"My horse is 24 and has been wearing these bands for 10 months now. Windgalls have totally disappeared and we see no swelling in his legs. He wears them 24/7 when dry and in the stable in winter and he is now 'sound as a pound'. Fabulous results."
Sandy Cornwall - website review
"My fab physiotherapist Natasha came to work with the horses and she said that in the 2 years she’s treated Whisper she’s never felt this good! I have been using EQU StreamZ bands on her 24/7 and her windgalls have completely disappeared. This along with her feeling the best ever means that I totally endorse this product and I am going out to buy some for all of our horses!"
Franky Reid-Warrilow - International Team GB Eventer
"These bands are a godsend!!! After a hard lesson of advanced dressage I left the bands off my horse for a few hours whilst he dried off as he is a sensitive soul so I didn't want him to be rubbed! When I went back to him his legs were really filled and huge windgalls. I put the bands back on straight away and within an hour his legs were back to normal!"
Eleanor Broughton - Part of the windgalls study
"I have a mid/heavy weight Irish cob mare who is 17yrs old and displays common symptoms with arthritis in her hocks..... She wears StreamZ bands 24/7 unless being exercised. Her thick, water retention joints are greatly reduced, her windgalls are almost negligible and her zest for life tenfold..... Definitely never going back to bandages and cold hosing and supplements ... StreamZ all the way!!!"
Kate Knox-Hall - website review
"A friend of mine recommended I try a pair of the EQU StreamZ bands when my 15 year old mare was diagnosed with arthritis. She was originally given 8 months box rest and having windgalls anyway her legs were so swollen i was having to bandage them every day. After 48 hours I noticed the swelling had gone down and on her next vet visit after her having the bands on a month the vet was astounded in such a dramatic change."
Hannah Michelle-Wake - website review
"We definitely noticed the windgalls got very soft at the beginning! They never went completely but there was definitely an improvement!! Aside from the Windgalls, these bands have had an amazing effect on Ozz's work! He is so much happier in his work, and even canters around the field of his own accord at times!! Very unlike my lazy warmblood!!!"
Lou Koslicki - part of the windgalls study