“Since our horse's started using the EQU StreamZ bands they have gone from strength-to-strength! A truly valuable part of our daily management.”
Gemma Tattersall - 3-Day Eventer (Team GB rider & World Champion)
“We noticed a greater level of mobility since our horses have been wearing the EQU bands and that their energy levels were noticeably higher. We use for prevention and cure!”
Harriet Upton - 3-Day Eventer (Team GB rider, Rides for HM Queen)
"We use StreamZ bands on all the competition horses to help support them and keep them in top condition! We’ve noticed several improvements, especially in recovery time. Highly recommended."
Freddie Best - 3-Day Eventer (International rider Great Britain)
“Since my eventing horse Leo started using the StreamZ bands I can feel the improvement in his stride and overall wellbeing. 100% natural and results that deliver, Get some now!”
Millie Macdonald - 3-Day Eventer (International rider, Australia)
"We are always looking to support our horses with natural technologies and have seen a great benefit to both horses, riders and dog! Highly recommended to support your eventing horses."
Liz Halliday-Sharp - 3-Day Eventer (International rider, USA)
"We found that the recovery of our horses after competing was improved when using Streamz technology. We love the fact they offer a natural solution to support our horses."
Paris Gainsford - 3-Day Eventer (International rider, Great Britain)

What is the equine discipline of 3-Day Eventing?

3-Day Eventing (also known as horse t