"My mare is 19 years old and has been lame on her front leg for a while. Our vet saw her recently and diagnosed her with arthritis and advised us to administer anti-inflammatory medication which I am not keen on using on her long term. So, we purchased her a pair of EQU StreamZ bands and she has worn them 24/7 since. We have seen wonderful results!! No lameness or stiffness and she is walking with a purpose again..!
Review by Jackie Gage
"I bought a pair of the EQU StreamZ bands in the hope that they would ease my arthritic 35-year-old. Within a week George was galloping and rearing like a 5-year-old! He used to be on anti-inflammatories every other day, now he has one a week and only in the winter. They have given him a new lease of life!..."
Review by Chloe Walmsley
"I use these on my 16-year-old mare who suffers from hock arthritis and lymphangitis. The results using these bands have been really good. Her legs don’t swell overnight anymore and she is much more mobile and comfortable..."
Review by Gemma Lyon
"I have a 25-year-old who has arthritis in his joints and also has Cushing’s. I noticed his back legs were quite swollen in the mornings, but as soon as I started putting the EQU StreamZ bands on the swelling disappeared. I can’t believe the difference they have made to him and he’s definitely got a spring back in his step!..."
Review by Becky
"Back in the Summer, I purchased the Streamz bands for my 18-year-old Welsh D, who had been diagnosed with arthritis in her fetlock and pastern joints in both forelegs…. She wears them 24/7 and it’s changed our lives! I cannot recommend these bands enough!..."
Review by Selina Crutcher
"Since wearing your fetlock bands, my 22-year-old arthritic gelding has found a new lease of life! He’s gone from being retired to hacking out four times a week and fully fit! Thank you for giving me my horse back!..."
Review by Pam Taylor
"I was recommended to use these on my 14-year-old warmblood who has in the past suffered from stiffness, was ‘tight in the back’ and also has slight arthritic changes in his hocks. After using them for a fortnight both my trainer and I noticed how much looser, softer and more supple Todd was. Thank you StreamZ!..."
Review by Tracey Tucker
"OMG, this product is worth every penny! My 22 year old boy has arthritis of the coxofermal joint. He has only had