"I have a 16 year old KWPN who was showing arthritic signs in his fetlock joints. I tried the StreamZ fetlock bands 6 weeks ago and I am amazed at the change in him!"
Caroline Pagett-Fynn
"My horse was diagnosed with mild ringbone in the pastern/fetlock areas so i got him these bands! I don't regret for a moment the money I spent on them. He is acting like a 15 year old again!"
Tina Rempel
"Such amazing positive changes in my mare who has low grade arthritis in her hock and fetlock since she has been wearing her bands. Continuing sound and much more forward in her work!!"
Mrs Denber
"There is such a huge improvement in his movement and he is so much more comfortable. It’s lovely to see. I never endorse a product unless I’m 100% satisfied and I am definitely that!"
Sharon Cracknell
"These helped our mare no end and make her more comfortable on a daily basis. We have noticed a huge difference in both her gait and behaviour as a result of wearing her StreamZ bands!"
"I bought these bands for my horse who was diagnosed with ring bone and fetlock problems. I have seen a huge improvement with his movement since wearing the bands."
Ronnie Murray
"Our mare wears them 24/7 and it's changed our lives!! She's back to her former long-striding self. No more 'pottery' strides, she's jogging rather than walking and she loves going out again!"
Selina Crutcher
"I have tried all types of supplements for my horse to ease his stiffness without any effect! Within a week of using the EQU Streamz fetlock bands my horse now has improved movement and has started to lift his feet again without showing signs of stiffness or pain. Highly recommended!"