"Barney is 32 and an ex Olympic show jumper. He suffered a torn tendon in his 20s and while he's not in pain, it does get stiff. These bands have given him a new lease of life and I still see flashes of the old Barney... especially when the vet wants to see him. I swear by these and have been recommending them to everyone. I saw a difference in just a few days and can't believe how effective they are."
Chloe Walmsley - Barney
"He has an old check ligament injury that sometimes puffs up, and I was recommended the EQU StreamZ bands by his chiropractor. I started to use the bands and they took all the swelling down in the tendon. They are a highly valued part of our management kit!"
Liz Eckert
"My showjumping mare did her suspensory ligament 18 months ago so we got her a pair of the Streamz bands. We have had fantastic results and can tell the difference when she’s not had them on for a few days!"
Lynn Oates
"I'm not exactly sure what Streamz do but my 2 horses present me their legs to get their bands on!! They like them!! One guy has arthritis in his hock and the other has tendon issues. Both are much happier since I started using the EQU Streamz fetlock bands."
Crystal Neudorf

Trevor Breen - International Grand Prix Showjumper

“EQU Streamz bands are a valued tool within our daily routine and offer both me and the horses a natural form of support. Highly recommended to support your horses wellbeing both pre and post exercise”