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Sierra Dawn Thomas

Barren Racer & Model
60k+ Instagram followers

EQU Streamz social media sponsor sierra dawn thomas in usa barrel racer tv star and supermodel

“I am thrilled to report that since our horses started using the bands they have gone from strength-to-strength. They feel more supple and we’ve noticed an improvement in their recovery time.” – Sierra

Lily Warburton 

Dressage | Gordon
77k+ Instagram followers

Lily Warburton Streamz social media friend

“I have personally noticed a lot less stiffness in G as well as no filling in his legs on hot days or in-days. These are really fab and definitely essential to anyone with older horses, horses in work or even those prone to injury!” – Lily

Hannah West

Showjumping | McCoy
37k+ Instagram followers

“McCoy has been wearing his EQU StreamZ fetlock bands for months now and honestly I wouldn’t put him to bed in his stable at night without them now! Highly recommended by both of us!” – Hannah

Abbey Clarke

Showjumping | Shadow
24k+ Instagram followers

Abbey Clarke Streamz social media friend

…”Shadow’s legs used to swell up a bit in the stable but not since I put her EQU StreamZ on! I’m happy leaving her in them all night knowing her legs will be fine! She feels like she is moving so much more freely when I ride her! I can’t recommend these bands enough!” – Abbey

Emily Hollins

Showjumping | Tilly & Bluebell
29k+ Instagram followers

Emily Hollins Streamz social media friend

“Tilly feels much more energetic and just generally happier after using them! She is much more responsive and just overall is feeling really good! I would definitely recommend the EQU Streamz bands as part of your horses daily care! ” – Emily

Ella May Whatman

Dressage | Bea
23k+ Instagram followers

Ella May Whatman Streamz social media friend

“I’ve been using EQU StreamZ bands on Bea since I got him; as like most horses Bea gets a bit of swelling in his back legs when he is in his stabled for too long. By wearing his magnetic StreamZ bands 24/7 (minus riding time) he has had no swelling!” – Ella

Scarlett Wall

Showjumping | Billy, Cleo & Minnie
35k+ Instagram followers

Scarlett Wall Streamz social media friend

“EQU StreamZ bands are working amazingly on my horses! They’ve helped with Minnie’s back so much – it was very stiff and she wasn’t swinging in her trot properly but with your bands she’s become more free in her back. Highly recommended by us!” – Scarlett

Nine te Loeke

UAE based rider | Favore
7k+ Instagram followers

Nine te Loeoke Streamz social media friend

“Favore’s hoofs feel really hot by the burning sand so we are always conscious to keep them cool. After a hack in the sand her legs and tendons would become sensitive and swollen. Since StreamZ her legs feel so much cooler to touch and don’t get puffed up anymore.” – Nine

Almira Cioara

Showjumping | Sura & Operencia
19k+ Instagram followers

Almira Cioara Streamz social media friend

“EQU StreamZ have helped Opi with her inflammatory condition. She is now in her best condition! In the few weeks in which she has worn them her joints no longer crack when I am cleaning her hooves! I highly recommend the Streamz bands.” – Almira

Valeria Vrabii

Dressage | Agata and Cassia
35k+ Instagram followers

Valeria Vrabii Streamz social media friend

“I am so impressed with how the StreamZ have worked on my horses! They definitely improved Agata’s moving and the stiffness she sometimes gets has completely gone! I’m so grateful to be a part of your team!” – Valeria

Lucy Beech

Showjumping | Sparks & Cookie
36k+ Instagram followers

Lucy Beech Streamz social media friend

“EQU StreamZ bands are doing wonders on Sparks. He wears them 24/7 and they seem to be really helping. As an older pony he becomes stiff and these bands help him a huge amount stay supple!” – Lucy

Caitlin Whyte

Showjumping | Jasper
5k+ Instagram followers

Caitlin Whyte Streamz social media friend

“EQU StreamZ magnetic bands have made Jasper’s mobility great, preventing any stiffness and helping him be a free and flexible in his strides. I have a showjumping horse who is pain free again! 5 stars!” – Caitlin

Ella Mai Summers

Showjumping | Cher
31k+ Instagram followers

Ella May Summers Streamz social media friend

Ella is an amateur showjumper based in the United Kingdom with her gorgeous horse Cher. “These EQU StreamZ bands work miracles! Cher’s legs don’t swell at all in her stable anymore. Definitely worth the purchase, highly recommended!” – Ella

Charlotte Chambers

Showjumping | Benny & Tango
14k+ Instagram followers

Charlotte Chambers equestrian EQU Streamz social media friend

“Since using StreamZ bands on Benny he is like a different pony! He is not as stiff in the mornings or at night and is moving a lot better! Also want to say how amazing your human band is! My mum has been using it and she loves it!” – Charlotte

Julia Selinger 

Showjumping | Luna
64k+ Instagram followers

Julia Selinger equestrian EQU Streamz social media friend

“StreamZ really helped Luna with her stiff joints!! Since she was diagnosed with arthritis in her back legs she’s always been quite stiff behind. But I have really noticed a change in her movement with the EQU StreamZ bands! She wears them 24/7!!!” – Julia

Chloe Ancill

Showjumping | Billie
28k+ Instagram followers

Chloe Ancilll showjumping rider social media friend of EQU Streamz magnetic fetlock bands

“Throughout the time Billie has been wearing her magnetic StreamZ bands I’ve seen an amazing difference in how less often her leg clicks, she’s been wearing them 24/7 apart from riding”. – Chloe

Olivia Marshall

Dressage | Dillon
15k+ Instagram followers

my_2_ponies Olivia Marshall showjumping rider social media friend of EQU Streamz magnetic fetlock bands

“StreamZ have really helped Dillon! He gets ‘puffy’ legs when in his stable so when using StreamZ they have stopped this from happening. It also gives him better elevation in his paces, and freedom in his work.” – Olivia

Lila Bremner

Showjumping | Lappi
7k+ Instagram followers

“I take my StreamZ everywhere & wouldn’t go to a show without them! Lappi wears them throughout the day in the stable. I have found them super at preventing swelling when stabled or travelling.” – Lila

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