"My 17.3 hand 8 year old Gedling was diagnosed with laminitis, rotation of the pedal bone and was given 6-12 months to come back into work. (if he was lucky!) He also has joint problems in both his hocks, one stifle and an old back problem where he fractured his vertebrae and detached his ligaments. He has been wearing his StreamZ bands for a few weeks now. I have my horse back.. he is sound, acting his age again and is back to flatwork! I highly recommend this product!!"
Jemma Greatbanks
"My 10 year old mare developed laminitis in her hind feet last year. She spent 8 months on box rest and the bands have been invaluable over this time. Getting good blood circulation while confined to her stable was a difficulty but the Streamz bands have really helped. Previously any overnight stabling has resulted in filled legs but she had no problems at all with that throughout her long recovery. I can highly recommend them!"
Jo Simpson
"Thank you so much for donating a pair of your StreamZ bands to Breeze. She is a 4 year old therapy pony who was rescued as a foal, her and her mum were starved and unfortunately this left Breeze with a series of health issues including bad feet due to lack of nutrients as a foal. She recently diagnosed with mechanical laminitis and was very lame, but with the help of her EQU StreamZ bands and some new shoes she’s is making a great recovery! Everyone at TEAL (and Breeze of course!) are very thankful to StreamZ and so are all our clients as she can now continue her therapeutic work with them! Many thanks to you all!"
Teal Equine Charity
"My 18 year old mare has arthritis and last year was diagnosed with laminitis after moving yards. I decided to buy her EQU StreamZ fetlock bands. I feel they have helped her recover quickly from her bout of laminitis and she is still wearing them for her ongoing arthritic issues, which has also improved so much in the year she has been wearing the bands. I have my happy horse back who is still running around the countryside - thanks to EQU Streamz!"
Jennie Philbin