Regularly asked questions about StreamZ Global technology.

We asked one of the founders of StreamZ Global a few questions to help us understand StreamZ technology better…

Q: “What is different to StreamZ and traditional magnetic therapy?”

A: “StreamZ does not contain static magnets. Instead, it contains a unique 360º spinning energy field. The entire theory behind StreamZ was based on the inventors profound understanding of molecular frequencies and how each molecule reacts differently to magnetic fields. As our inventor quoted, “improving how magnets are used in treating medical conditions could be if significant interest to the medical world.” We have taken that theory and run with it! Although we are unable to make claims against the benefits in using this technology, we have seen life changing results across humans, horses, dogs and even plants. Traditional magnets have been around for thousands of years with no clinical evidence proving they work. They are marketed to support many symptoms such as arthritis, inflammation, pain relief, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and much more. StreamZ are now in year 4 and are incredibly proud to have clinical support from Writtle University (on horses); further studies across our product range continue and we are excited about where that may lead. StreamZ do not claim to be an alternative to any medically diagnosed treatment, but do believe they create significant benefit to be used alongside mainline treatments.”

Q: “Magnetic companies talk about “Gauss levels” to show how strong their magnetic field is – what about StreamZ?”

A:”StreamZ does not contain static magnets like you find in traditional magnetic products. When looking at how traditional static magnets are measured in regards to “their strength” the gauss level states how far the magnetic field travels (pulses) from the face of the magnet. One gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimetre. The measuring system applied by the International System of Units (SI) uses the tesla (symbol T) as the unit of magnetic flux density. One gauss equals 1×10−4 tesla (100 μT), so 1 tesla = 10,000 gauss. The ‘strength’ of a traditional magnetic device indicates how far the magnetic field travels from its surface, and it is this ‘pulsating process’ which is used in traditional products. Unlike traditional magnetic devices, StreamZ unique material creates horizontally focussed magnetic fields which run through the material – this spinning process creates no pulse and therefore does not use the measurement of its gauss level to create its effects. Streamz does not pulse, it spins – and is why our products are all carefully developed to sit 360º around the subject, like a current. Within our manufacturing process there are several magnetic frequencies added to the material, which when measured show gauss levels of 56μT, 5600 gauss. It is worth emphasising however that this energy field is applied in a non invasive way (horizontally), so this reading is less relevant than with traditional magnetic products. A key indicator of these different technologies can be seen when reviewing thermal studies carried out using StreamZ and traditional magnets, showing how StreamZ creates no heat unlike traditional magnets which heat up the subject.” 

Q: “What is the difference between StreamZ and copper bracelets?”

A: “We are often asked this by wearers of copper bracelets how StreamZ differs. Similar to static magnets used in many low-cost magnetic devices copper bracelets are used as an indicator of health issues, they do not offer pain relief. It is this reason why copper pots were used for thousands of years for human water consumption. Copper indicates whether the water was pure enough to drink. The copper didn’t clean the water, it simply acted as a guide of the waters purity. StreamZ was not developed to be used as a visual aid, it was developed to ‘make a difference’.” 

Q: “So after the theory was developed what is the purpose of StreamZ products in the market?”

A: “StreamZ’ Global mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ unique 360º technology, to encourage health and general wellbeing. Until now traditional magnetic therapy has had a mixed reputation. We believe, looking at the market and competitors claims, that this is down to how traditional magnetic companies market their products. Static, north-south polarity magnets create heat. This increase in localised heat helps with blood flow which can lead to reported benefits across a range of conditions. Increasing heat, however, is often not the answer. A £200,000 a week footballer strains a muscle on the pitch; even with todays technology the first thing applied as they watch from the substitutes bench is ice! Muscle and tissue damaged, as one example, should not apply heat. Horses with tendon or ligament strains should not apply heat; so why do magnetic horse boots recommend them for use on tendon issues? StreamZ unique process does not increase heat and thus can be used treating a large variety of conditions. This is shown under thermal imaging techniques. StreamZ continue to break boundaries in how they effect the horticulture (ECO StreamZ plant product), equine (EQU StreamZ horse product), canine (DOG StreamZ dog product) and the human (YOU StreamZ) market. What drives us is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.”

Q: “Does the technology help reduce pain and improve recovery?”

A: “It was certainly developed to do so and we have seen incredible results across humans, horses and dogs. We are often asked whether the technology assists with pain associated with arthritis. I have seen this first hand; it was this reason I became involved in StreamZ. I had myself been diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee as a result of many years as a Wicket Keeper in cricket. I was told to take anti-inflammatories and to stop running. That very next day, at a family get together, I mentioned this to the inventor of StreamZ, Eric Dodd. He immediately pulled out of his drawer a strip of StreamZ and said “wrap that in your sock!”.  The rest is history, but safe to say it helped my knee and I am now back playing cricket again!”

Q: “Is StreamZ Technology clinically proven?”

A: “Clinically proven, no. Clinically supported, yes. In 2016 double-blind clinical studies were carried out by Writtle University looking at the correlation of StreamZ technology on tarsal joint mobility and over track in horses. These results have led to further studies with medical authorities being carried out. We estimate that it will take several years (even decades) to be clinically proven as an alternative to anti inflammatory and pain relief medicines for humans. Studies and proof obtained on animals should be slightly less complicated and studies carried out on plants should lead to some molecular evidence by 2018. The company is committed to ensuring all claims follow the very strict advertising regulations in the UK.”

Q: “Why were StreamZ Global reported to the Advertising Agency?”

A: “A sign of the world we live in today. StreamZ made claims such as “users report a significant reduction in pain” which was deemed as unsubstantiated. Anecdotal evidence was not suitable even though we had it in such large volume; just as a masseuse is not allowed to use the word treatment. Claims for how StreamZ helps animals and plants were subsequently removed from our website. We aim to run as many clinical studies as possible to one-day make those claims again. Funnily enough, the consumer market is fully aware of the limitations put on companies like ours and the heavy support of pharmaceutical companies to ensure technologies like ours are not proven.”

Q: “What does StreamZ technology do for recovery?”

A: “The theory behind the invention was based on magnetic resonance and how each molecule reacts differently to varying frequencies. StreamZ bands are heavily endorsed by leading professionals as an ideal tool in reducing recovery time from exercise or injury. It is thought that the rebalancing of the minerals within the system improves the natural healing process.”

Q: Is StreamZ really Global?

A: “Absolutely. StreamZ Global is used across the world. We have local presence in Sydney, Australia and in Alberta, Canada and are planning on the launch of StreamZ technologies to the US market in 2019.”

YOU StreamZ frequently asked questions…

What leg should I wear my YOU StreamZ on?

We have not run clinical studies and therefore cannot confirm this other than through anecdotal reports, and using the theory behind the initial invention. However, we recommend that the ankle bands are worn on the left ankle. This is due to our anatomy and how blood leaves the ‘left anterior descending artery’ as it leaves the heart; this is ‘highly oxygenated blood’ and is thought to be more reactive to StreamZ energy fields.

How big is the band?

The YOU band is 1.5″ wide – it is ‘one size fits all’. It’s not a ‘police tag’ as some people joke about, and remember, it is best worn at night when no one sees. Initial studies actually indicated that 1.5″ width was the optimum width for comfort. The YOU StreamZ ankle band is developed as a class 1 medical device; not a fashion device. Although we will look to evolve the product our philosophy is to create a product which provides results rather than a ‘fashion statement’. The product is worn on the ankle and is best worn whilst sleeping.

Can I wear the band on my wrist?

StreamZ have not been designed to wear on the wrist and may seem too bulky if worn there. The science behind StreamZ works
better on the ankle as there are faster flowing and more arteries in the ankle than in the wrist. Within the next phase of development, a wristband will be launched, to be worn in addition to the general YOU StreamZ band, specifically for those with inflammatory problems in their hands and as a solution to users who require the use of StreamZ throughout the day.

How do I wash my band?

Only ever wash the bands using cold water. Avoid using hot water or placing in a machine on any setting other than a hand wash (cold) setting. Failure to do so may result in the failure of the fastening hooks.

Is the YOU StreamZ a Registered Medical device?

Yes. The device is registered as a CE CLASS 1 medical device under direction 93/42/EEC. This does not mean it is ‘clinically proven’. StreamZ is not (yet) clinically proven with use on humans, it is on animals. Our aim is to one day achieve clinical status, until that time the product remains a scientific theory unproven in science.

Is the YOU StreamZ band waterproof?

Yes, although we would suggest carefully removing it in the shower or bath. The band is machine washable (once the material has been removed) on a 40° setting. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed band, you must ensure that the spine (ridge) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin).

How long should I wear the YOU StreamZ for to see the effects?

If you can, try to wear it continuously for at least the first few weeks as you are most likely to then experience the speediest results. As a minimum, you should wear it for 8 hours a day for the first six weeks, and this, of course, could be overnight when our bodies are in ‘recovery mode’. Optimum effects should be experienced within 20 days, although effects on certain ailments have been found within a few hours. Many YOU StreamZ converts wear their bands all the time, and wouldn’t be without them! If you are wearing the ankle band for health reasons we’d strongly suggest wearing it for as long as possible. If you are wearing it for recovery after exercise then we’d suggest wearing it for 8 hours minimum after the exercise and when sleeping. (All StreamZ products work best when ‘in recovery mode’)

Are references for particular ailments available?

We are working on collating lots of anecdotal support for a variety of health conditions where results are found. Personal information will not be disclosed for data protection purposes, although ‘real life’ references are available on our website and via social media. It is 2017 and we believe that if our product did not deliver on our claims most of the time, then we would not have achieved what we have already. We do not promise to help every person, medicines do not either. Our support team are here to advise and help with any queries you may have.

What symptoms should be avoided when wearing a StreamZ ankle band?

Anyone with a heart condition must seek medical advice prior to wearing StreamZ technology. Likewise, our team are unable to give specific medical advice to any individual. YOU Streamz should be used as complimentary form of treatment and not to replace prescribed medications. 

What is the life expectancy of the YOU StreamZ band?

There are two variables to take into consideration. 1) The StreamZ energy field is consistent and does not dissipate; the energy field therefor lasts for years. Our inventor used to say “When gravity ends Streamz will stop working; but you’ll have far more important things to worry about than your Streamz band when that happens!” 2) The product is an aesthetic product so the life expectancy of the outer sleeves is dependant on its use and how well the material is maintained. Warranty on all Streamz products is 12 months from the date of purchase, but please note this does not include aesthetic damage.

DOG StreamZ frequently asked questions…

How big are the DOG StreamZ collars?

Our silicone DOG Streamz are a maximum of 55cm / 21.5″ in diameter. They are just 1.65cm /0.5″ in width and weigh 105g at their maximum length. Each silicone band can be cut-to-size for the perfect bespoke fit, reducing the weight if applicable.

Do DOG StreamZ silicone bands have a breakaway buckle feature?

No. The silicone bands do not have a breakaway feature as often found with cat collars. The silicone material is flexible and the buckle will break if placed under significant force. As with any dog collar or harness, remove the collar in active exercise if you are concerned.

What is different to StreamZ and other magnetic dog collars?

Many people report relief for their dogs arthritic pain from wearing a traditional magnetic collar. These traditional magnetic products (such as Bio*low) are said to pulsate the muscle creating heat which helps increase blood flow. YOU StreamZ is not conventional magnetic therapy: rather, its patented technology helps rebalance compounds and minerals by interacting on a molecular level with the system – Streamz was developed to stream minerals more efficiently. And unlike most magnetic collars, DOG StreamZ bands use a 360° continuous field of energy: this is crucial to effectiveness of the technology. The results of StreamZ speak for themselves, and we love to point out how many people contact us asking us this question; if the traditional magnetic collar was as good as our StreamZ smart-collars you wouldn’t be seeking a better product 🙂

Are the collars available as ‘hound collars’ or ‘harnesses’?

DOG StreamZ are silicone smart bands that have been developed to be used alongside harnesses and collars. Think of a ‘flea collar’ – you give your doggy a flea collar when they have fleas. DOG Streamz silicone bands are worn for a purpose also.

Can the silicone collars be attached to a lead?

No. The silicone bands do not have a d-ring attachment; at just 1.65cm wide they were developed to be worn alongside collars/harnesses used for walking.

Can the silicone collars have name tags attached?

Yes. Name tags can be joined by looping the split-ring of the name tag around the silicone band, or if no split ring is in use then the small SG icon within the buckle of the dog band can be used. Name tags are not provided with the collar.

Can the DOG StreamZ collar be used with other magnetic products (such as magnetic rugs and beds)?

We advise against this. Traditional magnets work by creating a constant pulse; this pulse (the magnetic field) can damage the StreamZ energy field. Let us put it this way’ if the magnetic collar/bed had been ‘doing it’s job’ then you wouldn’t be reading this now. We do not know of any Streamz customers who return back to traditional magnetic therapy once trying Streamz unique resonance technology. There are other products on the market which provide thermal regulation via jackets and rugs for dogs, which do not use magnetic technology. These can be worn alongside StreamZ and, in our opinion, compliment each other well.

Can DOG Streamz bands be left on 24/7?

Yes, as with all StreamZ products the technology is ‘non-intrusive’ and can be left 24/7. We would advise against working dogs wearing a collar while active.

Are the DOG StreamZ collars waterproof?

Yes, they are made from FDA approved silicone which is waterproof and can be wiped clean if required.

Why does it say “they cannot be used on dogs with heart conditions”?

This is a regulation we abide to. Our team are unable to offer medical advice so the regulation states we should advise you to consult with your veterinary practitioner. This is a regulation deployed to traditional magnetic products but StreamZ is NOT a traditional magnet. Traditional magnets create a pulse which is thought to potentially interfere with heart conditions or vascular treatments. StreamZ does not pulse, it spins creating no pulse within the system. Many vets will not have heard of StreamZ technology, in that circumstance they should be told “DOG StreamZ are not traditional magnets, they are magnetic resonant therapy. They create no pulse.”

Where can I buy DOG StreamZ bandscollars from?

Online at our DOG StreamZ page –, or via authorised retailers.

What is the life expectancy of the DOG StreamZ silicone band?

The StreamZ energy field is consistent and does not dissipate; the energy field there for lasts for years. Our inventor used to say “When gravity ends StreamZ will stop working; but you will have far more important things to worry about than your StreamZ band when that happens!”. The silicone used may discolour after prolonged use in direct sunlight but the energy field will not be effected by this. Warranty on all Streamz products is 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where on each leg do I attach the EQU StreamZ bands?

The fetlock bands should be wrapped around the pastern or cannon bone, just below or above the fetlock (or hock). If turned out and on soft ground we advise the bands are fitted above the fetlock to avoid them being damaged, there is also slight movement in that area of the horse when mobile. If your horse is on box rest and/or stabled, and there lies a specific health issue, then we advise the bands are fitted below the fetlock as although this position is not as comfortable for the horse as placing above the fetlock joint the anatomy of the horse would indicate slightly better blood flow below the joint. The Palmar digital arteries runs closer to the surface of the horses skin below the fetlock joint than it, it was thus recommended to StreamZ by veterinary professionals to carry out all studies with bands placed below the fetlock. Due to varying weather conditions it is not always possible to wear them below the joint. Please pay attention to our warranty process by visiting our standard terms and conditions. It is vital to follow the care instructions on when to leave the bands on or take them off. 24/7 does NOT mean they can be left on all day, every day.

What legs should the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands be placed on?

Each horse wears two bands, one on any two legs – results have been found to be the same with bands placed on both front or hind legs, or in any combination. We advise that the bands are placed closest to the issue, depending on the living conditions of the horse or if being used for no specific reason or injury then they should be placed on the NEAR FORE and OFF HIND. Clinical studies carried out have had the bands placed on the near fore and off hind to provide consistency. For clinical purposes the bands were placed below the fetlock; although results across the board when worn above have made little difference. Our advise is therefor that horses turned out should have the bands placed ABOVE the fetlock, when turned in or on box rest the bands should be placed BELOW the fetlock.

Why are there two bands in a box?

Each horse wears two bands. Each horse wears two bands, one on any two legs – results have been found to be improved when wearing two bands as opposed to one. Likewise, results have not been improved when using four bands on each horse!

Can you remove the StreamZ magnetic strips?

Yes, do not worry that they are “poking out at one end”, hold the sleeve vertically and slide or push the strip back in again. Each end of the sleeve is open allowing assembly of the product and allowing the strips to be removed for washing or to continue use after the aesthetic lifespan of the fastening material has finished.

Can we keep the bands on 24/7?

That really depends. The technology is non intrusive (unlike traditional magnetic therapy) so the technology can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, that really depends on the ground conditions. As an example, a pair of new trainers can be worn 24/7; wear them for 5 days in a muddy field and see how long they’ll last. Common sense is required.
In soft ground, we advise against the bands being below the fetlock as they may be damaged (or even lost) in the mud. The bands should never be submerged in mud, so if turned-out in wet ground conditions then we would advise against leaving them on. One little trick our team uses to keep them on in wetter conditions is to use a few layers of vet-wrap over the top of the bands.  So, it all depends on where you are in the world and what the weather/ground is like.

How do I wash the EQU bands?

Only ever wash the bands using cold water. Avoid using hot water or placing in a machine on any setting other than a hand wash (cold) setting. Failure to do so may result in the failure of the fastening hooks.

Can I continue to issue medication/supplements?

Yes. The use of prescribed medication for your horse should always be on the advice of your vet. EQU StreamZ bands can be used alongside medication and supplements, as the technology is 100% natural.

Can the EQU bands be used in conjunction with other products/supplements/medicines?

Yes, more traditional magnetic products and will not be effected by their energy field. The EQU bands will also be suitable for use with other boots, wraps, bandages and so on. Please ensure, however, that magnetic products are NOT placed directly above StreamZ products; the magnetic pulse from the other product may damage the StreamZ energy field.

Do EQU Streamz bands help my horses swelling?

The word “Swelling” is often misinterpreted in the equine world. There are two very different types of issue which results in swelling. “Inflammation” and “filling”.
“Inflammation” is swelling of the muscle/tissue and often related to trauma. Heat should not be applied in this circumstance therefor traditional magnetic theraputic products such as magnetic boots and rugs should be avoided. StreamZ technology creates no heat so our unique approach to magnetism can be used alongside inflammation issues such as tendon/ligament issues and splints. “Filling” is part of the natural healing process and is not inflammation of the muscle/tendon. “Filling” is fluid based and there as a supportive measure to the surrounding joint. Remember that filling is part of the natural healing process.

Are the EQU fetlock bands waterproof?

Yes they are not damaged when wet, they are made from neoprene and are stitched using ‘zig-zag’ stitching to ensure they maintain their strength even when wet. When Streamz refer to the bands as being ‘Waterproof’ this does not mean they do not get wet, they do. The material (neoprene and hook and loop backing) do get wet, although they do dry quickly. The bands containing silicone badges.
NOTE: When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed sleeve, you must ensure that the spine (ridge) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin).

My bands have broken, what should I do?

If you have issues with your products our team will do everything they can to assist. Please note that the product does come with a warranty, but this excludes general wear-and-tear or ‘purpose of use’. Streamz statutory return policy applies.

Please contact our support team if you have any issues.

The magnetic silicone strip in my EQU StreamZ is no longer there, what can StreamZ do?

The design of the EQU StreamZ bands allows the strip to slide in or out from one end, on the inside of the webbing alongside the hook and loop tongue. This allows the product to be washed in a machine, on a cold setting only. There are only a few reasons that a magnetic strip could be lost as basic physics prevents the silicone strip from falling out when wrapped around the horses leg:

  1. It is stuck to the inside of the washing machine or in the floor next to the stable door.
  2. The outer sleeve has been damaged by the horse and the strip has fallen out. It would need quite a large hole/rip for the strip to fall out though.
  3. It has fallen out when in the tack room/stable and no one has realised. (it’s probably on the floor still)

Please note that the product does come with a warranty, but this excludes general wear-and-tear which includes the horse damaging the bands. Damaged bands are not included within the warranty process, as with any tack manufacturers. Our support team may be able to help so please do get in touch via email at A replacement strip incurring a small charge may be offered to you, if available at the time and at the full discretion of StreamZ Global. If you feel your product does have a defect then please get in touch. StreamZ Global statutory return policy applies.

The Velcro on my bands no longer stick, what should I do?

Velcro® is no longer used by StreamZ (updated, 01/12/17) and is now a different version which is far stronger. All hook & loop fasteners require a level of care and maintenance and StreamZ are unable to provide a warranty to bands where the fastener is no longer “sticky”, however, we ask that you contact our support team who maybe able to help. It may be that you were supplied from a faulty batch. If it is deemed by StreamZ that the fastener is not sticking through a defect then the items may be replaced free-of-charge. We advise that every week the fastening is cleaned and the bands are washed in cold water only. StreamZ will not take responsibility for bands where the fastening has not been cared for accordingly. Unfortunately replacement sleeves are not available as this creates issues from a counterfeit perspective. The fastener now used on StreamZ is the strongest on the market.

Protecting and caring for your StreamZ products will help maintain their strength and gripping power, plus extend the life of the product. This is especially true for apparel closures that are left exposed for extended periods of time, or that are subject to repeated machine washing and drying or using hot water. We reiterate, if you do have a problem with your Velcro please get in touch with our support team.

Over time, the hook surface of the fastener can pick up lint and other debris that can affect its ability to grip the loop surface. Cleaning debris out of the hooks is similar to cleaning hairbrushes: using a stiff brush or another piece of hook are the best methods. It can take some doing – after all, the hooks in the tape are made to grab! The optimal solution is prevention: the hook portion should be covered at all times, so it does not grab onto anything it should not, such as grass. Always ensure the hook and loop fastening is attached correctly.

We recommend using citrus-based cleaner to remove any remaining adhesive. For thick adhesive you may need some elbow grease to get the residue off. We advise that you spot test any remover before using and always clean off the surface after using any cleaner. Our own team use a metal flea comb to clean the debris.

Are the EQU band machine washable?

Yes, on a cold  ‘hand wash’ setting only. They can generally be washed by cold soapy water which is what we do with ours. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed sleeve, you must ensure that the spine (ridges) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin) and make sure you put them somewhere safe if washing in a cold setting on your machine. (Some have found them stuck to the barrel of the machine in case yours disappear!)

Where can I buy EQU StreamZ from?

Online at our EQU StreamZ page, or via authorised distributors.

What is the life expectancy of the EQU StreamZ silicone band?

The StreamZ energy field is consistent and does not dissipate; the energy field there for lasts for many years. Our inventor used to say “When gravity ends StreamZ will stop working; but you will have far more important things to worry about than your StreamZ band when that happens!”. The sleeves themselves are an aesthetic product and there for have a lifespan dependant on how they are cared for and maintained. Warranty on all Streamz products is 12 months from the date of purchase, but please note this does not include aesthetic wear-and-tear or damage.

What can you do if I lose a strip from my horses band?

We have had a few people contact us saying they have lost a strip from the inside of their horses band. Please understand that the design of the bands and how they wrap around the horses leg prevents the StreamZ silicone strips from “falling out” unless the bands have not been placed correctly on the horse or the horse has pulled the bands off. Lost strips are not covered under warranty and are not available to buy separately. But fret not, one discovery was made recently by a customer who was perplexed at where her strip was…. it was found a few weeks later stuck to the top of the washing machine drum! (so check there too). We have also seen at our own yard that sometimes when the bands are taken off hey are thrown over the top of the stable door – this can lead to the strips falling out without being seen. When removing the bands from the horse we recommend the bands are closed whilst not in use.