"I've seen an extreme change in my horses movement since using the StreamZ bands. I’m very excited to be involved with Streamz moving forward as I am passionate about the natural approach. I’ve seen such a change in my horse that i'm excited to share my experiences with the world!”
Sierra Dawn-Thomas (Barrel Racer & model, USA)
"My horse Wicked's has used EQU Streamz magnetic bands for over a year now. Her legs are tight, she’s fluid in her movement and her recovery time is less... I highly recommend the bands for any horse!”
Nancy Csabay (Barrel Racing legend, Canada)
"My horses have a very physical job competing at the highest level. EQU StreamZ bands are naturally helping their bodies to recover from competition, travelling and the rigours of everyday training. StreamZ are an essential part of my horses everyday maintenance and rehabilitation. A truly great product!"
Adele Edwards (Barrel Racing legend, Australia)
“StreamZ is one of those amazing technologies I use on myself, and my horses to keep us all at the top of our game! I am always looking for natural alternatives to help my horses compete at their optimum levels and StreamZ help us achieve just that!”
Kendra Edey (Barrel Racer, Canada)
“Since the first time I put on the EQU StreamZ, the consistency in energy levels, tightness in their legs and speed in recovery has been amazing. Everyone from my top competition horses, my school horses and my students horses love their EQU StreamZ. I use them on my dogs also and have seen a big difference in their movement too!”
Amara Duxbury (Barrel Racer, Canada)
"I was first introduced to Streamz as I was recommended to try their human product to help me recover after a heavy fall. Wow! I then moved onto the horse bands and have never looked back since!"
Ryen Freeman (Our 'young sponsor' in Canada)