use these on my 14yo warmblood who has in the past suffered from stiffness, was ‘tight in the back’ and also has slight arthritic changes in his hocks. After using them for a fortnight both me and my trainer noticed how much looser, softer and more supple Todd was. He was also able to “push” more easily into a steadier contact. I hadn’t changed anything else with his feed, routine, management or work. He recently went out and gained his highest scores of the year at affiliated dressage. Thank you StreamZ.

  101. Hannah Cox

    I am the first to say that I am a sceptic of these sorts of products. However after a long line of issues my Irish sports horse has I was willing to give it a go. He has typical thoroughbred feet that are flat and constantly crumble away to nothing. Leaving his legs very hot and filled on a daily basis. However with 48 hours of him wearing the bands the filling had stopped and his legs were cooler. This was over a year ago now and we have never looked back! Because of this success, I have recently brought a pair for my 20 year old ex race horse, he has windgalls on both his back legs and at night his back legs become very filled. Yet since wearing the bands movement within the fetlocks have improved significantly. Even his physio was impressed with his new range of movement! Both the horses wear them overnight in the stables and I have to say that they have been the best investment I have made in a long time.

  102. Francesca

    Brilliant product!

    I’ve owned my ex racehorse for 3 years, in the last 18 months i have used the EQU-StreamZ fetlock bands with great success.
    He has old racing injuries which can leave his sacroiliac area causing him a bit of grief, the physio would usually come out and he would have several follow up appointments to make sure he hasn’t declined again. I bought EQU-StreamZ due to his hard life in racing (raced until he was 11 with several injury’s throughout his career) and knew he must have some sort of arthritis somewhere.

    The bands have helped greatly with his movement and the physio cannot believe the difference in his sacroiliac area that she now comes every 12 weeks for a routine check up. The only thing that has changed is the use of these bands, he’s a much happier horse and finally building muscle where it should be.

  103. Gemma

    I have always been interested in magnetic therapy but generally put off buying magnetic boots in the past simply because they have always been of ‘brushing boot’ sizing. I just didn’t fancy leaving bulky brushing boots on for long periods of time for a long period of term… so when I spotted EQU StreamZ I immediately wanted to find out more! It happened to coincide with a recent mysterious swelling on the sesamoid area of one of my horses so I figured now was the time to try a pair!

    The bands are easy to fit and sit neatly above or below the fetlock (I like that you can pop them on various parts of the leg to help prevent any possibility of rubbing the hair from repeated use in one spot). I obviously cant say how Rohan would be without using the bands but in general he is a bit of a slow healer and an easy sweller! (warmblood…) but with this injury the initial swelling subsided much more quickly than I expected. X-rays have come back clear for any bony changes (phew!) so scans will be carried out shortly to hopefully clarify exactly what has happened but I have no doubt that Rohan is already looking sound due to the aid the bands have given. (I fully expect a little bit of thickening to remain from what we know suspect is/was a bad strain).

    I have been so pleased with the bands that I have just received my order for a second pair for my other horse who, at 17yrs and a 17hh warmblood, is taking a little longer to warm up these days… I am hoping they will aid with his general stiffness that old age brings in an effort to keep him feeling his young and sprightly self for as long as possible! Oh, perhaps I should add that my dad has one too for a ‘dodgy knee’ and if he forgets to wear it within the day he can feel the ache return…..

  104. Kira Dolman

    “My horse had gone lame with a splint; on thermal imaging it was clearly very hot! We put the EQU StreamZ bands on. After one night of wearing them, the heat had gone away and I had a sound horse! So so impressed and so is my horse. Amazing! Highly recommended!!”

  105. Sally Morris

    My horse 16yr old Irish sports horse/TB gelding has this horrible degenerative disease, before using the StreamZ bands he was slightly lame and did lay down quite a lot in the field during the day. He’s been wearing the bands 24/7 for a couple of months now and there is such a difference! He is more mobile, is reasonably sound now and only lays down at night once or twice. He seems a lot happier in himself, so much more mobile and moves up and down his long field at walk, trot and canter and has more silly moments!! I assume this is because he is feeling happy and good in himself.

    I have stopped administering Bute as he was on 1 per day and no longer needs it, so that’s good for him that it’s been taken out of his feed. I have a band for YOU StreamZ ankle band for myself and it has worked wonders for me too as I have arthritis in my right ankle and I too have cut right down on my painkillers. Thank you so much to StreamZ for helping me and my horse feel so great – a great product!!

  106. Margaret Harfield

    About 3 weeks ago I fell off my pony and bruised my back. The pain was severe and the pain killers didn’t seem to make much difference. I remembered I had some EQU Streamz fetlock bands for one of my ponies which contain the same technology as their human product, so I decided to try it on me. The first thing I noticed was that my mood lifted, then gradually I have been able to reduce the painkillers. On top of that I also having suffered from sinusitis for years, it’s gone! No longer do I wake with a headache, thank you so much StreamZ!

  107. Katie Wrinch

    Amazing! After trying several natural remedies I used the StreamZ bands on my 21-yr old horse and after 24 hours he has gone from hobbling around the field to cantering up the hill! I cannot believe how effective these are, highly recommended!

  108. Kip Johnson

    My 26 year old mare Roxy is still in full work (5 days hacking a week) and we go to the odd local XC competition. I have a lot of other magnetic products but nothing that you can leave on 24/7. She lives out so when I saw that you could turn out in these bands 24/7 I had to put them on my Xmas list. They’ve now been on since March and she’s only ever managed to get them off once and that was when the grass was long. She used to be stiff for the first 5-10 minutes of work and after that she would loosen off but with the StreamZ bands I can hop on and she’s ready to go! She’s gone from feeling her age to feeling like a 4 year old. I can 100% recommend these bands – amazing!

  109. Jennie Philbin

    My 18 year old mare has arthritis and last year was diagnosed with laminitis after moving yards. I decided to buy her EQU StreamZ fetlock bands. I feel they have helped her recover quickly from her bout of laminitis and she is still wearing them for her ongoing arthritic issues, which has also improved so much in the year she has been wearing the bands. I have my happy horse back who is still running around the countryside – thanks to EQU Streamz!

  110. Laura Bannister

    I was sceptical when I bought these but could not be happier with the results. My mare is an ex-brood mare whose legs filled when stood in at night or when she had done strenuous work. In addition to this she had a serious injury in a trailer which resulted in her fracturing her hind leg. After reading reviews I decided to give them a go and first put them on her after a days hunting. I was expecting to see her the next day and see warm swollen legs but instead I found her looking as though she had been out in the field all day and showed no signs of stiffness or swollen legs.

    Since starting to use them she has not once had swelling or heat in her legs, no longer requires joint supplement and generally is a much more amenable horse. I can only attribute this to using EQU StreamZ and would say that they are worth every penny. I have also used them on myself as I suffer with disc compression in my back and could not believe the difference over night. Thank you StreamZ!

  111. Catherine Pratt

    After a hard days hunting back in February my horse came home with severe lameness. A month later we sent her for an MRI scan, this showed that she had torn her DDFT in the hoof capsule. Due to the position of the injury a lot of treatments and other products were ruled out as the diagnosis is anatomically inaccessible.

    In May we were told that Dizzy would never be able to return to ridden life and at only 10 years old we were devastated; We invested in the EQU StreamZ. Dizzy has worn them 24/7 for the past two weeks and is no longer lame in walk or trot. We are just about to start walking her out as well. We can’t recommend these highly enough!!

  112. H Linder

    I noticed almost instantly the effect on my 23 year old! He went from taking only short strides to really walking out, he felt like a different boy! Unfortunately he has now damaged a suspensory ligament but I believe that the EQU StreamZ bands are helping with pain relief as although he is on box rest he is still striding out straight from the stable when on his short walks! Thank you so much EQU StreamZ! My mum also wears a band, she has noticed less joint pain, particularly in her wrists and hip!

  113. Sarah Mortimer

    I bought these for my 32 years old TBxCB. I saw them a while ago and though they seemed good I didn’t buy that at that stage. My dog then injured himself one night. Since then he had been getting stiffer and stiffer until one day he was unable to get up. He had torn his chest muscle off his sternum along with numerous other injuries in all four of his legs. I really thought this was probably the end for him. Along with our vet and physio visits I also purchased a pair of EQU Streamz bands. They have been brilliant! He is now back on form and his muscle has almost returned back to where it should be, much to the physio’s amazement! (and mine). I’m working on some strengthening exercises and plan a short hack up the road very soon. Thank you StreamZ.

  114. Stacey Huska

    These bands are a ‘game changer’ for your horses! Anyone that knows me, knows that I only feed the BEST and use the BEST products on my horses. The EQU StreamZ bands have completely changed my mare.
    A couple months ago I had a mare founder while in a vets care…yes, in vets care! With the help of Coulee Equine Rehab, my farrier and now these bands, the mare moves better than she ever has. My farrier agrees that the bands have completely changed the way she moves. She is sound again, and wears her bands 24hrs a day.
    She is also currently in foal.

    I just bought another 2 pairs for a another broodmare who is 19 and has bad knees and a show horse.
    So glad I found them! 🙂

  115. Pearl Bellamy

    From recently being really lame I was beginning to think if it was fair to keep her like this, then I saw the bands on Facebook and thought I would give them a go and they have made such a difference, she looks nearly sound, so I ordered another pair for our pony with arthritis

  116. LisaM

    I purchased these bands with some scepticism. My much loved soul mate – a 25 year old arthritic mare who has been retired for the past 4 years with arthritic knees. She had been struggling for most of the summer. Increasing her anti-inflammatory medication did not seem to have much effect. She was struggling walking up and down banks and she was getting tendonitis associated with her having to avoid using her knees. She was and putting strain on the wrong part of her legs….. She was struggling to flex her knees and needed persuading to pick up her front feet.

    I was at the point where I was thinking that the time was coming where I needed to make ‘the decision’. This was a ‘nothing to lose situation’ so I purchased the StreamZ bands.

    After 24 hours of the Streamz fetlock bands being in place I thought I noticed a difference…she just seemed more at ease. Still sceptical I dared to hope they may help. 72 hours later and there was definitely a difference!!

    She was actually walking with a swing in her stride and a bend in her knees – it made me realise that it had been a long time since I had seen her that active. 4 weeks down the line and she is the best I have seen her in the last 18 months. She is trotting off when turned out, much easier and willing to bend and flex her knees when picking her feet up and has been bucking and bunny hopping around the field at fetching in time!!

    Don’t get me wrong she is never going to win the National but I believe her quality of life has significantly improved. I am about to purchase a 2nd pair as I don’t want her to ever be without them. I may have been sceptical but I am a happy convert! To see my girl with a spring in her step again is all I could ask for.

  117. Diane Whitehead

    My mare has intermittent SI issues due to arthritis above her pedal bone and has regular (3-monthly) physio to address tightness in that area of her back. She has worn EQU StreamZ bands since 1st September 2017 and I have definitely seen an improvement in her back and confidence in her way of going and using herself. She wears them overnight and for 24 hours a day. Her back is very much more flexible even after a jumping lesson! She did lose one of the bands in the field when the yard manager forgot to take them off before she was turned out in mud but the after sales service was brilliant – I was able to purchase a single replacement band and I was also sent a replacement sleeve for the remaining one in case the velcro wasn’t up to scratch (they mentioned there had been an issue with the Velcro on my bands). My husband wears the human YOU StreamZ ankle band for his arthritic knee and he is much more comfortable these days with hardly any pain at all. I can whole-heartily recommend these bands to give your older/arthritic/competition horse (and husband!), they have provided relief from discomfort and to aid recovery.

  118. Odette Williams

    In 2016 I had two lovely horses both with unique issues. My older FEI gelding was no longer comfortable in his work and the cost of maintenance with Ad*quan, Hock injections, stifle injections, MSM and prev*cox were not lasting. I retired him and just lightly hacked him to keep him happy and feeling loved. I gave the EQU StreamZ bands a try to see if they would help him. Within two weeks, he was feeling so good that he cantered around the field like a 4 year old! I slowly brought him back to work and he was happy and feeling fabulous in his skin.

    This prompted me to purchase another set for my younger horse that had suffered a broken hip as a long yearling. She was very tight behind and moved at times as if she might have shivers. She was receiving regular chiropractic, laser and massage therapies. She wore her StreamZ bands through the entire winter season and there was a noticeable difference in her comfort and tension behind.

    Because of the success on the horses I decided to try the YOU StreamZ on myself, my husband and mother! My mother suffers from fibromyalgia as well as other issues. We all sleep with the band on at night. My mother wakes up bright-eyed and bushy tailed with more mobility. I have noticed a decrease in swelling and an analgesic effect. In October I had a fall and tore my piriformis and long dorsal sacroiliac ligament. I immediately started wearing the band 24/7 to help with pain management.

    The bands are not a quick fix, a replacement for good management, a fast track to fitness, or healthy nutrition. What they do provide, is a healthy way to decrease inflammation, an analgesic effect on arthritic humans, dogs and horses, and a general feeling of wellbeing.

    I am very glad to have found them and have recommended them to many friends. All reports back from them have been positive!!

  119. Emma White

    I bought these bands and didn’t think I would see much difference in my 24-year old pony. To my delight I noticed a big difference with 24 hours – Amazing!!

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