“I've seen more than a few improvements in several of our horses wearing the EQU bands, and I wear the human band myself. I can say from experience that they have helped us so in my eyes they are worth every penny!”
Sophie Wells (MBE) - Paralympic, World and Euro dressage champion
“We had a horse who was showing signs of lameness 24 hours before a Grand Prix competition. We put Streamz bands on and left them overnight. The next day the horse was on top form and went on to win the competition. Naturally magic!”
Roland Tong - International dressage professional & trainer
"For me StreamZ have been a life saver! Not only do I no longer need pain medication for my hip pain, but my horse’s Bling and World Champion Gracie have reaped the benefits too. It shows in their ‘happy performances’ and clean, tight legs. Highly recommended!”
Julie Moorcroft - World Western Dressage Champion
"The EQU StreamZ bands have shown to support my horses movement in the ring, and the natural approach in how they work is of great importance to me. A great product and a company i'm proud to be endorsing!”
Sofie Butchart - International Dressage professional & trainer
"I love the natural concept behind StreamZ and feel the technology has both enhanced my horses performance and helped me with my sleeping patterns! Ačui StreamZ!”
Jewels Vysniauskas - International Dressage professional & trainer
"Since wearing EQU Streamz several years ago our younger horses are very loose and ‘elastic’ and the older ones with arthritis and navicular have improved immensely. A great product and company - highly recommended!”
Kate Rowland - International Dressage professional & trainer