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Equine Trade Partnerships

Becoming a Trade Partner | Stocking our range

Why retail StreamZ technology?

Now more than ever consumers are spending large amounts of money on treats and luxuries for their animals, or are making the switch to more expensive, premium pet products.

There are over 847,000 horses in the UK with an average age of 13. A survey carried out by The Blue Cross in 2016 indicated that 38% of horses suffer from one or more health condition, with a 3rd of these recorded as lameness. 

As equestrians and horse lovers lavish their beloved horses and ponies with quality diets, health and beauty treatments, exercise regimes and designer outfits, total spending on equine care is on the increase year-on-year.

In response, a marked trend has emerged towards therapeutic and organic food for horses, alongside natural alternatives to commonly prescribed medications and treatments.

Consumers are willing to spend more money to keep their horses and ponies healthier and happier, and businesses are taking advantage of this marketing opportunity. Foods developed for particular breeds and with specific health benefits are in high demand, and pet food companies are responding, but for a price. Consequently, the average price of feed has increased substantially in the last few years. A popular claim among new launched products has been feed and supplements with ‘no additives or preservatives’ – which is indicative of the increasing health-consciousness of horse owners.

NSAID medications are commonly used to treat the pain and inflammation associated with mobility issues, post-surgery discomfort, or other issues reported within the equine community. There are, however, health risks associated with using NSAIDs, especially if not used according to directions, or if the horse has other health problems. All NSAIDs can cause side effects, the most common being vomiting, loss of appetite, depression, and diarrhoea. More severe side effects include stomach or intestinal ulcers, liver failure, kidney failure, and in some cases even death. In essence, they are not ‘long term solutions’ and represent a form of invasive therapy.

As public awareness increases, there have been significant innovations in the range of products, treatments and medicines available to the veterinary equine profession and in particular with a more natural and non-invasive approach. Some of these have been driven by the continued growth in pet insurance, which, according to Pet Plan, the UK market leader in pet insurance, is now purchased by approximately 25-30% of pet owners.

The equine market for products that offer a natural response to equine health problems is without doubt increasing. Equally, it is clear that horse owners are ready to invest in products that support their horses wellbeing.

Holistic approaches have been available to the equine community for years. New technologies and improved manufacturing processes naturally lead to an increase in the effectiveness of these approaches. StreamZ are well positioned to be a global leader in this sector.

The StreamZ product range represents an opportunity for retailers to benefit from proven repeat sales and a high volume of recommendations within their own audience. StreamZ, with you every step of the way.


Trade Partnerships

Streamz Global are based from three locations around the world. This allows our team to provide global trade partnerships with retailers within the equine community.

Our team in the United Kingdom are based in our head office in Brighton, Sussex with warehouse and fulfilment facilities. This team work alongside trade partners in the UK and abroad to provide full trade facilities with access to stock, marketing collateral and training materials.

StreamZ do not operate with ‘middlemen distributors’ or business-to-business trade distributors. We have learned that this aspect of the industry does not fit our range so instead we look to work directly with retailers. This provides a greater level of knowledge and expertise regarding the technology and it’s specific uses, and has shown to be a successful route for both parties.  

Our North American team is based in Alberta, Canada. This extends our scope to Canada and the USA and our team in New South Wales provide direct support to trade partners in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve gone global!

StreamZ retail the range direct to consumers via it’s online e-commerce store and via amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.  This strategy is in place to provide the best price support to trade partners and retailers and protect the manufacturers recommended sales price (MRSP) within the market.

We highly value these partnerships and support them as best as possible to ensure growth of our range within their product portfolios and to their own audiences. 

Key benefits in becoming a retailer:

  • Access to manufacturers stock (all products)
  • Discounted trade prices 
  • Direct support from manufacturer
  • Full consumer-to-manufacturer warranty service
  • Access to marketing collateral (online and offline)
  • Credit facilities (UK only)

Conditions required:

  • Registered company number within the pet industry.
  • Partners must have a retail premises.
  • or, show evidence of being a trading therapist.
  • Minimum stock purchase required per order.

For further information or to speak with one our team please contact us at help@streamz-global.com