ONE SIZE: Fully Adjustable Silicone Band – up to 55cm (excess material can be cut off for smaller dogs) Width = 1.65cm | Weight = 105 grams (at 55cm length) (weight guide when cut down: 30cm = 70g, 40cm = 90g)

Colour changes: Please note that colours may vary across productions runs.

FDA Approved silicone with metal buckle.

DOG StreamZ silicone bands ® introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ - Magnetism with a difference, for dogs!

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the silicone band to be worn by your dog immediately after exercise and all day, every day. The collars can be used in exercise, after exercise or in rehabilitation. 

The silicone design fits snuggly against the dogs neck and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, ideally when they’re sleeping! The silicone band does not contain a 'breakaway clasp'.

Each pack contains one fully adjustable band (up to 55cm, neck circumference). Wrap the band around the neck and attach by looping through the buckle, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the dogs skin. Cut any excess material off for the perfect fit. A continuous layer of StreamZ material then ‘gets to work’!

By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ you’ll be joining an illustrious bunch including World and Olympic Champions, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.

DOG StreamZ, with you every step of the way.