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DOG StreamZ unique 360º magnetic collars were developed based on a scientific theory to provide a natural response to a variety of symptoms found with dogs.

Each pack contains one smart-collar; comfortably wrapped around the neck of the dog and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Available in three different sizes and adjustable to provide a comfortable fit.

Each DOG StreamZ magnetic collar contains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a 360º low-frequency energy field around the dogs neck. A new type of magnetism. StreamZ, make a difference. 


Traditional magnets have been used for many years to treat a variety of symptoms. A common disadvantages in using more traditional products include the inability to leave them on for long periods of time due to the heat created.

StreamZ magnetic collar introduces a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’.

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents a increase in temperature allowing the collar to be left on for long periods of time, improving their impact and providing continuous support. 


“It took me 3 months to take the plunge and buy the StreamZ collar for my dog who was going lame, usually after racing. (He’s a ‘flyball dog’). He is getting older but still loves his games and his recovery after competing since wearing the collar is brilliant. No lameness! He wears it all the time and we have certainly noticed a difference in him. I recently bought a YOU StreamZ for my hubby who has said that it has helped him a lot (dodgy knees). Since then 2 more of our friends have bought one with very good results too!”
Olga Foster - Recovery after competing
“Big boy Joe is a not so typical older dog with typical older dog ailments. At twelve and a half years old he had begun to stiffen up after exercise and wasn’t as quick to jump up for training or walking as he once was was. Almost immediately upon fitting the Dog StreamZ his energy level rose and his willingness to work was back. Within a week he was bouncing around pain free like he was five again. The sparkle in his eyes returned when the aches and pains left. I am very grateful for Dog StreamZ. It has absolutely breathed new life into his old bones!”
Brice Malcolm - Energy levels
“…Within a few weeks she stopped limping, is no longer stiff when getting up and now runs around like a 5-year old again! She is no longer taking any other medications or supplements.
I have always been a bit sceptical, but she doesn’t know she is wearing a ‘magic’ collar, she is just happy again! In fact, it seems that the more time passes the better she feels.”
Alison Page-Millard - No longer taking medication
“The collar arrived at midday, and put it straight on and decided to try it for 24 hours. By the 8th hour I was settling down and she brought a ball from her toy box and dropped it at my feet and backed up wanting me to play. I thought “no way is that possible” as she hasn’t looked at a ball in over 3 years!! So we played, just like we used too. (I actually cried as I played because I just saw joy in her eyes that I haven’t seen in years, god I have missed those bright eyes!)”
Amy Mitchell - Arthritis of hips and spine
“I was advised by my horse feed merchant to try the DOG StreamZ collar and within two weeks Splash was completely sound, full of vitality and putting on weight! Amazing!
The dog had been under veterinary care with little improvement and the vets are lost for words!!!!”
Marion - Lameness and no energy
“….a few months on and he ls like a crazy teen running around crazy with his new friend Sky, playing non-stop and even jumping and running along the walls (something he has not been able to do for years). The results of the collar is so awesome and to watch our ‘young’ Kaos again … So, if you are thinking of buying one of these collars please do and I hope you get the same result as we have with our Kaos. Money well spent!”
Elizabeth Scott - Arthritis in spine
“Fluffy has now been wearing the band for approx. 6 weeks and it is like she’s back to her puppy days, running around the garden like a loon, jumping up everywhere, it makes me a very happy mummy seeing her like this. We haven’t changed anything to her daily routine or diet other than give her a StreamZ dog collar.”
Lisa McDermott - Back to her puppy days
“I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my dog (buying the collar). The change in her is notable – she moves much more fluidly and freely, runs about like a youngster and is just a much happier dog in general.”
Lisa Moir - More fluid movement
“My dog has had Cruciate Ligament surgery and has been reluctant to use the repaired leg. After wearing his StreamZ collar for four days he has started to bear weight on the leg. I am delighted. His mobility is improving daily.”
Hayley Davies - Cruciate ligament injury
“My 4 year old Labrador was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and arthritis when she was just 16 weeks old. Over the years she has had various surgery, two stem cell implants and is on regular medication. I am delighted with the DOG StreamZ collar. She has been wearing it 24 hours a day for just under a month and is walking so much better than before, so much so that I have been able to reduce her medication.”
Jackie Tregellas - Elbow dysplasia
“After a month of wearing the StreamZ smart-collar I can report that he can jump onto the sofa and into the car boot again. He can settle to lie down without groaning and he has his moments out on a walk when he gallops for ten or twenty yards.”
Elaine Hobson - He can jump in the car again
“After a couple of days of wearing the collar, Buds mobility was hugely improved, he hasn’t gone lame after playing ball or frisbee since and his recovery time is so much better. He doesn’t need a day or two to recover from strenuous exercise and it appears his eyesight/hearing has improved too!! He now knows where the ball is once it’s been thrown. Also, he’s not laying about so much at home and is more interested in what’s going on around him.”
Dee Hobbs - Mobility hugely improved
“I cannot believe the difference in my twelve year old large collie cross. I was beginning to think that she was no longer fit for long walks as she used to lag behind so far that I was continually having to wait for her to catch up with me and the three younger dogs. Wow, not only is she keeping up, she is overtaking me and the gang and she has only been wearing her collar for six days! She is not as stiff and she is walking with the spring back in her step. I am so pleased an she is looking so much happier.”
Jean Starnes - Improvement in mobility

Some of the key benefits in using the DOG StreamZ magnetic collars are as follows:

24/7 use, helping to provide constant support

Non-intrusive energy field producing no heat

Utilises 360º magnetic resonance technology

Suitable for use in water

Endorsed by canine experts

Case studies and endorsements from leading experts in the canine industry can be seen by clicking here.


DOG StreamZ smart collars are proudly endorsed by leading professionals within the canine industry.

DOG StreamZ brand ambassadors include four of worlds leading stars within dog agility; Ashleigh Butler (Team GB, world agility champion and winner of Britains Got Talent), Stacey Irwin (Team GB, double-world agility champion), Lee Gibson (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer) and Anthony Clarke (Globally renowned agility judge and trainer). Along with StreamZ ambassadors we have an extensive list of endorsements from a variety of trainers, competitors and canine charities.


To compete at the highest level within agility each dog must be in peek condition. In order to succeed it is vital to ensure the performance and effective recovery of your dog. Maintaining flexibility and increasing mobility are key attributes to competing at this level so trainers strive towards finding natural long term solutions to support their dogs. 

StreamZ are extremely proud to sponsor the IFCS Team GB Agility squad, WAO England, WAO Scotland, WAO Wales and WAO Ireland squads. Since providing collars to the teams we have seen several new World Champions and Crufts winners take the stage in StreamZ collars, as well as helping their older dogs through retirement.


Sadly there remains vast numbers of ill treated and unloved dogs both in the UK and abroad. Rescue charities are regularly supporting dogs with skin conditions, injuries and wounds, behaviour issues and much more. The ability to support these dogs with the use of a natural process is of significant interest.

StreamZ immediately recognised the impact the smart collars could have for these charities. Magnetic collars and donations are now created by StreamZ and passed to our charity partners who endorse the collars use within their rescue centres. These include the likes of Many Tears Animal Rescue, Valgrays Border Collie Animal Rescue, Wonky Pets Rescue and several more. 




DELIVERY WARNING: Due to adverse weather conditions in the UK some deliveries may take longer than the advertised schedule.

Slight changes have been made to our dog collars since they were launched; including using a far superior fastening material.

Small – up to 35cm circumference, 4cm width
Medium – up to 55cm circumference, 4cm width
Large – up to 70cm circumference, 4.5cm width


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The DOG StreamZ smart collar is worn around the neck and for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Waterproof neoprene design suitable for long and short haired breeds. Contains a D-ring attachment for attaching to standard type leads. The collars are designed to be used with dogs who are well trained on the lead; this does not mean that the collar can withstand all dogs of any size pulling on the D-ring section of the lead. The collars have been tested up to 150 kilos of force; if your dog pulls severely on the lead then we would advise using a harness and not using the StreamZ D-ring attachment.

WARNING: Not to be used by any dog fitted with a pacemaker, consult your vet if you have any concerns regarding a heart condition. StreamZ are not to be used as a replacement to diagnosed medications or treatments. StreamZ products must NOT be used in conjunction with traditional magnetic collars, rugs, jackets or beds. Traditional pulsating magnets can damage the StreamZ energy field.

Please note that once the packaging has been opened and the collar has been in use StreamZ are unable to replace collars if the wrong size has been ordered. We advise you to measure the neck circumference prior to ordering if you are unsure. It is advisable to have a collar which is slightly larger than one that is too small – a 360º loop is vital in ensuring the optimum result.

Please note: These are currently not suitable for small ‘toy dog’ breeds (due to the width of the sleeves); we are working on a design which will address this issue and will be launched in early 2019. These will be our ‘DOG StreamZ bands’ and will be similar design to many flea/tick collars on the market.

Now available in 2 Sizes: (Medium) up to 55cm, and (Large) up to 70cm. (circumference of dog’s neck)
(Small) 35cm has been discontinued.
The NEW Silicone DOG Streamz bands will be available in New Zealand in January 2019. (up to 55cm, cut to size)

Widths: (M) 4.5cm (L) 4.5cm
Colour: All black material with silver branding.
Weight: (M) 85g, (L) 105g

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Small – up to 35cm circumference, Medium – up to 55cm circumference, Large – up to 70cm circumference


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