Thermal Studies on StreamZ

EQU Streamz thermal studies using latest thermal infrared technology to show how Streamz creates no heatcarried out by Thermology UK (Digatherm)Independent Studies
EQU StreamZ thermal imaging has proven that StreamZ is unique to traditional magnetic therapy and that no heat is created allowing the bands to be used 24/7 and for long periods of time as the technology is non-invasiveUsing the most advanced systemsThermal Infrared Study

Veterinary Thermal Imaging provides a valuable addition to existing diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRI scans and Ultrasound and provides a visual tool for owners and professionals monitoring or treating injury, illness or disease. Very distinctive thermal patterns can be seen where joint injuries or degeneration is present, or has been present in the horse. In chronic pain syndromes or chronic degenerative processes like arthritis, there is initially an increase in blood flow which then creates a further increase in joint temperature.

The Thermal Imaging camera used in these studies was the only nitrogen cooled camera in the UK that was licensed for medical and veterinary use at the time of the study. The very latest on the market and extremely sensitive, able to pin point subtle temperature changes associated with joint problems – one of the biggest causes of lameness in a horse.

StreamZ differs to traditional magnetic therapy. Magnets create a pulse which in turns heats up that localised area, helping to increase blood flow. The aim of using this technology was to show how StreamZ does not create heat allowing the bands to be used for long periods of time, 24/7 if required.


Independently taken by Thermology UK (Digatherm)

The study below was carried out on a horse with a recent splint injury, over a 5 day period. These images were taken using the only nitrogen cooled camera in the UK licensed for medical and veterinary use. Three separate colour palettes were used to indicate the changes in heat and inflammation clearly. After taking the initial images EQU StreamZ fetlock bands were fitted on both fetlocks.

5 days later the camera took a second shot of the same area to establish what impact the bands had on the inflammation both within the splint and the surrounding area. The results speak for themselves! 

Please note that thermal imaging diagnosis is not yet clinically approved. The study conditions were not temperature controlled, the purpose was to visually show how heat is not produced and how that bands can be used when the horse is rehabilitating or in recovery.

Equipment used: Digatherm IR Pad 640×512, 20MK, +/-1degree – The most technologically advanced veterinary IR tablet on the planet and the only one of its kind in the UK. (at the time of study)


StreamZ technology shows a significant reduction in localised heat found in splint region, and surrounding area. This supports StreamZ claims that the technology can be used directly after exercise when applying heat should be avoided, or for long periods of time. Further studies should be taken to establish the differences in StreamZ technology versus more traditional magnetic products.