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StreamZ are continuously developing products to support a plethora of applications and uses. With existing ranges across animals, plants and humans the scope to grow the StreamZ portfolio is substantial. We take great pride in the fact that StreamZ is manufactured in the UK, this allows us to scope new ideas and technologies to support a variety of industries.
Our in-house development team is focussed on introducing new technologies to markets that benefit from an improvement in mineral distribution.


YOU StreamZ development

Following the development of the DOG StreamZ silicone bands and the revolutionary technique in which Streamz has produced a ‘stretchy magnet’ using an FDA approved silicone, we are now able to begin development of a wrist band. Our wrist bands will be aimed at providing pain relief for health issues often found from the shoulder down to the arm. Tennis elbow, repetitive injuries and so on. We are hoping to launch the product in 2019 following the successful launch of our existing products in USA and via UK distribution.

ECO StreamZ – StreamZ, on plants.

As with humans, healthy plants are happy plants, and vice-versa. ECO StreamZ straps are small strips of StreamZ material which are wrapped around the stems/roots of plants and trees. ECO StreamZ are on trial across a variety of commercial crops and have shown within initial studies significant improvement in foliage health and stem health across a variety of plants and fruits. By rebalancing the plant to its optimum level minerals are distributed more efficiently helping to stimulate hormone growth and improve the overall health of the plant. A ‘natural solution to our planets increasing demand for food is of significant interest to commercial growers throughout the world. Studies are set to continue for the foreseeable future, although this range will be B2C and available to commercial growers only.

MOO StreamZ – StreamZ, for the dairy industry.

It is within our business model and strategy to create a product suitable for use on cows. Trials will commence with several dairy farms across the UK monitoring the health of the herd and its effect on diseases such as mastitis. Focus will be being taken on collecting data on both cell count and yield production level. Alongside these studies further evaluation will be establish with how the StreamZ technology impacts cattle, with a reduction in arthritic symptoms being a key focus. Milk yields within the dairy industry are heavily effected by a variety of health issues; no more so than with arthritic symptoms preventing the cow from reaching their full natural quota of lactation cycles. StreamZ have seen the results on humans, horses and dogs and see no reason why the impact could be just as significant within the dairy industry. This applies to any commercial animal, so further research will be carried out on sheep and other farm animals. The scope is vast!

StreamZ remains a potential to become a leading product range within commercial farming – across many farmed animals such as cows, camels and deer.