"Since wearing the collar Della's allergy has disappeared and her coat has regrown. She is doing really well for a 12 1/2 year old dog, still happily going for walks of 8+ miles!"
Bridgitte Wyre - 2017 WAO England Team Manager
“I reported that since wearing her StreamZ collar she was no longer on any veterinary medication or supplements and was running around like a dog half her age. Recovery time is amazing and usually by the following day she is up to her old tricks again!”
Alison Page-Millard - Website review
"Caeyn is continuing his recovery following spinal surgery. After about 6 weeks of wearing the StreamZ collar he has progressed phenomenally, in fact we've even joked he could come back to compete! He looks awesome!"
Dave Russell - Team GB Agility
"Beau demonstrated increased energy and activity, even jumping on and off the sofa. He wanted to engage more with other dogs and now enjoys the same longer walks as his younger canine companions. A wonderful recovery period with Streamz by his side!"
Frouwina Flesher - Trainer of Magazine & TV Stars
"Every so often a new product comes along and it becomes an essential tool. StreamZ is one such product we would not be without; aiding our dogs recovery after exercise and competitions."
Marc & Christine Wingate-Wynne - Team GB Agility
"The difference it made for her was substantial. Within a few hours her balance and resulting motions showed signs of significant improvement."
Brice Malcolm - website review
"Tink has a G3 luxating patella which could lead to arthritis in later life. We can see the collar is helping her recovery times & energy levels when competing & hopefully will now prevent the arthritis!"
Tracy Ryan - Team GB and England Agility
"..He is getting older but still loves his games and his recovery after racing is now brilliant. No lameness!"
Olga Foster - website review, fly ball dog
"Bud hasn’t gone lame after playing ball or frisbee and his recovery time is so much better!"