EQU StreamZ Ambassadors

Sophie Wells Dressage Champion StreamZ Ambassador ImageParalympic, World & European Dressage ChampionSophie Wells MBE
Harriet Upton Team Gb Eventing Rides for HM Queen eventing horses streamz global magnetic horse band ambassador and founder of we are athletesEventing | Rides for HM QueenHarriet Upton
Scott-Schiffner-EQU-StreamZ-Ambassador-you-streamz-athletics-and-sports-pain-relief-and-recoveryProfessional CowboyScott Schiffner
Gemma tattersall Team Gb Eventing superstar ambassador of streamz endorses streamz magnetic therapy for her horsesTeam GB Eventer and World ChampionGemma Tattersall
Nancy-Csabay-EQU-StreamZ-Ambassador-you-streamz-athletics-and-sports-pain-relief-and-recoveryBarrel Racing LegendNancy Csabay
Belinda Trussell Slider ImageOlympic Dressage ProfessionalBelinda Trussell
Harriet-Nuttal-EQU-StreamZ-Ambassador-you-streamz-athletics-and-sports-pain-relief-and-recoveryTeam GB International Showjumper​Harriet Nuttall
Julie-Moorcroft-EQU-StreamZ-Ambassador-you-streamz-athletics-and-sports-pain-relief-and-recoveryWestern Dressage World ChampionJulie Moorcroft
Trevor Breen StreamZ Ambassador ImageInternational ShowjumperTrevor Breen
Sofie Buchart EQU Streamz magnetic bands ambassador tpo help her horses recover and stay suppleInternational DressageSofie Butchart

Belinda Trussell

International Dressage 
Olympic Rider for Team Canada

Belinda Trussell Dressage Profesional for Team Canada Dressage Olympic competitor EQU StreamZ sponsor for magnetic bands

“I use the EQU StreamZ bands on my performances horses, retired horses and myself! They are extremely effective reducing inflammation. My horses come out more supple for their training. They are so simple and easy to use and a ‘must have’ in our barn!” – Belinda

Gemma Tattersall

International 3-day Eventer
Team GB and WEG Champion

“I am thrilled to report that since our horses started using the bands they have gone from strength-to-strength. We use the bands on all the team both pre and post competition and when travelling. Highly recommended.” – Gemma

Scott Schiffner

Professional Cowboy
Canadian Bull Riding Champion

“I suffer from varying aches and pains from a long career and have found great benefit when wearing the StreamZ ankle band. I now have the EQU bands on all our horses to keep them in peak condition and have noticed an improvement across the board.” – Scott

Amara Duxbury

Barrel Racing Professional
Owner of Blazing Hearts Ranch

“Since the first time I put on the EQU StreamZ bands on, the consistency in my horses performances has been amazing. We are always looking to support their energy levels and focus and how they recovery after competing. Highly recommended!” – Amara

Harriet Upton

International 3-day Eventer
Rides for HM Queen Elizabeth

“The EQU StreamZ bands are a highly valued part of our daily tack and specifically used after competing and whilst travelling. I also wear the human band to help me and all the horses have their own pair too!” – Harriet

Josh Harden

Professional Cowboy
Bronc Riding Champion

“EQU StreamZ fetlock bands are now a necessity in our barn for all our performance and retired horses. We have seen the technology provide a variety of benefits and we support their use for day-to-day maintenance and wellbeing” – Josh

Nancy Csabay

Barrel Racing Professional
Canadian National Champion

“I noticed a difference in my horse Wicked after a few days into her wearing StreamZ bands. I could feel the difference in her and we use them now to support her daily routine and managing any inflammation she sometimes get.” – Nancy

Sophie Wells (MBE)

International Dressage 
Paralympic, World & European Champion

“I have seen more than a few improvements in several of our horses wearing the EQU bands, and I wear the human band myself. I can say from experience that they have helped us and are worth every penny!” – Sophie

Julie Moorcroft

International Western Dressage 
World Western Dressage Champion

“For me StreamZ have been a life saver! I first experienced the benefits of StreamZ for myself, since then my horse’s Bling and World Champion Gracie have reaped the benefits too. Natural, non invasive and results driven!” – Julie

Kendra Edey

Barrel Racing Professional

“StreamZ is one of those amazing technologies I use on myself, and my horses to keep us all at the top of our game! I love the natural and non invasive way in which they support our horses both in recovery stage and for wellbeing” – Kendra

Jewels Vysniauskas

International Dressage
Grand Prix Dressage Professional

“I love the natural concept behind EQU StreamZ bands and feel the technology has both enhanced my horses performances in the ring and helped me with my sleeping patterns! Ačui StreamZ!” – Jewels

Liz Halliday Sharp

International Eventer
TV Broadcaster & Motor Racing Driver

“I first experienced the results of StreamZ technology on myself after an injury. I then started seeing results on my horses followed by incredible success with my dog Arnie! Awesome natural and low maintenance technology!“ – Liz

Aiyana Levin

International Dressage
Australian National Champion

“I just love the fact the technology can be worn 24/7 and provide a completely natural approach without negative side effects. They are so easy to manage and provide results which are truly amazing. Don’t let your horse wait; get some now!” – Aiyana

Kaila Mussell

Professional Bronc Rider
Canadian Rodeo competitor & therapist

“I have had many injuries and corresponding aches and pains over the years, so I started using Streamz on myself, along with family and friends and then clients horses. Amazing products which deliver on results!” – Kaila

Millie Macdonald

International 3-day Eventer
Australian eventing professional

“Since my eventing horse Leo started using the EQU StreamZ magnetic bands I can feel the improvement in him! We are always looking to help our horses naturally and StreamZ have shown us that they deliver on results, highly recommended” – Millie

Nicole Pavitt

International Showjumper
Grand Prix rider and trainer

“I am delighted to recommend such a fantastic UK manufactured product. We noticed within a few days an improvement in one of our top competing horses so we now have the Streamz technology on all our team of horses.” – Nicole

Sofie Butchart

International Dressage
British Dressage rider & coach

“The StreamZ bands have shown to support my horses. We are always looking for better movement in the ring and the natural approach in how StreamZ work is of great importance to me. A great product and a company i’m proud to be endorsing!” – Sofie

Harriet Nuttall

International Showjumper
Team GB and Nations Cup

“StreamZ UK made technology are a valued member of our daily routine and are highly recommended for all horses. We use the bands on all our horses including A Touch Imperious – so they really are used by the best!” – Harriet

Gemma Kennedy

International 3-day Eventing
Australian Professional

“EQU Streamz do a wonderful job at keeping my horses well maintained and in their best form. The technology uses a unique approach which allows me to use them for long periods of time without increasing heat.” – Gemma

Adele Edwards

Barrel Racing Professional
Australian National Champion

“EQU StreamZ bands are an essential part of my horses everyday maintenance and rehabilitation routines, aiding them both pre and post exercise. I also wear the human band myself with great results! A great product!” – Adele

Trevor Breen

International Grand Prix Showjumper
Team Ireland and Hickstead Champion

“We have seen results across the entire StreamZ range and thoroughly recommend the technology. They provide a natural alternative for many horse related health issues, without compromising on results.” – Trevor

Streamz have run trials and clinical studies to support natural pain relief and recovery using streamz unique magnetic therapy technology


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Streamz are endorsed by leading professionals across teh world to support natural pain relief and recovery using streamz unique magnetic therapy technology


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