"My 14yo Horse has been wearing his EQU StreamZ bands 24/7 for the last 12 months after being diagnosed with navicular disease in both front feet along with multiple other issues. He is now on the smallest anti-inflammatory dose and he brings a smile to my face each morning. I 100% recommend this product!..."
Jodie - website review
"I was never one to believe much in magnetic therapy but when I started reading all the research on these I decided to give them a try. My gelding was diagnosed with severe navicular in his left front. He has been wearing the bands for close to a month now and I can see improvements daily..."
Kelsey - website review
"My gelding suddenly presented with hind end abnormalities. Nerve blocks and blood work showed nothing. Within 24 hours of him wearing the StreamZ bands, the lameness was GONE! Completely gone! Highly recommend these bands, thanks EQU StreamZ!..."
Adelle - website review
"A brilliant product!! My horse has navicular and wears her EQU StreamZ fetlock bands 24/7. She has notably more energy, she is comfortable and has stayed sound since putting them on. I do not need to use anti-inflammatories anymore! Highly recommended!..."
Cathy - website review
"I started using EQU StreamZ fetlock bands on my senior gelding this fall and can't say enough good things about them! He's struggled with soundness issues and navicular - these bands have him pain-free and acting like his 8-year-old self again! Also, love that you can put them on 24/7 and do not need to worry about them..."
Anna - website review
"My horse has had navicular for nearly a year now. I put the bands on and within 24 hrs noticed a difference! Then over the weeks he got better and better. He still has navicular but we can see the change. I would say to anyone who is told their horse has navicular to try theses EQU StreamZ bands..."
Kerry - website review
"My horse has navicular and experienced two tears in his DDFT- six months later he trotted up sound!!! EQU StreamZ were a part of his recovery plan! Long road ahead but we are on that road! Louis wears his 24/7."