"...My YOU Streamz band has literally given me my life back! A few months ago my knee was so painful and was throwing my hip out causing more pain. I kept reading the reviews and finally decided it was the only thing left worth trying and it only took a couple of days to start feeling the benefit. I feel like my joints have been lubricated!..."
"...Like many people offered pain relief without the need to take medication I was sceptical. After hearing about the product through patients and a few colleagues I decided to try the band to help with long term knee and back pain. Within a few days of wearing the band I realised the inflammation and associated pain was subsiding..."
Dr M. El Sayed
"...The first thing I noticed was that a small but very painful in-growing toenail has completely healed! All the inflammation has gone! Aches and pains are gradually decreasing; I am not so stiff in the morning, am sleeping really well and feel great- I’m never taking it off!!! Hurry up and make lots because I’ve told all my friends!..."

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is an important part of the body's immune response to infection and injury. Without inflammation as a physiological response, infections could become deadly and wounds septic.

Inflammation – YOU