"I am an international triathlon coach for Team GBR and consider the YOU StreamZ band an important aspect of every athlete's preparation and recovery. Natural, non invasive and a great device to use after exercise."
Jon Cowell - Team GBR Athletics Coach
“After a few days of wearing My StreamZ band I began to feel the effects. My recovery time and the swelling in my knee was visibly reduced leading to a reduction in pain of about 80%. I have now worn the band for over a year and can honestly say that I am amazed at how much I rely on it! It’s a ‘very trusted friend’ and I know if i forget to put it on after running (I don’t wear it whilst running) I become far more stiff and my knee swells!”
Adam Willet - Amateur Marathon Athlete
"I travel all over the world to compete for Team GB so maintaining my own aches and pains is vital in achieving my highest ambitions. Streamz bands are worn as mart of my daily routine to help reduce recovery time."
Sophie Wells MBE - Paralympic Gold Medalist
"As a fully qualified fitness instructor I was thrilled to stumble upon these StreamZ bands. The natural approach has shown me and many of my clients to support a reduction in recovery time."
Peter Snowdon - Elite level PT
"I have had many injuries and corresponding aches and pains over the years, so I started using Streamz on myself to aid my recovery. Amazing products!”
Kaila Mussell - Female Bronc Rider
"It is my passionate belief that every rider should value their own strength and conditioning. YOU StreamZ play a key role in aiding my recovery after exercise and competitions."
Harriet Upton - Founder, We Are Athletes

Melissa Hollingsworth - Olympic Bronze Medalist