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The DOG StreamZ Silicone smart bands will be released in Canada in June 2019.

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58 reviews for DOG StreamZ CAD

  1. Jerri F

    I was searching for something to help bring Summer, our toy Australian Shepard, back to her earlier days of enjoying playing ball when I came across a DOG Streamz advert. I took a chance that day and have reaped the benefits ever since!! My playful partner, Summer, has returned, my horses all wear a set and have never worked better and I feel great with my YOU StreamZ band on. Thank you Streamz!!!

  2. Bobbie Mosimann

    I just wanted to let you know how this collar has affected my older Border Collie.
    Within 20 minutes of putting on the collar his shaking was greatly improved. He has had it on constantly and we have noticed a HUGE improvement in his energy levels and ability to rest. Before wearing the collar he was shifting positions while sleeping and now he is sleeping like a puppy again…..flat out and comfortable. We cannot reverse time for him (he is 12) but he seems so much more free in his movement and energy levels. So much that we have to caution him to “slow down”. We wanted to thank you for the product and to let you know how it has helped our beloved boy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. June Powell

    We have seen an unbelievable difference in our 12 terrier since wearing her DOG Streamz collar for 10 days, after being sore to touch, she had become less mobile and very miserable even on painkillers.

    Since wearing the StreamZ smart collar she is now VERY active, tail up and hasn’t stumbled up the stairs! Generally a different dog. We are over the moon so thank you Streamz!

  4. Andrew Stanyard

    After seeing results with other products in the Streamz range we were delighted to let Beano have a go with their new dog collar. All we can say is Wow! Over the past few months he started to show stiffness in his rear hind, which seemed to effect his whole demeanour. After 2 days wearing the collar he was simply back to his best, no stiffness and visibly happier. We had tried various medications but nothing compared to StreamZ. An amazing invention and a massive thanks from Beano!

  5. Sophie Bailey

    We recently purchased one of the DOG Streamz smart-collars for our 11 (almost 12) year old labrador. Whilst he is in very good health and pretty fit for his age and size, he had torn a muscle in his front leg a few months ago and so had been left with a slight weakness in that leg. This meant that every time he over did it or played a little too enthusiastically he would end up limping again. We tried the collar for him thinking perhaps it would help a little but remained a little sceptical to be honest.

    We were totally shocked by the results, the improvement in his leg has been remarkable and he has not limped once even after running around a lot! His energy levels have also significantly increased and he just seems happier and brighter in general. For anyone that is considering purchasing this product my advice would be do it as you will not believe the difference until you see it with your own dog. We highly recommend this 5* product!!

  6. Christine DIlley

    My ten year old bitch (Bob collie x gsd ) had lameness/stiffness after excessive exercise, she is v fit and rides out with me regularly but sometimes just over does it! She has been wearing her DOG StreamZ smart-collar just over a month now and her stiffness/lameness has completely gone!!

    I would recommend these collars to any dog owner whose dog has these problems. I did not want to put her on long term medication unless really necessary so thank you StreamZ!

  7. Jo Francis

    I bought a dog collar at Hickstead 2015 and was so impressed my arthritic dog was behaving like a puppy again!
    I then purchased a human one for me and a pair for our horse. I think they are amazing!!! I get out of bed without any creeks and aches and pains; although it does make me feel like Ive been naughty and got a tag round my ankle !! 🙂

  8. Julie M

    I was looking for a natural remedy for my little terrier who has an arthritic hip at only 4 yrs old, she was miserable and limped on walks or after running around and wouldn’t jump in the car boot anymore. I was recommended to try the DOG StreamZ collar by a friend who had them on her old horse so I bought the collar first and wow what a difference!! Almost immediately I saw a difference in her energy levels and whole demeanor, she now jumps in the car again and is always wanting to play. I was a little skeptical at first but soooooo glad I went ahead, I have since bought bands for the old horse and am now saving up for human version too.
    I never normally write reviews but just had to tell how pleased I am for my little dog. Find it harder to tell with the horse she was showing a little improvement and running round the field more but she has recently had a set back with a fall but I will definitely continue to use them along with the vet and physio.

  9. Melanie Gray (Facebook review)

    I have one of these for my little dog and it’s the best £50 I’ve spent in a long time!!
    We have really noticed an improvement in his mobility and balance since wearing the DOG StreamZ smart-collar. After having two separate operations to have discs removed he was having trouble with his balance and would often run sideways. Since he has had his collar (which incidentally he wears all the time, 24/7) he now rarely falls over and is much straighter when he runs. I would highly recommend this technology as I also wear the YOU StreamZ human band around my ankle after having both my knees replaced and find it really helps to reduce the swelling and pain.

  10. Harriet Jones (Facebook review)

    I cannot believe what has happened to my ancient Rottie who was really on her last legs…..I bought the smart-collar from my local pet shop yesterday and simply overnight the difference is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much StreamZ.

  11. Wilma White

    Four and a half years ago I took my 4 year old Beardie collie, Radar, to see a specialist and was told there was no hope. I then went to see a second specialist and was once again told there was nothing i could do for him.

    Radar has a condition were his ligaments have stretched in all four of his legs and were slowly breaking down. I was told to take him home and keep him comfortable.
    I decided against long term pain killers but I was keen to find more for him. After researching the market in August 2015 I bought a new DOG Streamz smart-collar claiming to help dogs naturally. Since then I have gone from a sceptic looking for a last hope to a true convert!

    I now have an unruly Beardie who jumps on the furniture and has to be walked on an expander lead to try and control him. I have also noticed that when he got an infection and I used the antibiotics prescribed they seemed to get to the infection much quicker than normal.

    I am no scientist so I’m not sure how the collar works, but what i do know is Radar is one happy Beardie showing no signs of discomfort in his ligaments! I am now buying the StreamZ fetlock bands for my horses as the technology really works!

    You cannot put a price on this collar but the price obviously does come into it when making a purchase: all I can say is the DOG StreamZ smart-collar definitely provides value for money as the results speak for themselves!

  12. Lisa McDermott

    I purchased a Dog StreamZ collar for my dog Fluffy after noticing that her arthritic shoulder was giving her a little more discomfort than usual. I have used the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands with great success so was aware of the potential in the new dog collar version.

    Within a day of Fluffy wearing the collar, we noticed a significant difference in her walking, getting up from sleeping (where normally she would have a slight limp for approx. 10 seconds) and running around.

    Fluffy has now been wearing the band for approx. 6 weeks and it is like she’s back to her puppy days, running around the garden like a loon, jumping up everywhere, it makes me a very happy mummy seeing her like this. We haven’t changed anything to her daily routine or diet.

    I would definitely recommend the Dog StreamZ collars to any dog owner.

  13. Lizzy Ormerod

    I stumbled across an advert for the StreamZ smart-collar on Facebook. My GSD has been on all sorts of medication over the last couple of years and after reading many reviews I decided to give it a go!

    Within 24 hours we noticed the effects!! He looks younger and really happy and I can see it has made a big difference.

    I would really recommend that if your dog has any symptoms as described on the StreamZ website to get one of these. It will be the best money you spend on your little furry friend!!

  14. Maggie Maass

    My 4yr old Beagle had been very lame for months. X-rays were non-conclusive and pain killers had made no difference at all. In desperation I bought a DOG StreamZ collar for her to try.
    Amazingly, after a week or so, she is sound enough to go out again for regular walks! Just fantastic! Now to purchase one for my old JR and my even older husband! 🙂

  15. Rachel Carson

    After our GSD collapsed twice within a fortnight we were advised by our vet to increase the dosage of anti-inflammatory medication or consider putting to sleep our beloved dog. We decided to try (as a last resort) a DOG StreamZ collar which I happened to see on Facebook.

    The collar arrived on Monday morning and we immediately put it on Max. We knew that we would probably have at least a 24hr wait to see any possible improvement. The next morning on letting our dogs out I was AMAZED to see Max was very keen to get outside with the others dogs. He managed to jump up the garden steps with a definite spring in his step.

    I no longer have to stand behind Max to support his hind legs so he can relieve himself and he is DEFINITELY a happier dog since wearing the collar and I believe the collar has greatly reduced his pain levels.

  16. Dee Hobbs

    I brought one of the DOG StreamZ collars for my 14yr old beardie cross, Bud. He was suffering with stiff joints, and intermittent lameness. The effect the collar had on him in just 24hrs was visibly noticeable! He no longer struggles to get up from laying down and is finding the stairs less of a problem.

    After a couple of days of wearing the collar, Buds mobility has hugely improved, he hasn’t gone lame after playing ball or frisbee and his recovery time is so much better. He doesn’t need a day or two to recover from strenuous exercise and it appears his eyesight/hearing has improved too!?! As he now knows where the ball is once it’s been thrown. Also he’s not laying about so much at home, more interested in what’s going on around him.

    I am REALLY impressed with the StreamZ Collar and would highly recommend it!

  17. Sarah Willis (Riley and Tillie)

    I must say that we have been blown away by this technology!

    I am not one for gadgets and am generally skeptical about anything like this. I walk every morning through my local park and know several other walkers with the same routine. I had noticed over the past few months that one of the dogs I see on my early start had started to really slow down and was struggling to keep up. I spoke to her owner (Sue) and with a little tear in her eye she explained how her 10 year old collie (Riley) had become worse and worse with her arthritic shoulders.

    A week or so later I was up early again and as I pushed open the swinging gate to the park a collie went whizzing past me! It was Riley! With tongue firmly hanging to the ground she looked like a completely different dog! I caught up with Sue and she explained that one of her friends had recommended one of the Streamz collars to her. She said that Riley had reacted so quickly to the collar that she was taking her back to the vets to check it was OK to stop administering the medication.

    My mums dog, Tillie, is a GSD who is 11(ish) and struggles to get around. I placed an order on the Thursday and it arrived Friday morning. It was on Tillie by 6pm that night. At 8:30 the next morning Mum phoned me jumping with joy. “Tillie is moving like someone had taken 5 years off her life! She bounced up the stairs and started to bark at the back door; something she used to do to tell us she wanted a walk, something she hadn’t done in over 2 years!”. Safe to say that continued and Tillie now seems like a totally different dog. Her vet was just as delighted and Tillie is no longer on pain relief medication.

    I am certainly no longer skeptical about these collars, and just wonder what else I’ve missed out on in life by not trying it first!

  18. Elaine Hobson

    I was sceptical but hopeful when I bought a collar for my thirteen year old standard schnauzer who was stiff and weak in his back legs. He also has lymphoma which has been treated with chemotherapy for two years. So he’s a bit of a miracle already and I was willing to give it a go to make him more comfortable.

    After a month of wearing the collar I can report that he can jump onto the sofa and into the car boot again. He can settle to lie down without groaning and he has his moments out on a walk when he gallops for ten or twenty yards.

    I would give this review a 4* because I wanted it to cure him and however unrealistic it’s just short of that but Mr T would give it a 5* because it’s a great collar that’s padded and comfortable and has improved his life since he’s been wearing it!

    That’s a result as far as we are concerned!

  19. Becky Howell

    Got mine delivered the day before yesterday and after 24 hours when I picked up a treat he did a beg and ‘high-fived’, something he’s not been able to do for 2 years due to arthritis!

    His tail keeps wagging and he’s not groaning when he lies down, it’s obviously not going to make him last forever or change his conditions but it’s helping him and prolonging the inevitable for us which is all we wanted, worth every penny!

  20. Roger Randall

    Our 14 year old Golden Retriever was ailing fast. On a daily basis we could see her cascading to the end of her life. She had become slightly deaf, her arthritis meant she was on daily pain killers and the life had gone out of her eyes. She had such a severe limp that we had to reassure other dog owners that, yes, she was under vet care.We brought a Dog Streamz collar as a last desperate act – frankly thinking the claims made were far fetched and very unlikely to happen. We were wrong! It has, as mentioned on the website, taken over a month of virtually 24 hour a day wearing, but she is walking better. Her limp is now indiscernible, her enthusiasm for a daily walks has returned and she covering longer and longer distances – back to near her old self. there has even been some improvement in her hearing. Best of all, yesterday she even was able to have a swim in her favorite stream. THANKS Dog Streamz – it has improved Gemma’s life tremendously.

  21. Gaye Doig

    Mika is a 9 year old Golden Retriever, and was diagnosed with arthritis in his back and hips at the start of the year. I have been trying various natural products with prescribed anti-inflammatory medication as a last resort. He was on Lintbells green lipped mussel until the collar arrived last week. I stopped all other treatments when I put the collar on, and I have to say he certainly seems more mobile, actually trotting up the small hill to our home where previously he plodded like an old man!

  22. Jean Starnes

    I cannot believe the difference in my twelve year old large collie cross. I was beginning to think that she was no longer fit for long walks as she used to lag behind so far that I was continually having to wait for her to catch up with me and the three younger dogs. Wow, not only is she keeping up, she is overtaking me and the gang and she has only been wearing her collar for six days! she is not as stiff and she is walking with the spring back in her step. I am so pleased an she is looking so much happier. Thank you. Jean Starnes

  23. Fouwina Flesher, and Koda

    Well the collar continues to work it’s magic!

    Koda has an orthostatic tremor, this causes her hind legs to continually shake, she has not been able to do a square sit for approximately 3 years now (she has to flop to the side).

    Well yesterday on the walk she did a square straight sit twice….the only thing that has changed for Koda is that we put a DOG StreamZ collar on her, coincidence, I think not ?

  24. Fiona Stewart

    StreamZ offer an amazing long term solution to protect against the impact on joints (and the whole body) for all of us agility athletes and our jumping border collies! StreamZ have proven to me to increase focus and as our dogs mature and age we are certain that this technology will be of significant benefit. Highly recommended.

  25. Sarah Meggs

    The effect has been brilliant. After 3 weeks of feeling very sorry for himself my 5 yo cocker spaniel is being a mischievous monster again. Just 2 days after delivery of his collar. Really, that’s a good thing ?? I wish there was a size between small and medium though. The small just about fits him but my older boy is slightly larger so would need a medium but the size difference is quite a lot.

  26. Kelly James

    My rescue dog Bobby has knee displacement due to being kicked as a puppy before we had him. He was really suffering as the weather gets colder and was just lying around crying and wouldn’t even get up to go to the toilet. It was breaking my heart seeing him like this as he’s only 2 and he was so lively before he started to show signs of pain. The team at DOG StreamZ contacting me as they had stumbled upon a post where I had shown what had happened to Bobby. After speaking with the lovely team at DOG StreamZ I was keen to give the collar a go. He’s had it on a month now and hasn’t once needed his pain medication!! He’s full of life and constantly on the go; it’s remarkable the change in him and i can’t thank DOG StreamZ enough for their help and I can’t recommend the collars enough. I was a bit skeptical as most probably are but this technology is truly amazing and we will be buying for my other dog and my horse too now!!

  27. Bobby (Kelly James mum)

    “Hi, Bobby the dog here! I know my mum wrote a review for you on Facebook but I wanted to tell you what I think of your collars too! So, this collar turned up and at first I wasn’t really sure about it. I’m not really a collar sort of pooch and I sulked a bit even though mum said it made me look handsome. After a while I have to admit I was starting to feel a bit better and mum was right it does make me look quite dashing, it really brings the colour out in my eyes.. anyway a few days later I was feeling well enough to go play throw ball in the field which is one of my favourite things to do. I then managed to chase the cats when they came home and annoy my brother Wilfred (also a favourite past time) and my leg wasn’t hurting at all!!! So, now I constantly hound mum to take me out for walks and runs in the field and the best part is I haven’t had to take my horrible pain medicine at all since I’ve had my new collar on. So I must say ‘thank you streamz!’. Lots of love from Bobby ??”

    Bobby (Kelly James doggy)

  28. Hayley Coel

    I recently bought the DOG StreamZ collar for my dog who has hip dysplasia and arthritic symptoms.
    He had stopped running about on his walks and despite hydrotherapy and medication, was starting to loose muscle due to not moving as well. (or as much as he did)
    After wearing the collar for a week or so, we saw a marked increase in how much more active he had become and his movement is much freer. He is also refusing to get out of the pool again at the end of his hydrotherapy sessions so definitely returned to his cheeky self. 😉

  29. Vivienne

    Our nearly 14-year-old working cocker had a longstanding disc problem which had deteriorated to the point where there was neurological damage. She was in pain and would growl if we tried to touch her legs, spending most of her time hiding in her bed or under the table, keeping out of the way of us and our other three cockers. She was on permanent pain killer medication (!) and was prescribed a strong medication on top. I tried the collar after seeing a post from an agility trainer who I trust who had tried one on his old dog, but I was not expecting much.

    To my amazement, our old lady is back with us, jumping up on the sofa for cuddles and even playing with our 11 month old puppy. She is very keen even to run after her ball and the old pride is back in her attitude and posture. OK, her back legs are not strong, but she is loving her life again and cares enough to make sure she gets to her ball before the puppy (who is very fast!). Watching her cantering around the woods and carrying large branches again is a joy. Thank you so much!!

  30. Jackie Tregellas

    My 4 year old Labrador was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and arthritis when she was just 16 weeks old. Over the years she has had various surgery, two stem cell implants and is on regular medication. I am delighted with the DOG StreamZ collar. She has been wearing it 24 hours a day for just under a month and is walking so much better than before, so much so that I have been able to reduce her medication. I would highly recommend these.

  31. Hayley Davies

    My dog has had Cruciate Ligament surgery and has been reluctant to use the repaired leg. After wearing collar for 4 days he has started to weight bear on the leg. I am delighted. His mobility is improving daily. Attached photo of my Labrador Storm wearing his StreamZ collar with all four legs on the ground. I would recommend this product.

  32. Lisa Moir

    I’m a total sceptic and trust no-one. I had noticed my 10 year-old German Spitz becoming less mobile and just generally achey – she was tending to walk more than run when off lead. Vet checked out all okay – just feeling her age a bit. Then I saw a review of StreamZ left by someone I know, so contacted her before taking the plunge and investing in one.

    Can honestly say its one of the best things I’ve ever done for my dog. The change in her is notable – she moves much more fluidly and freely, runs about like a youngster and is just a much happier dog in general.

    My mum thought I was nuts and that I was just seeing what I wanted/hoped to see….. until one day last week when Libbi’s collar had not been put back on and she was noticeably stiff and unhappy being touched.

    It may not work in every case, but it definitely seems to have worked for Libbi. I’ve recommended it to friends – something I would never do unless totally happy with a product.

    (She trotted round the ring like a youngster at Crufts, winning 2nd place in Veteran. I had to jog to keep up with her striding out.)

  33. Elizabeth scott

    I feel I need to write this review as it’s well deserved.. our 8 year old Husky suddenly started screaming in pain one night and was rushed to our vets as an emergency. It turned out that he had arthritis in his spine and was put on heavy duty medication. When the DOG StreamZ collar arrived it provided almost instant relief for Kaos! That was early December 2016 … a few months on and he ls like a crazy teen running around crazy with his new friend Sky, playing non-stop and even jumping and running along the walls (something he has not been able to do for years). The results of the collar is so awesome and to watch our ‘young’ Kaos again … So, if you are thinking of buying one of these please do and I hope you get the same result as we have with Kaos. Money well spent!

  34. Amanda Smith

    Maddie, our 8 year old Collie X Jack Russell, is now medication free for her Elbow Dysplasia and was running around like a loon within 2 days of wearing her collar!!!

    Gracie-Mae, a 7 year old Bearded Collie X Kelpie, was seen by her massage therapist the other day at an agility show and she commented on how free the facia over her ribs was, (this has been something of an issue with her ever since she was bowled over by a GSD going at full speed, she ended up with bruised ribs, her back was put out of alignment and her pelvis was put out too). I’ve also seen a lot of other improvements in her since wearing her Dog StreamZ collar. She has been a lot less reactive to other dogs and has even started making advances of play towards her nemesis!! Whereas before she would growl, snarl and even lunge at her.

    Young Frankie a 1 year old heinz 57 Romanian Rescue and he seems to have benefitted from his collar too. When I first got him in September last year he was quite wobbly on his back end and if you turned his back toes over it took him a while to put them the right way up, he is now stable on his back end and corrects his toes immediately ?

    As for me and my YOU StreamZ – I’m still sleeping a lot better than I was and I’m not so stiff in the mornings or evenings as I was. I’m taking less painkillers too. Also my plantar Faciitis has virtually disappeared (unless I’m literally on my feet all day). My Mother was having a really bad time with her ankle swelling up and being very painful so I let her use my YOU streamZ and she has said that she hasn’t been this pain free and mobile for years.

  35. Jayne

    My little terrier Josie has been really suffering with sore arthritic hips and over coming tearing both cruciate ligaments in her back legs. She’s on lo*icom but was still very sore, particularly when rising from her bed…. this collar has made an amazing difference! No more hopping on 3 legs and she seems like a puppy like again! I’ve since recommended your collars to 3 friends with elderly dogs.

  36. Marion

    I was advised by my horse feed merchant to try the collar and within two weeks Splash was completely sound, full of vitality and putting on weight! Amazing!
    The dog had been under veterinary care with little improvement and the vets are lost for words!!!!

  37. Paula Timson

    My 8 year old is very stiff when getting up, cries in pain when walking up the stairs. Not any more!! 🙂

  38. Amy Mitchell

    So my beautiful mixed breed dog called Tia is 11 years young and was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and spine at the age of 3. She has a 4 weekly injections and is on daily prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. Long walks seemed a thing of the past so I even bought a ‘doggie-stroller’ so I was able to carry on long walks and she could rest. I felt I was accepting that her time was coming to and end as she just slept all day and overall seemed depressed.

    So I saw the advert for these collars on Facebook and read the reviews (and there is mixed reviews on this type of thing) I appreciated that it was somewhat ‘a gamble’. I’m usually very sceptical about alternative remedies but thought I would try these out.

    The collar arrived at midday, and put it straight on and decided to try it for 24 hours. By the 8th hour I was settling down and she brought a ball from her toy box and dropped it at my feet and backed up wanting me to play. I thought “no way is that possible” as she hasn’t looked at a ball in over 3 years!! So we played, just like we used too. (I actually cried as I played because I just saw joy in her eyes that I haven’t seen in years, god I have missed those bright eyes!)

    From there things have just got better! She is on her 2nd week now. Tia has been Meta*am free for 2 weeks now! A half-mile walk usually takes her 40 minutes due to her slow plodding. Yesterday I took her to the Kelpies in Falkirk and we walked 4.23 miles in 1 hour and 16 minutes!!! I was struggling to keep up with her.

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence or the collar, but ironically my girl was back ‘full of life’ after 24-hours of use. Whatever it is I don’t really care, I can see a youthful spirit back in her eyes and her attitude towards life. I have missed her cheekiness.

    I would like to add if you are reading this; if your at that desperate stage where you are aware your dog is struggling, as I was, please just trust your gut and read more reviews. I (and Tia) will be indebted to DOG Streamz for making my Tias last years a happier time.

    Many thanks StreamZ

    Amy & Tia

  39. Alison Page-Millard

    My 9 yr old cross springer/retriever fell down our decking in July 2016 and was unable to put her front right leg to the floor. She was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication from our vets for arthritic symptoms in the shoulder joint, but unfortunately had a bad reaction to this and ended up very poorly.
    Over the coming months we had repeated lameness and more trips to the vets where she was prescribed short term pain relief medication.
    I had seen the adverts for DOG Streamz collars on Facebook, and in December after reading the information I ordered her a collar.
    She is happy and comfortable wearing her collar 24/7, and we have seen significant improvement in her wellbeing. Within a few weeks she no longer limped, is no longer stiff when getting up and now runs around like a 5-year old again! She is no longer taking any other medications or supplements.
    I have always been a bit sceptical, but she doesn’t know she is wearing a ‘magic’ collar, she is just happy again! In fact, it seems that the more time passes the better she feels.
    I have since recommend the collar to my neighbour, who has also reported positive results from only wearing the collar throughout the night.

  40. jacky

    A good design which fits snug and is nice and wide, we will be looking for the benefits to kick in for our old boy ASAP!

  41. Chloe

    Our boy Nelson has early stages of arthritis, this collar has seemed to have made him more limber and increased his ability to play for longer! Not bad for just a collar.

  42. Caroline Knight

    I would like to tell you my story about our late golden retriever Bramble. We were going out training on Dartmoor one day and Bramble jumped in the car and caught her leg. We took her to the vets and was told to keep her rested. After 6 weeks rest she was on her first retrieve and fell in a ditch. She started to limp so we took her back to the vets, poor thing. This time she had X-rays and was referred to a specialist; in the meantime she had massages with a canine therapist which she loved but sadly didn’t help her recover. Bramble was obviously in pain and there wasn’t anything really we could do until other than pain medications and repeat visits to the vet.

    I had seen adverts on Facebook for DOG Streamz collars and was thinking “that’s not going to work” bud decided to buy one and give it a try.

    I believe the collar really relieved Bramble of the pain she was in, she was happier, more settled and yet still wanted to work and play.

    Bramble then had to have her ulna bone removed but everywhere she went she wore her DOG Streamz collar even convalescing at the vets. After complications with the treatment we sadly lost her. She was such an amazing girl and I’m extremely thankful to DOG StreamZ for helping Bramble through her finals days.

    I then used Brambles collar on my pregnant girl Hazel who had it on all through her pregnancy and whelping. She gave birth to her puppies like shelling peas!! Never known a mum to be so relaxed giving birth, and the pups were amazing …thank you DOG StreamZ!

    I also have another 11-year old golden retriever called Holly. The difference since I put the collar on her has been amazing!! She now dances when she goes out for a walk and seems to be like a younger version of herself.

    I thought to myself “if it works for the dogs it must work for me”; after suffering with arthritis, fibromyalgia and bad cramps it was worth a go! With my YOU Streamz ankle band I’m off the heavy dose of paracetamol 4 times a day and also the quinine at night time!! All thanks to StreamZ!

    There’s more…
    My husband broke his ankle years ago and as he’s got older (wiser) it has been giving him trouble. He was very sceptical but I bought him a YOU streamZ and now he’s pain free!!

    Once again I cannot thank you enough for the DOG Streamz and YOU Streamz ….if you don’t believe what I’m telling you then try it yourself and see the amazing results first hand.

  43. Caroline Knight

    I bought a YOU StreamZ for my 19 year old son, after coming home from work one evening complaining of aches and pains in his knees. He is an electrical apprentice, so did i reach for the pain tablets? No, I bought him a YOU StreamZ ankle band. He is not complaining anymore and not taking lots of painkillers, thank you!!

  44. Olga Foster

    It took me 3 months to take the plunge and buy the StreamZ collar for my dog who was going lame, usually after racing.(He’s a ‘flyball dog’). He is getting older but still loves his games and his recovery after racing is now brilliant. No lameness! He wears it all the time and we have certainly noticed a difference in him. I recently bought a YOU StreamZ for my hubby who has said that it has helped him a lot (dodgy knees). Since then 2 more of our friends have bought one with very good results too!

  45. Kate rogers

    I suffer with arthritis and also lately from back pain. When I saw the advert for YOU StreamZ and read the reviews I decided to send for one myself. I saw a difference almost straight away. My dog who will be eleven next week has had a problem with his front leg which i think he twisted jumping off the sofa. I bought him a DOG StreamZ collar and he seems a lot better and I have noticed he seems a lot calmer too. We are both back to an active life!! 😊

  46. Melanie Olymbios

    I have 2 older dogs, a German Shepherd called Dusk and an Alaskan Malamute called Shadow. Dusk suffers from degenerative joint disease, poor rear muscle tone and carpal ligament issues. He has been taking a lot of pain relief for quite a long time. He was wearing a traditional ‘old school’ magnetic collar but it has had no real effect. I purchased a StreamZ for him, and within 48 hours he was standing taller (tail no longer touching the ground), was pulling ahead again on walks and seemed generally happier. He has been wearing it for a month now and we have been able to half his pain relief already, totally amazing. Shadow is a bit different as he has been suffering from a chronic heart condition and hypothyroidism for over 7 years. I waited until we had a consultation with his cardiologist last week, and took all the information with me about the StreamZ collar. The cardiologist said that there was no reason that Shadow couldn’t wear a StreamZ collar, as he felt that it wouldn’t negatively effect his heart in any way. So I took the plunge again and purchased another. Shadow has now been wearing his for 3 days and I can already see a huge difference in his energy levels. Rather than plod around the field he decided that having ‘zoomies’ after the bunnies was the order of the day, something he hasn’t done in years. Thank you StreamZ, your product is amazing!! My next order will be one for myself to see if it has a positive effect on my chronic migraines.

  47. Moira Plowman

    My collie Kelpie x is almost 10 and he is waiting for an MRI of his spine. Before wearing the collar he was continually flexing his spine, his back was sloped and he was not walking properly. Since wearing the collar he is obviously much happier and is walking much better. It is only just over a week so I am very pleased with the results so far.

  48. Sam Brown

    My yorkie has been really stiff in his back legs since about 8 years old (he is now 10) and has started to sit down on his walks which has been upsetting. I saw the StreamZ collar advertised on Facebook and thought I would give it a go, nothing to lose! It arrived 4 days ago and within 48 hours we really noticed the difference with him being less stiff and today (4 days later) on his walk he ran round, which was unbelievable! I am so happy it has worked for him and hope it continues!

  49. Nikki Robertson

    My 8.6yr old Rottweiler bitch was recently diagnosed with arthritis. She’s had her DOG streamz collar on now for 3 days and I can see a difference already, happy owner and happy old girl!

  50. Hannah B

    Approx 2 years ago one of my Labradors was diagnosed with a disc protrusion. Following MRI scans and medication he was back up on his feet but his ability to do what he used to be able to had decreased. Streamz was recommended to me so thought for the price of a trip to the vets let’s give it a go……well it was the best thing we did. He is now back to his normal self, wants to play with the other dogs, enjoys his walks again and generally has more energy. I have tried a period of time without him wearing the collar to see if there is a difference and there genuinely is! During this time, he was lacking in energy, slept more and was reluctant to do certain things, the collar went back on and within a day he was back to his new normal self. This last week he even enjoyed a holiday to the beach, running around on the hard sand and paddling in the sea thanks to streamz!!!

  51. Stephanie Pratley

    I got one for Wibble after he had an elbow injury and noticed he was a bit stiff in his elbow and shoulder in the mornings and after longer walks. After just a few days he wasn’t stiff anymore, and to double check, I took the collar off, and the stiffness returned. He now wears it permanently and I’m waiting for the thinner model to come out for my smaller dog to wear! Brilliant product.

  52. Janet

    Great customer service! Replaced my dog’s collar at no expense to me and with no fuss. They updated me on their change of design. Now he can continue to wear it with pride and enjoy the benefits..

  53. Alison Page-Millard

    Having reviewed your product previously, I thought I would give you a quick update. I purchased your DOG collar in Dec 2016 for my retriever cross who was suffering severe shoulder pain and arthritis after falling down our deck. I reported that since wearing her collar, she was no longer on any veterinary medication or supplements and was running round like a dog half her age. Now in Feb 2018, she is still just as happy and active. She takes no supplements and is not on any medication whatsoever. She bounds around the garden with our 3yr old retriever cross giving him a real run for his money! There has been a couple of times this year where she has tweaked something and had a little limp (she is an old lady running around like a bat out of hell after all), but the recovery time is amazing, and usually by the following day she is up to her old tricks again. I’ve even seen her jump a 4ft fence in pursuit of a rabbit! I’m so pleased I took the plunge and bought her this collar, it has given her her quality of life back. Thank you.

  54. Tracey Salih

    Betty our 7 year old staffie tore a muscle in her shoulder, and after trying most suggestions made by the vets i decided to try the dog streamz collar. Within a week she was wanting to play and go further on her strictly lead 15 min walks. There was still slight signs on lameness after but not long. This was 2 years ago and the collar is used 1-2 a week, the only down side is the velcro, even though i have looked after the collar the hooks on the velcro are starting to fail and i will have to replace it at some point. Betty on the other hand has a new lease of life and is back to loving agility. (NOTE: The fastening material has been changed on the DOG StreamZ collars since)

  55. Gill Torr

    Al is a 14 year old Labrador Retriever cross. 3 years ago we noticed he was starting to trip over his own feet, a visit to the vet revealed some arthritis in his spine. His condition has been managed really well with vitamins and blood oxygenating tablets but recently he was starting to slow down and struggle more getting himself up-and-down. We ordered the collar for him 2 weeks ago, the customer service dept. were incredibly helpful organising super fast delivery to France and Al has been wearing his collar 24hrs a day since it arrived. We have noticed a big change in our old boy, he moves around more, is quicker to his feet and has his sparkle back…our only worry is he seems to think he’s a puppy again and his feet and brain don’t always work at the same speed. It’s great to see him really enjoying life again. Thank you!

  56. Debby DaCosta

    Have had the collar one week, any my husband has already told me to order another one as the old girl approaching 17 will be wearing this one constantly. She sleeps through the night with no groaning and has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face. We will need to order one for me with my painful knee, but for now another collar for the others to share. So happy to help make life more comfortable for my older girl.

  57. Brice Malcolm

    Big boy Joe is a not so typical older dog with typical older dog ailments. At twelve and a half years he had begun to get stiff after exercise and wasn’t as quick to jump up for training or walking as he once was was. Almost immediately into wearing his Dog Streamz collar his energy level rose and his willingness to work was back. Within a week he was bouncing around pain free like he was five again, and we noticed the ‘sparkle’ in his eyes had returned. I am very grateful for Dog Streamz. It has absolutely breathed new life into his old bones.

  58. Brice Malcolm

    For those of you reading who have ever witnessed a senior dog suffering from Canine Vestibular Syndrome it can be quite scary and highly emotional. To suddenly see the dog you love so much struggle with balance and nausea is heartbreaking. The recovery rate is good, however, it is a long and challenging process. When Kyra developed the condition it was gut wrenching. Dog Streamz was suggested to me by my sister and hoping for any extra help in Kyra’s recovery I tried it. \
    The difference it made for her was substantial!! Within a few hours her balance and resulting motions showed signs of significant improvement. Within a week she was back to twice daily walks without the drunken stumble caused by Vestibular Syndrome. In order to test beyond the placebo effect I removed the collar and took her for a walk. It was a short walk as her balance weekend and the stumble increased. I promptly put the collar back on with positive effect. It remains on her to this day as she happily meanders through her daily walks with significantly improved balance and excellent range of motion. Thank you Dog Streamz for helping my baby girl Kyra love her life again!!

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