Regularly asked questions about StreamZ Global technology.

We asked one of the founders of StreamZ Global a few questions to help us understand StreamZ technology better…

Q: “What is different to StreamZ and traditional magnetic therapy?”

A: “StreamZ does not contain static magnets. Instead, it contains a unique 360º spinning energy field. The entire theory behind StreamZ was based on the inventors profound understanding of molecular frequencies and how each molecule reacts differently to magnetic fields. As our inventor quoted, “improving how magnets are used in treating medical conditions could be if significant interest to the medical world.” We have taken that theory and run with it! Although we are unable to make claims against the benefits in using this technology, we have seen life changing results across humans, horses, dogs and even plants. Traditional magnets have been around for thousands of years with no clinical evidence proving they work. They are marketed to support many symptoms such as arthritis, inflammation, pain relief, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and much more. StreamZ are now in year 4 and are incredibly proud to have clinical support from Writtle University (on horses); further studies across our product range continue and we are excited about where that may lead. StreamZ do not claim to be an alternative to any medically diagnosed treatment, but do believe they create significant benefit to be used alongside mainline treatments.”

Q: “Magnetic companies talk about “Gauss levels” to show how strong their magnetic field is – what about StreamZ?”

A:”StreamZ does not contain static magnets like you find in traditional magnetic products. When looking at how traditional static magnets are measured in regards to “their strength” the gauss level states how far the magnetic field travels (pulses) from the face of the magnet. One gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimetre. The measuring system applied by the International System of Units (SI) uses the tesla (symbol T) as the unit of magnetic flux density. One gauss equals 1×10−4 tesla (100 μT), so 1 tesla = 10,000 gauss. The ‘strength’ of a traditional magnetic device indicates how far the magnetic field travels from its surface, and it is this ‘pulsating process’ which is used in traditional products. Unlike traditional magnetic devices, StreamZ unique material creates horizontally focussed magnetic fields which run through the material – this spinning process creates no pulse and therefore does not use the measurement of its gauss level to create its effects. Streamz does not pulse, it spins – and is why our products are all carefully developed to sit 360º around the subject, like a current. Within our manufacturing process there are several magnetic frequencies added to the material, which when measured show gauss levels of 56μT, 5600 gauss. It is worth emphasising however that this energy field is applied in a non invasive way (horizontally), so this reading is less relevant than with traditional magnetic products. A key indicator of these different technologies can be seen when reviewing thermal studies carried out using StreamZ and traditional magnets, showing how StreamZ creates no heat unlike traditional magnets which heat up the subject.” 

Q: “What is the difference between StreamZ and copper bracelets?”

A: “We are often asked this by wearers of copper bracelets how StreamZ differs. Similar to static magnets used in many low-cost magnetic devices copper bracelets are used as an indicator of health issues, they do not offer pain relief. It is this reason why copper pots were used for thousands of years for human water consumption. Copper indicates whether the water was pure enough to drink. The copper didn’t clean the water, it simply acted as a guide of the waters purity. StreamZ was not developed to be used as a visual aid, it was developed to ‘make a difference’.” 

Q: “So after the theory was developed what is the purpose of StreamZ products in the market?”

A: “StreamZ’ Global mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ unique 360º technology, to encourage health and general wellbeing. Until now traditional magnetic therapy has had a mixed reputation. We believe, looking at the market and competitors claims, that this is down to how traditional magnetic companies market their products. Static, north-south polarity magnets create heat. This increase in localised heat helps with blood flow which can lead to reported benefits across a range of conditions. Increasing heat, however, is often not the answer. A £200,000 a week footballer strains a muscle on the pitch; even with todays technology the first thing applied as they watch from the substitutes bench is ice! Muscle and tissue damaged, as one example, should not apply heat. Horses with tendon or ligament strains should not apply heat; so why do magnetic horse boots recommend them for use on tendon issues? StreamZ unique process does not increase heat and thus can be used treating a large variety of conditions. This is shown under thermal imaging techniques. StreamZ continue to break boundaries in how they effect the horticulture (ECO StreamZ plant product), equine (EQU StreamZ horse product), canine (DOG StreamZ dog product) and the human (YOU StreamZ) market. What drives us is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.”

Q: “Does the technology help reduce pain and improve recovery?”

A: “It was certainly developed to do so and we have seen incredible results across humans, horses and dogs. We are often asked whether the technology assists with pain associated with arthritis. I have seen this first hand; it was this reason I became involved in StreamZ. I had myself been diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee as a result of many years as a Wicket Keeper in cricket. I was told to take anti-inflammatories and to stop running. That very next day, at a family get together, I mentioned this to the inventor of StreamZ, Eric Dodd. He immediately pulled out of his drawer a strip of StreamZ and said “wrap that in your sock!”.  The rest is history, but safe to say it